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Orp is a combination dual tone, high-decibel bike horn and front beacon light designed to make you more visible and "hearable".
Created by

Tory Orzeck

1,504 backers pledged $110,090 to help bring this project to life.



Backers and Pre-Orderers,

We have delivered over 1000 Orps and still have a handful more to go of the first batch. As anticipated, the  partial shipment with its reduced quantities and  our mix of colors has made the logistics more complex which has taken longer than expected.

International Orps being packed.
International Orps being packed.

We definitely have learned a few things from our backers in Europe and especially Germany as German Orp adoptees  require additional papers to get to their new parents. We are now sending commercial invoices out to all the Deutschlanders when we send to Germany. Sorry for the hassle.

Orps in USPS mail bags.
Orps in USPS mail bags.
Orps on the dock at the USPS.
Orps on the dock at the USPS.
More Orps on the dock, we made lots of these runs.
More Orps on the dock, we made lots of these runs.


Right. We know how frustrating it is to still not have your Orp and we are hounding the factory to go as fast as they can to get the Orp production line back up and running. The problem was there were production problems with some of the boards but this problem was not so obvious.It was not until the Orps were fully assembled that the problems revealed itself.

So the factory has switched vendors for the main PCB and this happened right at the break for Chinese New Year. , only complicating the schedule. The factory is now qualifying this new vendor and we should be up and running in 2 weeks. I'm really sorry how long this is taking.

New Main PCB samples
New Main PCB samples
More test samples to qualify the the new boards
More test samples to qualify the the new boards
These Orps vounteered for the new boards. Its a chance  for  a better life or  the nightmare of dysfunction.
These Orps vounteered for the new boards. Its a chance for a better life or the nightmare of dysfunction.

We expect/ hope to have  the remainder of the first order by the end of March and will fulfill the  entirety of the Kickstarter backers and website pre-orders shortly thereafter.

I will kick in with another update  when I get anymore news, good or bad. Thanks again for your  continued patience. If anyone just wants to call me and rant, feel free.


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    1. Creator Richard Wezensky on April 7, 2014

      Any info on remaining delivery? It's been almost a month since the last update.

    2. Creator Pedro Elias on April 4, 2014

      Do you know when I'll receive my Orp? Hope it didn't get lost in the mail.

    3. Creator Pablo Noel on March 25, 2014

      Mine arrived safe to Santiago, Chile. Awesome product!! I loved the instruction inside the packaging, I'm looking forward to try it today, so far it works flawlessly.

      Thanks guys!!

    4. Creator David Branscome on March 17, 2014

      Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I am already aware of the Loud Bicycle product and I have one on order. I am patiently waiting to receive it.

    5. Creator Tory Orzeck on March 16, 2014

      Ok, I get it,, sorry guys. I see RZ was responding to DB. Thanks to both of you!

    6. Creator Tory Orzeck on March 16, 2014

      Yes, Loud Bike Horn guy and I talk all the time. He's in Boston and I'm in Oregon.
      We share the trials and realities of building a product. Convergence factor, for sure!


    7. Creator Robert Zander on March 16, 2014

      David B. FYI - there is currently a Kickstarter bicycle horn project called Loud Bicycle, which has created a horn rated at 115 decibels. I agree that it is necessary to have a horn that will let a car know you are there, while also gently notifying pedestrians.

    8. Creator Jason Hilbourne on March 11, 2014

      This caption should receive a nobel peace prize or a pulitzer or an oscar: "It's a chance for a better life or the nightmare of dysfunction."

    9. Creator David Branscome on March 11, 2014

      Got both of my Orps already. Considering what I paid for this product, I'm quite happy. The loud sound sounds quite loud indoors. But when I tried it outdoors I quickly concluded that it simply isn't loud enough for street use. I'm sure it would be great for the local multi-use path. Having said this, I believe this model should be called the "Original Bike Path Version". You need to come out with a larger and more powerful "street version". The loud sound should be increased to 115-120 decibels. The brightness of the LED's should be doubled and there should be an additional LED on each side. The remote should be included with the street model. The sooner you do a Kickstarter for the street version the better. Count me in !

    10. Creator HUGO TELLEZ on March 11, 2014

      I really hope to get the most amazing product ever built... Since i know there has been soooo many setbacks and so... And i really hope to get A.S.A.P.
      We have waited AGES !!!

    11. Creator Robert Zander on March 10, 2014

      I know you are working very hard and I do appreciate it. Am I correct to assume we will receive an email notifying us when it is shipped? Thanks

    12. Creator Tory Orzeck on March 10, 2014

      Yes, Please send us your new address, hurry!

    13. Creator Adam Nagorski on March 10, 2014

      Glad this is coming together! How/when can we update our address?

    14. Creator Peter Konoy on March 10, 2014

      We have similar issues in Denmark when receiving goods from outside the EU. Anything declared over a value of 80 DKk (approx 13 USD) will by have an additional fee of 35 USD and 25% of the products declared price.

    15. Creator David M Brown on March 10, 2014

      Hang in there, Tory. You're doing great.

      Everyone waiting for their Orps: You hang in there, too! The Orps are great, and well worth Tory getting right.

    16. Creator Robbert Paymans on March 10, 2014

      When do i get mine ?