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Help Rebuild La Newyorkina's Kitchen from Hurricane Sandy's Damage! I need help to continue making my Mexican sweets.
Help Rebuild La Newyorkina's Kitchen from Hurricane Sandy's Damage! I need help to continue making my Mexican sweets.
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I wanted to share with you a bit about my plans for LA NEWYORKINA during 2013 which, after receiving all this help, love, support and general positive energy for all of you, I'm sure will be a wonderful year.  I'm also trying to continue our fundraising efforts here on KICKSTARTER, and have a few ideas that I wanted to share with you.

So first the PALETERA MAKER. Many of you have asked me what its like and how it works. Basically, the machine circulates a liquid that is an antifreeze and cools down to about -25 C so that the mixture in the paleta molds freezes as quickly as possible.

The machine I purchased is the same kind as the one I had before but this one is made in Mexico whereass the other one was made in Argentina. It also has a tower that is attached to it where the water that helps cool circulates and thus, eliminating water waste. This machine will allow me to produce around 800-1000 paletas an hour!

This as you know, is the most important piece of equipment but I still need to replace the refrigerator and freezer units amongs other things.

Raising an additional $10,000 to $12,000 would be amazing, because it would give me the case to purchase the other large piece of equipment i lost, THE FREEZERS, where I stored all the paletas.  I'm putting together an ADD ON REWARD and will have more information on that in the next few days.  I'm also seeing about doing a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN CLOSING PARTY, at one of New York's best Mexican restaurants, details to follow.

I'm looking at many different options to fund this, including loans, because as some of you know, my insurance is not covering almost anything, and the little they said would be covered, is still a long way from being deposited. They really don't make it easy on small businesses.

Once I have the funding, I will be hiring 3 people to help me in all different areas of production, organization, sales etc... I want to come back stronger than ever.

Once we´re up and running we will do our popular flavors like mango chile, hibiscus, cucumber lime and pineapple jalapeño and as the summer´s delicious fruits abound, I want to do seasonal flavors like piloncillo roasted peaches, strawberry jalapeño and horchata filled with raspberry.

I only get to do the ice creams at The New Amsterdam markets and ocassional events but I am really looking forward to doing some of my favorite including corn ice cream, roasted apricot sorbet with guajillo chiles, mole and requeson and fresas con crema (sour cream-strawberry).

In november, Mexicans celebrate ¨dia de muertos¨ which takes place the 1st and 2nd of the month. It is a day to remember the loved ones that have passed away and celebrate thei memory. There are many traditional foods eaten a the time and different kinds of breads. My favorite, and the one I make yearly is lightly scented with orange blossom and has a delicious sugary topping.

I definitely have a lot of work to do but as most people in this industry will tell you, it is very common and it is most definitely a labor of love.

I'm heading back to baking some doughnuts now, and with the blizzard thats about to hit the city tonight, I'm sure they'll be great comfort snacks.



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    1. Jamie Dutton on

      Thanks for letting us know what else you need to get a good running start. Btw, all your ice creams sound absolutely delicious!

    2. Rob Fitzhenry on

      This all sounds amazing! That paletera sounds amazing! can't believe that it can make up to 1000 an hour - crazy...So excited for you and I know that 2013 will be mind blowing... Congrats on your amazing success!