THE MUNCHER - Titanium Multi Utensil

by Full Windsor

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    1. Mike on

      Well done! Incredibly nice build quality and worth the wait

    2. Steve Hsu on

      Link doesn't work.... But I love the quality and thoroughly enjoyed opening up the package yesterday!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jaimie Sloan on

      The link doesnt work :(

      Im having this problem too and its marked the surface of the Muncher. Is that right?

      Any help would be great

    4. Full Windsor 3-time creator on

      Bugger, sorry here is the correct link -

    5. Samuel Douglas Early on

      Thanks again, I got mine in the mail the other day. I sorta got the hang of it but the tutorial is appreciated!

    6. Sebastiaan Pols on

      Got mine today :) I live in the Netherlands. Looking great. Gonne test is next weekend

    7. Barbie K. Schrick

      Much appreciated - thank you for taking the time to make the video!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jesus Alvin Balizado Lim on . . . this has not reach me yet until now . . . So exited . . . :-(

    9. Missing avatar

      Jesus Alvin Balizado Lim on haven’t reach me until now . . . So exited . . . :-(

    10. Kent Barnard

      Have to say this is one nice tool! Well worth the wait and very well made. Thanks so much for creating this fine instrument!

    11. Missing avatar

      K.K. Chin on

      I haven't received it 'THE MUNCHER'. When do you shipment ready?

    12. Missing avatar

      David Redding on

      Arrived the day after we left on a short bike camping tour :(

      BUT -- awesome quality and utility. Thanks for taking the time to get it right.

    13. Clark on

      Was it worth over 50 dollars for a spork and ferrous rod? Yes.

    14. Missing avatar

      Philipp on

      The video is not available anymore, can you upload it again?

      We would like to see it!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      mine does not throw sparks very well even when used as directed :( What is the point of the "knurling" which is not even in contact with the rod and that delayed the project for weeks? You are just using the sharp edge.

    16. Jesus Enrique Zepeda Toledo on

      is late October 2017 and I still do not have my product. it's unbelievable. I need you to solve this situation.

    17. Joseph L. Kelly Jr. on

      I have not received my tracking code or item as of yet.

    18. Missing avatar

      沈有祺 on

      Hi when will the orders be shipped out please?

    19. Missing avatar

      lee on

      Hi I have not.recieved mine yet???