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Contribute to help create a prestige, traditionally printed edition of World of Darkness Dark Eras and help pick which Eras we include.
Contribute to help create a prestige, traditionally printed edition of World of Darkness Dark Eras and help pick which Eras we include.
2,030 backers pledged $128,290 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James Burdo on

      Posted on the Dark Eras 2 Kickstarter:
      Joseph E. McKeever on August 31
      I'd just like to say this is maybe the fourth or fifth Onyx Path Kickstarter I've helped fund and by far your company has become the bar by which I judge other pen and paper RPG makers who use Kickstarter. Another product I've backed is almost three months late with the most limp wrist of updates and all I can ask myself is "if Onyx Path can keep their deadlines, why can't you?"
      Keep up the great work, guys!

      Since the OP also pledged for this book, I suspect this is sarcasm.

    2. Tiff

      @whitman - no, we were never promised the second book 'free'. form teh KS main page
      "... every backer who has pledged to a Reward Tier that contains the nWoD Dark Eras Prestige Edition will get both the PDF and a discounted coupon for the PoD physical book of the Dark Eras Companion. "

    3. Whitman Dowen on

      Quick question, i though i was going to get a copy of the campaign not just print on demand discout, is that still true?

    4. Chris Upton on

      Hunter in WW2 occupied Paris would be fun for an era!

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Handforth on

      Bruce, not a lot is known about it, but at GenCon Dark Eras 2 was confirmed. Kickstarter probably next year.

    6. Bruce Gray

      Wow! It was =way= worth the wait for Dark Eras Companion! If you ever decide to do a project like this one again, please let me know!

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Handforth on

      Reading the Monday Meeting Notes really isn't hard. Either way, Compainion should be coming out this week in PDF to backers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on

      @james what else is new with this campaign?

    9. James Cartwright on

      @Stephen Think we have been forgotten about. I messaged Richard direct and he told me just to go look at the Monday meeting notes and the companion would be ready when it was ready. Last time I back anything by this guy.

    10. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on

      Hasn't been an update in over two months. Is the companion any closer to completion?

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on

      Any update on the companion?

    12. James Cartwright on

      When do we get the companion PDF?

    13. César Luz David on

      I still didn't receive a tracking number. Does someone else have the same problem?

    14. Missing avatar

      Rafael S M Devera on

      @Benjamin: Thanks! It worked!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Brown on

      Hey guys. I have my book already but I was also issued an invalid tracking number. Well, the email it was sent in linked to FedEx, for which the number was invalid, but a little sleuthing revealed it to be a valid usps number. Give that a try

    16. Missing avatar

      Rafael S M Devera on

      @Michael: my situation is the same!
      I complained about it and some hours later I got my own invalid tracking number. More than a week has passed so it's really invalid!
      Got no answer here or from Rich or from OP... I'm here just asking for some transparency, some customer support.
      I know they have dozens of KS, on going projects and all but if they can't keep track of the whole process until final delivery, well... I'll hope it doesn't happen with the other OP projects I still have not received.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael McDonald on

      Specifically, all I have is an invalid tracking number.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael McDonald on

      One of my friends who lives a block from me got their copy last week and I haven't heard anything. What gives?

    19. Missing avatar

      Rafael S M Devera on

      A few hours after my comment I received an email with a tracking number... but an invalid one because it's not working!
      Got no answer from Rich or OP so far... that's not the "prestige" I was expecting!!! =(

    20. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Brown on

      Mine just arrived in Australia. Looks great, but what's with the unattached ribbon?

    21. Tommy Svensson

      Just got mine, it was a bit of a suprise though because I did not really get a E-mail that it was on its way

    22. Missing avatar

      Rafael S M Devera on

      Everything has been shipped already?
      I haven't received not even an email!!!

    23. Jennifer Fuss

      I just got my book.
      Is it by design that the bookmark is loose and not actually attached to / integrated in the book?

    24. Gaëtan Jacquemin on

      Just got mine, thanks for all

    25. AngelSword on

      @Cornelius I understand why it says it. I just think it's dumb.

    26. Missing avatar

      Michal Soltysiak on

      Today arrive to me in Poland. Big, fat book, WOW! :)

    27. Cornelius - FORTHESHADALOO! on

      @AngelSword - Chronicles of Darkness is the new name for New World of Darkness. Now its easier to differentiate between the two worlds.

    28. Cornelius - FORTHESHADALOO! on

      I have also received the book, it is magnificent. The packaging is the best. Also thanks for the bookmark :)
      @Onyx Path - Thank you for the massive tome that is Dark Eras.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on

      Dave! Didn't realise you were on this as well!

      Yup got mine, looks good. Elizabethan vampires next game!

    30. David Hayes on

      Arrived in Ireland. Beautiful book.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on

      I have a postal slip so hopefully mine is waiting on me at the post office

    32. Kai S. on

      Arrived in Germany today, completely undamaged. Wow, what a massive tome this is.

    33. Etienne Gagnon on

      A note, I did not received the silk ribbon.

    34. Etienne Gagnon on

      Received my copy in Quebec City. Thanks.

    35. Malkira

      Got my Dark Eras book here in the UK. I think I need a Dark Era of my own just to read all of this! Cheers!

    36. James Cartwright on

      My Book arrived here in the UK at long last :) it's huge! When do we get the PDF's of the companion?

    37. Phasmtis

      The book is huge. I think it is two core books put together. I cannot wait to read it.

    38. Missing avatar

      K. A. Brown on

      I got my books and my screen yesterday over here in Delaware! I knew they were big, but I don't think I really quite registered how big until I tried to lift the package. Everything looked to be entirely intact, and I can't wait to give my friend his belated gift and start digging into my own! :)

    39. James Cartwright on

      Nothing here in the UK yet :(

    40. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mulligan on

      Anyone in EU/UK got their books / screens yet?

    41. Innes on

      Book and screen received today in CA.

    42. Missing avatar

      Katrina Rhodes on

      Got mine the other day! Looks great!

    43. Bruce Gray

      Just got mine today. Great work! Excellent material! sq

      Now I can't wait for the Dark Ages Companion..... :-)

    44. AngelSword on

      Just got mine today. Despite it saying "Chronicles of Darkness," it looks great.

    45. RDP

      Wow.. was not expecting it to be so big! Love it! Received my items today, NW burbs of Chicago! That wrapping was fun to unravel! lol

    46. MidnightBlue

      That MONSTER Dark Eras book and the Dark Eras storyteller's screen are in hand in Missouri!

      That is well and truly a beast of a book!

    47. Eric Crabtree on

      Also my cats want to say thanks for the wrapping paper. They love it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sarah Torino on

      Just got mine. Love the screen. Thanks!

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