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The world’s most functional Camping Titanium Multi Utensil. Made from aerospace grade titanium weighing just 0.7oz / 20 grams.
The world’s most functional Camping Titanium Multi Utensil. Made from aerospace grade titanium weighing just 0.7oz / 20 grams.
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Munchers are on their way!

Posted by Full Windsor (Creator)

Great news everyone,

All the Munchers have now been sent from our fulfillment company in Hong Kong. I am currently in the process of compiling all the tracking codes into backerkit. In the next 48 hours you should receive a email with a tracking code for your parcel. Most places around the globe should receive their package in around 7-10 days at the most, but many will be a lot quicker than this, I actually just saw that some have already arrived.

I am going to keep this short so I can get back to preparing tracking codes, but I would just like to thank you all again for your patience and understanding in bringing this new product to life. It has been a gruelling last year getting the finished product ready and it has only been possible through your help.

Thanks once again


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    1. Matt Shively on

      I have gotten nothing.

    2. Francesco Maria Malaspina on

      Ehm... nothing here, is there any way to get something? Even a tracking code would be warmly accepted!

    3. David Lewis on

      Any word on that tracking code that was supposed to come out 7-10 days after Sep 11?

    4. Eric Seale

      Thanks! I've now received my whistle, and a tracking code for the Muncher. Just one more wait to go...

    5. Patrick Peacock

      Hi, No tracking code received here in Canada yet.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Brady

      Still waiting on a tracking code here.

    7. Mark Grewell on

      Mark, what's the deal? No tracking code, no muncher, pretty

    8. Randall Minchew on

      So do we get a full refund if we never get it?

    9. Randall Minchew on

      So how do I get a tracking code again? I think I got left out.

    10. Salvatore Cerchione on

      Nothing here - please can i have an update

    11. AJ Kaplan on

      Nvm, went to the wrong email folder. Found it!

    12. AJ Kaplan on

      Same here. No tracking code yet.

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam Zerda on

      Hi Mark... been > a week and no tracking code seen yet. Can you please update?

    14. Chard Roberts

      So shipping has fianlly started! great to hear. Looking forward to it.

    15. Kirsten Haugen on

      Great to hear. Congratulations!

    16. Michael McClain on

      Good news. Thanks for the Update.

    17. Gary.L on

      Hong Kong boy here and I got it!!!
      It is beautiful.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gallon Ng

      Great Job~!!!!
      Can't wait~!!!!!

    19. Liew Kam Keat on

      received this morning, is beautifully made, thanks!

    20. FIVESEVEN on

      great work mate! looking forward to my well-made Muncher

    21. Roderick Peterson on

      Thanks, Mark.

      I look forward to eating like a civilized person whilst backpacking. Turns out even the 'eathiest' of us don't want to see an uncivilized person eating canned beans from his hands.

      Many people appreciate you work!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jesus Alvin Balizado Lim on

      Sooooo exited to get mine . . . please arrive soon!, ���

    23. Marcus Pek on

      Nice work, just can't wait to get my Muncher !! And thank you for working so hard on our Munchers, hopefully, you will plan to publish other equipment.

    24. Menachem Cohen

      Thank you for your dedication to doing it right. This is what Kickstarter is about. A year or two before I found this campaign my kid taped a knife and spork together. There will be either excitement, sadness, or both when our Munchers arrive. I eagerly await. Thanks again.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ryan White on

      Your dedication and transparency have been commendable. Super excited to receive the fruit of your hard work!

    26. Missing avatar

      Gordy Barker on

      I thust want to thank you! The team, who have brought this dream to life. I know it has bin a very long road. As a consumer I am really exited to be part of this and wish you all the best! Thank you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      Cant wait to get mine! Omg!

    28. tien nguyen on

      I forgot I backed this project...

    29. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chua on

      Thanks! Just received mine.