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The world’s most functional Camping Titanium Multi Utensil. Made from aerospace grade titanium weighing just 0.7oz / 20 grams.
The world’s most functional Camping Titanium Multi Utensil. Made from aerospace grade titanium weighing just 0.7oz / 20 grams.
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Muncher update

Posted by Full Windsor (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed update, I had been waiting on some more information from our manufacturer for this update. We have been working away but have run into some more small problems of late with production. A couple of weeks ago we started to see larger heat marks appearing during the forming process of the spork that we hadn't had before that weren't possible to be polished away completely. We had to therefore stop production again and investigate why this was happening. It turned out that the heating method had become too isolated on a particular section of the spork and we needed to reconfigure how heat was distributed over the surface area to make it more even for forming the concave shape of the spork. It has taken a number of weeks to fine tune this process and get it all sorted out but the good news is that all the munchers are now perfectly formed (they all look the same as the one on the left below) unfortunately this has again delayed production again.

Below you can see we have fixed the problem with the muncher on the left, the ones on the right show the issue we had to address. 

A large number of the Munchers have now been cnc'd and we have begun the polishing process. Below you can see the cnc process in the picture and video.


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As previously mentioned all the other components (pouches/ferro rods/carabiners) are finished and ready to be put into their packaging, they are just waiting on the muncher utensils to be finished. Below are some of the first munchers to be polished and will soon be sand blasted.

So with all the Munchers now being cnc'd or beginning the polishing process we hope we will have an idea of when they will be ready to send out very shortly, I am still just waiting on our manufacturer to give us an exact date. Again I apologise for the inconvenience caused by the delays, I know the time frame keeps changing but we need to make sure that they are all perfect before we send them out. I can assure you we are getting closer and closer everyday and that no one cares more about getting your Muncher out to you as quickly as possible as I do! It is all I tend to think about at the moment and will do everything I possibly can. Thank you all very much for your patience.



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    1. Tommy S on

      I know Mark, it isn't your fault that manufacturing had a few struggles. It would be stupid if anyone blame you for not sending product that is even not finished yet. Its just like I wrote, some expectations were set, and if not met, people start to be impatient. Anyway, any kind of lesson is good in the end

    2. Full Windsor 3-time creator on

      Thanks Kirsten for the support, it is hugely appreciated:)



    3. Full Windsor 3-time creator on

      Hi Dietr, Tommy, John and Marco,

      We are hoping we will be able to send the Munchers out at the end of July, but still do not have an exact date from our manufacturer yet. As soon as they have given me a date I'll post an update. Sorry, for the inconvenience, I'm trying my best to get them out as soon as possible.



    4. Marco Ferriani on

      Hi guys!
      We are now in early July and I was wondering some news...
      Do you know more or less when are you going to send the Munchers?

    5. John C Weir on

      I was wondering when we will be receiving our Munchers??

    6. Tommy S on

      I dont want to put oil in fire, but nobody concerns about exact delivery time, but almost double at the moment. I know that its not FWs fault, but maybe would be better if customers expectations were set with little reserve in advance. If campain has fullfillment plannet to be filled at june, there wouldnt be any rush and same backers would back this project anyway

    7. Kirsten Haugen on

      Looking forward to my Muncher... @Dietr G and anyone else concerned about delays, if you want a guaranteed delivery date, shop Amazon or something. If you want to help (hopefully) independent entrepreneurs and inventors launch new ideas, you're along for the ride with all its ups and downs. It's the rare project that meets projected timelines. Usually that means a dedicated creator is working to meet an unexpected hurdle or otherwise deliver the project at a quality they can be proud of.

    8. Michael McClain on

      Any hope of an early July delivery date?

    9. Missing avatar

      Dietr G on

      Hi Mark!

      Any news yet? I backed this product because i'm going camping in 2 weeks in Canada!
      Just curious on how close we are to recieve this product. If it wont arrive within the next 2 weeks i'll have to buy travelling cutllery.


    10. Full Windsor 3-time creator on

      Hi Chard and Glassy,

      Thanks for the support, it is HUGELY appreciated! Hopefully you will be very happy with your Muncher when it finally arrives.



    11. Full Windsor 3-time creator on

      Hi Cadium,

      Thanks for your message. I can assure you that if I put a finished muncher and the prototype in front of you, you wouldn't be able to tell me which was which. I'm sure you will be quite impressed with the quality.



    12. cadium on

      Wow, they look like they were hit with an oxy torch!
      What worries me about the images in this update is that the handle looks much thinner than the image on the campaign banner. It looks like the bevels on the opener couldn't possibly match the prototype images (I hope I'm wrong about that). The fold where the handle meets the spoon looks very unrefined too...

    13. Chard Roberts

      Many thanks for the updater. the delays will mean it will miss it's intended first use, but I'm more than happy to get the quality and the transparency you are showing. Keep up the good work.

    14. Missing avatar

      Glassy on

      Appreciate the update, Mark. Love the recycling approach. Thank you, so much!

    15. Full Windsor 3-time creator on

      Hi Mary,

      I would but they have all been recycled. Titanium is a valuable material and is highly recyclable. This is one of the reasons it is a great choice of material, there is never any waste.



    16. Full Windsor 3-time creator on

      Thanks Peter and Jovern, your support is much appreciated!



    17. Mary J Lloyd

      I would love to have one of the rejects that was heated incorrectly. Those are beautiful.

    18. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update.
      Sorry to hear about the delays but it sounds like you have it covered.
      It's alright for the delays as I rather to have a good quality product than just a product I received and put it at a corner.
      You have all my supports!

      All the best!!

    19. Peter Harvey on

      Thanks for the update!