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Help Rebuild La Newyorkina's Kitchen from Hurricane Sandy's Damage! I need help to continue making my Mexican sweets.
Help Rebuild La Newyorkina's Kitchen from Hurricane Sandy's Damage! I need help to continue making my Mexican sweets.
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Back from Guadalajara's Ice Cream Fair - The Paletera Maker has been Chosen!!!


I just returned to New York after visiting the Ice Cream Fair in Guadalajara, Jalisco. It was my first time there and went to look for my new paletera which, thanks to you all, I will be able to purchase!!

I was as they say, a little girl in a candy store. There were molds, printed bags, freezers, carts, ice cream batch freezers, coatings, chocolates, cups, containers and it went on and on . It wasn't the fair was very big but there was a lot to see in a relatively small event.

After looking at different machines and talking with many salespersons I finally found the one.  It saw her and immediately new its what I was looking for. She's made in Mexico and all her parts are also made in Mexico. I felt it tied in with the philosophy of La Newyorkina in sharing my love for my country and feeling enormous pride in being Mexican.

Being at the fair was very emotional in so many ways!! After the Hurricane, I knew I had to go, but dreaded the thought since I wasn't sure how I would buy the new machine.  But as it turns out, with all your help, the fear was gone. And instead, I felt sooooooo excited to be there , knowing I could buy the PALETERA becauce of your incredible support. I feel more inspired than ever and have soo many ideas in my mind about things I want to do and how I am continuing to work towards my dream shop.

I am back in the cold and can´t wait for the PALETERA MAKER to arrive.  In the meantime, I will continue testing flavors the old fashioned way..right at home, after all, I have a freezer in the middle of my living room.

For now, I'm off to bake some Mexican sweets for my friends around the city, but I will keep you all informed as to my progress.

With Love,


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    1. Jamie Dutton on February 7, 2013

      I think David has a good point. Giving a ballpark figure for some of the other things you need would give us a better idea of how to help get you there. I like the pictures too. Is that the one you've chosen to purchase?

    2. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman
      on February 7, 2013

      Just curious, how much is the stretch goal you're aiming for (Specifically some of the other machinery you might need?)

      Also! You should allow 'addons' with the survay, so that people are encouraged to pledge more than their funding level.