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Orp is a combination dual tone, high-decibel bike horn and front beacon light designed to make you more visible and "hearable".
Orp is a combination dual tone, high-decibel bike horn and front beacon light designed to make you more visible and "hearable".
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Backers, current  and future Orp recipients,

I forgot  a few other things:

G.  Orp has a buzz

There is a little  electronic feedback in the  LED wires of Orp that  gets picked up by the sound emitter giving Orp a pleasant buzz when Orp's LEDs are on. It is mostly noticeable  when in Constant-On mode.   

H.  When Orp is fully charged, Orp works best

We've found Orp is loudest when fully charged. Our circuit is designed to keep performance consistent but the above statement still holds true.

I. We want your feedback

Don't hold back, we want to hear your complaints. This is the first Orp and we know it's not perfect. Perfect is out there and all we can do is try to get closer. With your help we'll get there faster on future Orps.

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    1. Tory Orzeck Creator on February 12, 2014

      Can you send me an email directly to:

    2. Andrew Holybee on February 11, 2014

      Love my orp especially the very wide spill on flash as it is basically 180 degree visible and i run it with my 400 lumen light just fine. 2 things to notes
      1. Silicone seems to move alot when trying to charge I found it a bit tricky maybe a hard plasitic tunnel type fitting that would allow a clean shot at the plugging port.
      2. Wondering how durable the silicone will be after taking it on and off the bars a lot i have normal size bars and it seems like the orp is really stretched to get on them.

    3. Distil Union
      on February 11, 2014

      Congrats on getting Orp out there! Personally, I'd love to see an anti-dust coating on the silicone, it's a linty mess after carrying in my bag. Otherwise, the Friendly tone is perfect -- I can't wait to use it and see folks' reactions around town :)

    4. Adam Louie on February 11, 2014

      Hey, I got my Orp and tried it on a bike ride here in icy Philadelphia. First of all I love it. It got a lot of questions and compliments from my fellow industrial design dorks who I go to school with. Thought I would give some feedback from my maiden voyage with it:
      - The friendly/loud zone could be refined a bit. Finding the right pressure for the loud or friendly tone was a challenge. I accidentally scared the crap out some pedestrians when I meant to give them the friendly tone instead of the loud one. Maybe up is friendly and down is loud?
      - The space around the lens is a little concerning since I can see wires and a circuit board directly behind it. I know you mentioned horizontal rain, but that's exactly what we get here during the summers/monsoon season. Would there be any drawback of covering those vents up?
      - Maybe a 2.0 suggestion, but it would be great to plug this into an dynamo hub.
      All in all, great product. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

    5. Tory Orzeck Creator on February 10, 2014

      Flash is that little bit of extra material that squeezes out between the tool.
      The bonus is the Anti-Dooring mode, unless you like the extra material too.

      I make no jokes, I love these materials.

    6. David Vo on February 10, 2014

      Tory, what exactly is silicone flash and how is it a bonus? Were you making a joke?

    7. Tory Orzeck Creator on February 10, 2014


      For anti door mode:
      Try pushing the tail down a little further when you depress the tail
      And power switch simulltaneously.

      Sounds like the tail has a little silicone flash on it.

      This is a bonus

    8. David Vo on February 10, 2014

      I received my Orp a few days ago and I was actually pretty surprised it came since it had been a while since being funded. To be honest, I was kind of annoyed at all the Orp puns and amount of unnecessary (to me) updates, but that all changed after I got it. The packaging and product are REALLY impressive. I actually was expecting a lot of corners to be cut but everything is really high quality. I love how the box opens up to be an instruction sheet. I also love the blow up diagram in the back and yeah, even the silly Orp jokes. I actually appreciated them more this time around. The only threecomplaints I have about the product are:

      1. It is not obvious how to unhook the strap from the back of the Orp, at first. Once you get it off, it's obvious but when you are trying not to break it, it's not clear how to remove it.

      2. On my Orp, there's a white piece of plastic under the Wail Tail that has really bad injection (plastic) molding. It actually looks dirty and the the lines and words are not sharp. What's confusing is there's a similar piece of white engraved plastic under the front (light area) and it looks perfect.

      3. I cannot figure out how to do the Anti Door mode. I have tried many times. Even if it did work, it seems like a very complicated way to activate. I do not want to be fiddling with some special way while I am panicking that I am about to get doored. I wish it could be reprogrammed.

    9. mike devoll on February 8, 2014

      So far so good, very impressed with the Smorn. Regarding the port, I was curious too. As detailed in some recent updates, it's for an optional remote that is in the works.

    10. Tory Orzeck Creator on February 8, 2014

      John and Bryce,
      Send me an email directly to:

      We will get your Orps replaced.

      I need to know when you received your Orp as I'm hoping it was in the first mailing when we trusted the factory had done a good job in filtering product. For all subsequent mailings we are testing each Orp prior to shipment.

      Bryce, I emailed you directly

    11. John Fox on February 8, 2014

      I'll pile on to the friendly/loud issue. I can consistently get Loud but Friendly is harder to repeat. I haven't been able to get the Anti-door mode to work while hitting both buttons simultaneously. But, I have been able to get it to work by pressing the power button 4 times through the slow strobe/fast strobe/always on/anti-door sequence.

      And, as has been asked before, what's with the little black peg on the side of the Orp? Not sure what it's for, but I keep pushing it back in when it pops out.

      Finally, what's this Remote that Tan speaks of?!

    12. Missing avatar

      Bryce Bederka on February 8, 2014

      Tory, I am having a similar issue as Tan and Alex. I can't get the 'nice' tone when pushing down on the tail except in a very narrow zone. In fact at first I thought it did not do the nice tone at all when pushing down but with experimentation I found there was a very narrow zone where it would sound. In the up direction it seems to work fine.
      I am hoping to try it on the bike once our snow/ice storm here in Portland passes.

    13. Tory Orzeck Creator on February 7, 2014

      Ok, I talked to Ron. He is squared away.

      The ports around the lens are for the sound where the sound emanates. Orp is pretty is weather resistant and should be great in the rain. You can't dunk Orp . If riding in a horizontal rain it's difficult but possible the sound chamber could fill with water. This would garble the sound but after inverting Orp face down and letting him/ her dry out the sound should come back and all should be good.

      Anti dooring Mode

      Orp needs to be powered up.
      Next simultaneously hit the power mode switch and press the tail down like your trying to get the loud sound.

      This should get you a strobing loud sound.

      The skin is silicone and yes it is tight.

      You may have a bad one. Email me directly and I'll get yours replaced.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ron Dworkin on February 7, 2014

      Very cool, the lights and horn work great. Color isn't what I envisioned but nice nonetheless (kind of a powderish blue rather than darker blue). Didn't quite realize that the usb connection with the Orp isn't made unless the light comes on. I assume that all the open space around the lens in front is expected and that it is still waterproof? Also, what's the black round thing on the side that plugs up a little hole for?

      Kudos to Tory (and Jill) on a great product!


    15. Laura Solis on February 7, 2014

      The packaging is beautiful, I only wish that the silicone housing would have been as precise with the cutouts, specifically around the port for the remote.

      I have to fiddle with it in order to get the remote port cover to get as close to flush with the silicone housing as possible.

      I'm also not crazy about how difficult it is to remove it from the handlebars which I will have to do whenever I lock my bike up.

      My last concern are the cutouts around the clear cover of the LEDs. Being as to how this isn't a waterproof light (right?), the cutouts make it more vulnerable to water damage if it's windy and raining/snowing while riding. I guess this was done in order to allow for the sound to emanate as best as possible. Nevertheless, I hope this is addressed in the next model, since I would especially like to make use of my smorn when riding in foul weather.

      I got my smorn in safety cone orange, it's beautiful! It works as expected and it was really easy to figure out. And again...the packaging is greatly designed.


      P.S. Thanks for doing such a great job with communication :)

    16. Dan Cumberland on February 7, 2014

      Love it so far, but can't get into anti-door mode.

    17. Missing avatar

      paul feinstein on February 7, 2014

      My orp arrived in good condition and works just fine, so far. My only concern is the strength and permissible stretch to the "clamp" Is the polymer silicone or some vinyl polymer?

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Schondorf on February 7, 2014

      same issue with the hinge as Tan. Though I'm frustrated trying to get it back in place. The light's awesome when on. Just need resolve this hinge issue.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alex Schondorf on February 7, 2014

      Will all respect, I'm not thrilled. The silicon came misaligned, and the whole thing doesn't work properly. So annoying. I can fiddle with it and make it beep, but it's not functioning properly.

    20. Tan Truong on February 7, 2014

      Tory, my Orp worked great the first day but then today it seems that it doesn't behave the same as before. When I press gently down on the wail tail, I don't get the friendly sound. But if I press down harder I will get the loud sound. It seems to work OK pressing up on the tail though. Also, in trying to adjust the tail I was able to dislocate it at the hinge, which was disturbing because I thought I had broken it but fortunately, I was able to get it back in. I was surprised to find that the hinge is not a captive design. Also, very strangely, it seems to work perfectly when it is off the bike, but once I've installed it on the bike, the tail is not as responsive. It seems as though putting pressure on the white bracket causes this. I'm wondering if mine is broken now, but the activation of friendly/loud sound is now very inconsistent. I can always get the loud sound, just harder to get the friendly sound.

      Also, I'm still not able to activate anti-dooring mode, except by accident. I'll keep trying but somehow it's not very intuitive to me.

      I'm on a road bike so I can't wait to get the remote. I think that will solve my issues. Just in the last 24 hours, I've been in a couple of incidents already where I've wanted to use the horn but braking and maintaining balance had much higher priority.

    21. Brian Davis on February 7, 2014

      Hey there. Nice work! I dig it completely. Well done.