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$19,656 pledged of $43,078 goal
By 6502 Workshop, LLC
$19,656 pledged of $43,078 goal

Kickstarter Reboot


First, I and the rest of the team want to sincerely thank everyone for the confidence you showed in us by backing the Nox Archaist Collector’s Edition project! 

We’ve got some bad news, but some very good news as well! 

We’ll get the bad news out of the way early so we can focus on the good – we’ve decided to end the Kickstarter early. Although we had a great turnout, it’s clear that in the next three days, we aren’t going to make it to goal we need to fund the cost of manufacturing all of our cool Collector’s Edition feelies. 

Now for the good news – we’ve learned a lot from this process, especially through talking with many of you generous backers. We have lots of ideas on how to design a campaign with a goal that we now know we can reach. 

Turns out the number of people who are as excited as us about playing a brand new Ultima inspired game on an Apple ][ / MAC / PC aren’t quiiiiite as plentiful as we initially expected. Hah! They don’t know what they’re missing. Or maybe we need a better marketing department? Oh wait, we don’t have one. Nevermind. 

In all seriousness, this has been a really exciting leap into the unknown, and we love that so many of you decided to take that leap with us. Now, armed with all the knowledge we need to succeed, we will move forward and get our new Kickstarter campaign designed. From what we can preliminarily see, we will still be able to retain some very cool physical rewards. 

Rest assured that while we work on the reboot of our Kickstarter campaign for the Collector’s Edition, we will continue development of the game itself. Stay tuned for future project updates with more information about the reboot! 

If you have any ideas please post them as a comment to this update or contact me directly at mark<at> I’d love to hear from you! 

 <Austrian accent> We'll be back! 

 -Mark and the 6502 Workshop Team

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    1. 6502 Workshop, LLC Creator on February 18

      Hi Andre, thanks letting us know of your continued interest! That is great to hear. We are definitely continuing to work on Nox Archaist and still plan on rebooting the Kickstarter in efforts to produce a physical boxed Edition with feelies. Below is a link to our most recent update on out blog, which includes a preview of some new game content.

    2. Andre on February 18

      I just popped on to your kick starter to see if there was any development with Nox.

      I was surprised to see the update announcing the KS reboot. I did not get the notification...or overlooked it some how.

      I am glad to see you are still working on the game.


    3. 6502 Workshop, LLC Creator on October 17, 2017

      Chris & Chris, thanks much for your enthusiasm and encouragement! We really look forward to putting together and awesome reboot and making this happen! But you're right Chris, first some Jester free reset and recuperation is in order!

    4. Chris Torrence on October 17, 2017

      Great idea to cancel and reboot. You’ve shown that you have a core foundation of people who you can count on. I’m definitely in for the next Kickstarter!

    5. Chris Freeman on October 17, 2017

      It was a strong start though, and you've started building a good community. Rest, regroup, eat some food and watch out for jesters!