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Update #4 - For backers only

And away we go!


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    Any pledge under $15 will give you access to the 1000 Haiku 1000 Stranger photo database documenting every haiku produced, plus a small limited edition print of a haiku.

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    Every donor who gives $15 or more dollars can receive a personal haiku. Seriously, only 15 dollars gets you the unique firing of synapses to create a haiku that will then be mailed to you or the person of choice. Woah. A mindblowingly perfect gift for a loved one---or a stranger.

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    Lucky $25 donor gets you two individually crafted haiku, plus a haiku from the limited edition series.

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    For $100, I'll take some risks with your specially written haiku. No specifics, but it might be something bigger, something public, probably skirting on the edges of legality.

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    Take the reward from the $100 box, and multiply it times five.

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    For such a big spender, you'll get all the fun stuff of the $500 dollar donor, but I will also tattoo a haiku of your choice on to my body (but i get to choose the font).

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