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They have the courage to fight war with peace...and cardboard wings. Let their voices be louder than the violence that surrounds them.
They have the courage to fight war with peace...and cardboard wings. Let their voices be louder than the violence that surrounds them.
160 backers pledged $18,047 to help bring this project to life.

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Check your accounts!

Hi everybody.

First let me get this technical update out of the way. Some of you guys pledged recently, but many of you did weeks ago. And a lot of times people forget and it hits their bank account or credit card unexpectedly...And I definitely don't want to be the cause of any unnecessary overdraft or over-limit fees! So for some of you this might be a silly update, but for others it might be a life saver. Either way, just think of this as my friendly reminder that amazon will be charging your pledge tonight :)

Now to the good stuff. As our final day draws to an end it is easy for me to see how far we've come from when this was just a picture on my desktop and an idea in my head. Now it has become something with a life of its own. And in that process these angels have become such an indescribable part of my life, and I extend that feeling to all of you. In case you are underestimating how important your contribution is, know that to me every bit means so much more than just the dollar's amount. There are many people that see these kids on the street or watch our project online and keep on moving. And I know I keep driving this fact home, but it's because I believe it whole-heartedly and I want to make sure you know how much I mean it. The fact that you have taken the time to support these kids' message and encourage our passions has given me a hope I never imagined before. And even beyond me and the crew, the angels feel it too. They never imagined they would reach so far, so their hearts are now filled with even more strength and courage and hope than before. And that is a beautiful thing to witness.

So for all that I say thank you. In every sense of the word. And I will look forward to keeping you updated as the film unfolds.


Jessica, our crew and the angels themselves

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Mayor discusses our angels!

Hey everybody!

Ok, it's our final days and everything is going great. Yesterday we sat down to talk with the Mayor of Juarez and he had such amazing things to say about our kids. Here's a quick preview, which you can also find on the project page if you want to show your friends!

And in these last four days will be our final pleas. So tell your friends and family, share on social networks, do whatever you can. We really appreciate everything you've done so far. We will forever be indebted to your generosity.

And we're running off to the field now. So all you new backers, your shout out will be coming tonight. We didn't forget about you!

Much love. xoxo

From Juarez to Ceballos - Video Update

Hey everyone,

Joey here, co-producer and second camera. We got into Juarez last night and met up with the angels. Today we're getting everything ready to hit the road and follow the angels down south through the state of Chihuahua to Ceballos.

Jessica and I recorded a quick video update, along with some footage of the angels getting ready last night.

Thank you so much for your support, but we still need a lot of help to reach our goal. Using the link below it's super easy to post a quick message to Facebook and Twitter.

But feel free to post to as many social networks as you like :)

Let us know if you have any questions. We'll post more updates soon.


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Angels Go Live!

Hey everybody, I come bearing great news!! To all of you that have been spreading the word, your efforts have paid off. Thanks to you we have just been invited to our first live radio broadcast! And all the way in California!

So if you're out on the West Coast and want to give a listen-or even East Coasters with access-it will air this Friday (01/11) at 10:20am PST/1:20pm EST: HECHO EN CALIFORNIA on KIQI 1010 am San Francisco and KATD 990 am in Sacramento CA.

So keep up the good work: Tell your friends, post on Facebook, like on instagram/twitter (@justncases); whatever your hearts desire. With your help our story is becoming a movement and that movement is growing every day.

To our new backers, this announcement won't outshine you:

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  • Elisabeth Holm
  • Bob Stevens
Thank you with all my heart, and congratulations on joining the team!
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What a Start!

After just 3 days we have already raised 19% of our goal! You guys have been absolutely amazing and the support and warm embraces have been humbling.

Now let's keep it going! So many of you have spread the word, and its working! New people are coming every day and supporting our project from your networks. So for those of you that told your friends, an extra thanks is in order! And for those of you that haven't gotten around to it yet, I know you will soon, right???

I find it difficult to write this update because I fear no words can possibly describe what your pledges have meant to me. Many of you accompany your pledges with a message apologizing that you couldn't give more. So I want to say to everyone: whether big or small, that is not the point. While it may seem small to you, each and every one of you has given me a feeling of hope for our human race that I have not felt before. And that you cannot put a price on.

The fact that I am able to spread the message of these kids and you are all here to receive it is a more than wonderful feeling. So pat yourselves on the back!

**I also want to give a special shout out to Courtney Robertson. She is a resident of a Texas-Mexico border city, so she knows first hand the war that brews beneath us. And while a few days ago she was merely a stranger. By today, like all of you, she has become near and dear to my heart. And out of the goodness of her own heart she has already made three incredibly generous donations. And to Courtney, I will never be able to thank you enough**

And to Debra Hyman as well. While you are not a stranger and you already know how much I adore you, I want to go on record for all to see how much your pledge meant to me. You were too generous. And for that (and everything else) I am sending you my deepest gratitude.

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOUUUUU!!!

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