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A unique looking Low Cost portable Guitar Amplifier. Light weight design and carry loop allows you to play guitar or music on the go.

Play your electric guitar on the go.  Perfect for band practice, busking or just for listening to music.  With a super-loud high quality speaker and a sound enhancing tube design this lightweight and affordable amp is engineered to enable you to share your music more freely.

The "Amp in a Can" is not based on a can.  The original prototypes were based on rice pudding tins and the name has stuck.  I have since been through many itterations of the design and consulted my musician friends about sound and functionality.  Now I can present to you the newest version which is stylish and rugged and needs your help to become a product.

The amplifer is designed to be low cost with a unique style.  The sturdy outer shell is 100% recycled. This unique tube design, combined with the materials used will increase the bass and loudness of the high quality speaker.  It is powered by a 9V battery giving it at least a few hours run time depending on the quality of battery.

There are Volume, Treble and Bass controls allowing the amp to be tuned to the users taste.  The large dials enable you to tweak the controls easily on the go.

Amp in a Can
Amp in a Can

The picture above shows the production prototype (probably the 8th or 9th prototype). It is still a bit rough around the edges but is very similar to the product you will receive.

Ultra-Light weight design (less than 200g!) allows you to carry the amp anywhere.  The light weight design also means you can use the amp for an extended time and move around freely while still playing your guitar without having to drag around something heavy. In fact it barely weighs more than the cable to your normal amp.  The "loop" allows you to hang it from your guitar, bag, belt, ears or anywhere else.

Not only for musicians! The amp can be used with any mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players or other devices. All you need is a 6.5 to 3.5 male to male audio adaptor (sold separately). This is a great and stylish improvement over built in speakers on the go.

The amp is only 240mm long with a 80mm diameter making it small and easy to carry.

Amp Dimensions
Amp Dimensions

I am hoping to build on this idea, expanding the range of amps and including different sized amplifiers and frames for multiple amplifiers.  This project will allow me to try the original idea and then hopefully build on it.

Pledges of any size will be very much appreciated and would be used to further develop the ideas around design and come up with more models.  I am happy to post to theanywhere worldwide, but there will need extra postage for outside the UK.  I have listed some places postage rates but if not listed please just ask and i will let you know how much.

The low price is only possible if a relatively large initial order is placed on components. This kickstarter is your opportunity to purchase the Amp in a Can at a very low price point, and before it is available elsewhere.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main challenge is setting up an efficient production if the number of orders far exceed the project target. The amps will be sent out as they are produced so if you order early this shouldnt affect you, however if the number of orders is high there might be a delay in the delivery. Even with a large number of orders the selected suppliers will be able to ship the parts on time.


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