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Alex is one of those small town girls who moves to LA with a be best friends with Zooey Deschanel.

The Webseries

Our heroine, Alex, has just moved out to LA with two friends: one wants to be an actress. The other wants to be a director. And Alex? She wants to be best friends with Zooey Deschanel.


Alex has tried to emulate the adorkable star in everyway: she has the hair, the glasses, and the ukulele. While she wants to be like Zooey, she’d much prefer to actually be with her. All the time. “Me & Zooey D.” is about believing in your dreams and pursuing them like a stalker. 

With your help, we plan to make the FIRST SEASON of “Me & Zooey D” available on YouTube starting May 30th. Each of the 6 episodes will show Alex’s trials and tribulations as she pursues the “New Girl’s” leading lady. Trust us folks, this tale isn’t all cupcakes and polkadots.**

*But if we get to meet Zooey, we won’t be upset about it.

**There will still be a lot of cupcakes and polkadots.

The Production Team: 

Director: Hunter Wolk IMDB 

Producer: Carina Sposato IMDB

Assistant Director: Devin Law IMDB 

The Main Cast:

"Haley" played by:  Brittany Belland IMDB

"Alex" played by: Ari Berkowitz Twitter

"Chris" played by:  Ben Smith Twitter

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our main challenge: time.

But rest assured, nothing will slow down this webseries once it starts filming!*

To keep our budget small, we have planned an ambitious shooting schedule. We're shooting 90% of the series over two weekends in April. This means we'll film 3/4's of a page per hour (that's fast)! This will minimize how much we spend on equipment rentals and crew. It will also help us treat our actors well: they're working for FREE and we don't want to waste their time!

Since the scripts are all written and ready to go, we'll be shooting like a movie. Instead of filming scenes chronologically, we'll do it by location. Our first weekend we'll be at a generously donated apartment.** And the second weekend we'll go to various locations we've reserved around LA.

After that, we'll send all the footage off to our editor. If everything goes according to our meticulously made plans, the first episode will premiere on YouTube May 30th. We'll roll out a new episode every Thursday after that!

Other than time, our biggest challenge: money.

So, here is our budget breakdown, if you help us reach our goal!

CREW & EQUIPMENT (approx. 60%)
--Director of Photography: 10-20%
--Sound: 10-12%
--Lighting Rental: 20%
--Post-Production: 15%

OTHER EXPENSES (approx. 40%)
--Food for cast and crew: 15%
--Props: 10%
--Locations: 10%
--Marketing: 5%

*Unless we spot Zooey. Then all bets are off. 
**You could say "donated." Or you could say that the writer told the producer she would never do chores ever again if they didn't use the apartment…


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    You'll get a walk on role! Or, if you're not in LA, we'll name a character after you and strategically place your picture in Alex's room! Plus everything above. And Alex will appear in your kitchen in the middle of the night!

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