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a colorful and character filled 70' x 20' tall wall mural for Oakland's Art Murmur in June
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25 backers pledged $846 to help bring this project to life.

The finished wall photo

Posted by nite owl (Creator)

oh man, 2 + hours to clean up the patio and move out all the furniture. Waiting for just the right time of day to miss that annoying sun glare on the bricks and then photographing the wall in 10 different sections. 12+ hours of photoshop magic (i'm still not that good at this stuff, but this is pretty damn close) to remove the 6 strings of overhead lights and random other peculiarities. 

well, here it is, a large photo of the finished mural that you all helped to make possible.

For the level 4 backers we're going to offer this color photo in a Limited Edition print as an alternative to the original black and white sketch that we were offering.  Both will be printed in a limited edition of 10 and signed and numbered.  We'll send you an option in the backer report soon.

Nite Owl

p.s.  here's a link to a photoshoot i did last week for my friends at Touch Salon in Montlcair. Showcasing their hair styles with our artwork.

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    1. nite owl 2-time creator on

      thanks for politely poking! yes, the prints are in the works. Sorry for the delay, life has gotten the best of us and thrown some obstacles in our path, but we are working towards fulfilling our promises. We're hoping to wrap this up within the next week.
      We appreciate your patience.

      Nite Owl and the crew...

    2. askfortrouble on

      Are the prints still in the works? Been a while since there's been an update so just wanted to politely poke. =)