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Help Rebuild La Newyorkina's Kitchen from Hurricane Sandy's Damage! I need help to continue making my Mexican sweets.
Help Rebuild La Newyorkina's Kitchen from Hurricane Sandy's Damage! I need help to continue making my Mexican sweets.
410 backers pledged $26,727 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. La Newyorkina - Fany Gerson Creator on

      Sally, i sm so sorry you never received it and will mail you a box of goodies next week!

    2. Sally Frey on

      Hi. I never received the product.

    3. Stacy Michelle Latocha on

      Hi, I haven't received my sweets and my address has changed. How can I update this?

    4. ApparentlyMarylee on

      I received my spicy chocolate and tomatillo sauces the day I started a 3 day juice cleanse. Talk about temptation!! Now I just want to know, hey other backers, got any good suggestions or recipes for these? I've already used the tomatillo with chicken but im basically just sneaking small finger dips of the chocolate sauce here and there (SO GOOD). Also, what's the estimated expiration on these?

    5. Jamie Dutton on

      I received my magnet in the mail today. It looks so cute on my fridge! Thanks :)

    6. John Heine

      The treats came today, perfect timing. They will be great for the all day road trip with my friends from work tomorrow...if my will power holds out tonight.

    7. Kevin Kolodziej on

      It's official! Congratulations on reaching your goal.

    8. Elizabeth on

      I had this odd experience of checking Paleta's out of our Indiana library on Tuesday of this week (the rice pudding bar did it, reminded me of "rice gelato" that I haven't had since my last trip to Rome 10 years ago) and then coming across your Kickstarter project last night seemed karmic. I used to live in Brooklyn (worked in Manhattan) and cannot imagine what the day to day impact of Sandy has truly been to the hard working people of NYC and surrounding communities. I'm so happy to be able to support your rebuilding and will be delighted to have my very own copy of Paleta's. Good luck!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Dana Pickup on

      Fany - You are as adorable as you were when I knew you a million years ago at Camp Echo Lake! I am thrilled for you that you reached your goal and am excited to reconnect with you via this effort to rebuild your impressive business.
      May your momentum continue to build.
      Cheers and Abrazos!
      Dana (Wysocki) Pickup

    10. C.J Holm on

      Congrats on reaching your goal, Fany!

    11. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      We made it!

    12. Missing avatar

      Melanie on

      Fany, Espero que llegues a tu meta. Te deseo todo la felicidad y el exito del mundo

    13. Missing avatar

      brandond on

      Good luck! My daughter always loves getting your paletas when we go to the New Amsterdam Market.

    14. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      Halfway there!

    15. Jamie Dutton on

      Good luck from Oklahoma! :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Liz Gutman on

      Go Fany! Liddabit is 1000% behind you - we love you!

    17. Missing avatar

      antonio miceli on

      buena suerte fany con este fundraiser; espero que regrese a llenar tu nueva maquina paletera con tus delicias pronto.


    18. C.J Holm on

      Fany, you are so lovely and your paletas are awesome. I will donate and post the link to my facebook page! Good luck to you!

      (Allison's friend who also works for Nordic Finnish Breads)

    19. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      Good luck rebuilding your Ice pop place! I plan to go to new york with my girlfriend in a year or so for a vacation, and I'd love to visit your shop! Looks delicious!