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Contribute to help give the V20 Companion the same leather bound, embossed, silver edged, full color, deluxe treatment as V20.
Contribute to help give the V20 Companion the same leather bound, embossed, silver edged, full color, deluxe treatment as V20.
1,134 backers pledged $96,326 to help bring this project to life.

Things are Progressing. Here's a Rundown:

The process of creating the Deluxe V20 Companion and coordinating the delivery of the pledge rewards continues apace. I'm expecting to get the final print costs from our printer on Monday and also to begin layout. (I needed to be absolutely sure of the print specs before I began layout as I didn't want to modify the layout files once I got started.) If I can get that layout done and proofed by Justin and approved by CCP in the next couple of weeks, we should have the PDF ready to go out to you folks this month. And the deluxe printed version and the PoD will then be in process as well. We'll try as hard as we can to actually be shipping those printed books next month.

Mea Culpa in terms of the delivery dates listed with the pledges- I thought I read in the KS tips section to use the date you expect the first rewards to go out- but I misremembered and they actually say to use a date that the last rewards should be delivered. I'm sorry if I set up any false expectations out there- I can only claim the ignorance of inexperience.

As for other rewards besides the book, Justin is already interviewing with the poor, misguided fans (they just don't know what a maniac they'll be talking to) who pledged for the interview tier, and we've begun including our Consulting Developer in our Hunters Hunted 2 discussions. I'll be sending out a Model Release form to those folks who are contributing their images for artist reference for illustrations in Children of the Revolution and Hunters Hunted 2 and I already have a few of those photos saved in my hard drive ready to be sent to the artists. I have a blank character sheet ready to be filled out for those who pledged for the custom character sheet w/portrait, and I'll send those out ASAP. The names for the Examples of Play have been added to the text, and most of your names have been collected from the surveys for the credits.

There are still some of you folks who haven't returned the survey. Please, please get that back to me ASAP as there will come a time we'll need to go to press and won't be able to add them after that. And without a shipping address we won't be able to get you your books.

Finally, I think, I'll be submitting our next Kickstarter this week to KS, so expect to hear something once I know more.




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    1. Emma Ussel on May 7, 2012

      Merci Bigboy :D
      Complaining isn't really the issue, the problem we got is that we got absolutely no customer service whatsoever, no apology, no commercial move, nothing. We were just treated like crap. No matter the problems WW had, it was their own damn fault if they didn't follow timelines. We paid in July, all books should have been printed and sorted in boxes during the Summer, and sent to us, Pre-order people, a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks After GM. Not telling us in fucking January "but the books havent finished printed yet lol ! you gotta wait another month cuz we don't care about you guys" (I'm paraphrasing, but that's basically the answer we got after harassing WW since November, and they weren't answering)

    2. Bigboy on May 3, 2012

      Hi, i am French (please don't throw me any heavy thing ...)
      I don't want to complain like Emma, but a can understand the hard feeling while waiting for the V20 ... when we eard that american had their boock, then that british and spanish had it too .... and we have still to wait without news .... it was hard.
      I know that WW had sommes issue à this time and i dont want tu put the blame on anybody ... but i can understand people who don't want to live the same thing again.

      P.S : it's because we love the product that we make

    3. Joseph Coyle on April 18, 2012

      I'd give "a break" to Emma if I was 100% certain she wasn't trolling. Considering the fact that she CONTINUES to gripe about things that have been answered already--some even numerous times, I'm going to continue to think she's a troll.

    4. Candy Canto Mac on April 16, 2012

      DeMaris I'm agree with you. And please, everyone give a break to Emma

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Buckey on April 16, 2012

      I just have taken to add three months to any release date announced, regardless of the game.

    6. Missing avatar

      Wilhelm von Karolinas on April 16, 2012

      Emma, quit taking things out of context. I did say this was not the place for it. But it was preceded by they have a creation blog for you to go and voice your ideas and criticism. If I need to be more blunt, then allow me. GO TO THE CREATION BLOG, THAT IS THE PLACE FOR YOU TO VOICE YOUR OPINIONS ON WHAT YOU DO AND DON'T WANT IN YOUR VAMPIRE. NOT HERE.
      There, is that better?

    7. Law St on April 16, 2012

      Whatever I still like and buy White Wolf stuff. Keep up the cool work White Wolf! Love you guys and Gals!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kira on April 16, 2012

      As someone who works in a publishing house, I must say that "meh, delays can happen" doesn't begin to cover it. If anything, WW are being too honest about it, that's all. There's millions of way to explain why delays happen, making it sound official and serious, while the truth will still be "it's publishing business, linear logic doesn't apply". I'm not defending delays for months - it's a terrible thing, but whenever I hear the words like "layout", I automatically think of hundreds of things that can happen to it and mess everything up, and no-one outside the professional field can even begin to imagine it. Yes, even after you published one hundred books with the same layout, even after the text went through two editors and a proofreader. This is a special, separate, mad, mad world. Whenever I see a book, I know it's a miracle it came to be at all. =)

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Le Moullec on April 15, 2012

      Emma, don't be so french ;-)

    10. Emma Ussel on April 15, 2012

      "If you don't like it, don't buy it" is a good argument, yes, but only if competition exists, allowing me to buy somewhere else my stuff. Concerning vTM, there isn't. There's monopoly. We can't create awesome contents and sell them without getting our bottoms sued by CCP.
      You're saying it's okay for me not to shut up, and not to be in awe, Wilhelm, yet, just after, you say "this is not the place for it". Damn yes it's the place for it ! This is exactly the place where I should be critic, and show some proper expectations. This is a company, this is not lol-amateur work. They've been doing this for over 20 years, they cannot show themselves as some random garage printing rpg book dealers, and say "meh, typos can happen, meh, delays can happen". Especially when they're taking the money beforehand.
      Rogan, yes, they did V20 out of love, but don't tell me they didn't got a nice benefit out of it. They're playing on the soft spot of guys like us who played 20 years ago and who'll now throw out 500 bucks for their pretty eyes, for nostalgia's sake. That's just fine, I'm not criticizing that since I'm letting myself be milked too, I'm criticizing the poor customer service we get in return.
      Candy Canto ; I do hope we'll get excellent quality this time, at least, and I do appreciate your honest words.

    11. Missing avatar

      Wilhelm von Karolinas on April 12, 2012

      Emma, nobody said you have to "shut up and be in awe" when you like something. At the same time you shouldn't nitpick every little think and whine and cry over ever minute detail. You don't want it better, you want it hand made to suit your own, personal desires. Sadly you are a single person, they have to satisfy the needs of the many. That is why they have the creation blog where you are free to go and give your input. This is not the place for it.

      PS: The argument "If you don't like it, don't buy it" is a wonderful and legitimate argument. It is logical and gives a very reasonable point.

    12. Candy Canto Mac on April 12, 2012

      Hey guys all have a different point of view, Emma can express her feeling, I think that rol give us union. So, we need to respect everyone here. I expect more than a book in this V20 Companion, I expect a guide with excellent quality, and I think I´ll get it. And if I have to wait to obtain this, I'll wait. This is a collectible. And I understand Emma's point of view, all expect more, it is our nature, but patience it's a gift.

    13. Rogan Hamby on April 12, 2012

      A wallet for WW? Last I checked they were doing these 20th Anniversary editions out of love. Sad thing is, as passionate as RPG fans are about games like Masquerade they are a pittance of what video games are in terms of revenue and that's what they're taking time out of to do these.

    14. TJ Pippin on April 12, 2012

      Emma Ussel,
      As you are this unhappy with how things are going. I am going to make you an deal. I will buy you out of your copy and out of this project. You will not get a book from here and you will not have to come on here and tell all of us how it should be done. O and Have a Great Day.

    15. Emma Ussel on April 12, 2012

      The argument "if you don't like it, don't buy it" is a bad argument. I want it better, I want it like it should be. Because unlike some of you, I'm not just a wallet for WW, and I expect respect and proper treatment from them. Why do people consider that when you like something, you should shut up and be all in awe at all times, without thinking about being treated correctly, accepting everything they do to you ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Wilhelm von Karolinas on April 11, 2012

      Emma, this obviously just isn't the thing for you. Why don't you go find a new hobby?

    17. Vincent MORA on April 11, 2012

      And what about the KS project for this week?

    18. Emma Ussel on April 11, 2012

      Yeah I confirm pay pal should be used, because bank took a lame fee when I paid for this one >< I mean, wtf. Paypal, at least, is free and anyone can use it.

      I'm not taking it easy because I don't like when professionals make amateur job when it comes to delivering products and to have customer service. So yeah, V20 put me off because of the horrible botches you guys made (without compensation of any kind, yeah, sorry, I still critic, but when I'm treated like crap and I have good reasons to be compensated, I do expect some commercial gesture), hence me being kind of.. not really the nicest ever. And with good reasons.
      Pardon me from doubting since your last experiences really gave me a bad image of your professionalism. I got my drivethru version BEFORE my "PRE ORDER" version, because my pre order version was printed AFTER my print on demand version, because we, french bulk orders, and the second bulk of V20-Europe, weren't good enough customers to be treated correctly.

      Because I care, more so than you think, I am critic, and I expect better than this.
      Since now, basically, they're saying "we won't meet deadlines, but we're still starting new projects even if we're not sure how this one will end up, because we have no experience yet", makes me nervous.

    19. Candy Canto Mac on April 10, 2012

      Great idea Jennifer. And Emma, take it easy, they'll try to give us the book the most quickly as possible. They are a professional. And they have word.They are explaining us, why they are delaying. So to wait.

    20. Robert Bergman on April 10, 2012

      I also like the idea of paypal as you can put the money in your paypal account as kind of escrow account. If the project doesn't get funded, no big deal, you can take your money back out too. This way I can pledge today and not have to remember when a potentially large payment is coming out for the end of kickstarter campaign.

    21. Jennifer Fuss
      on April 9, 2012

      Just as a suggestion for the next Kickstarter.
      I noticed that two Kickstarter Projects (Wasteland 2 as well as Shadowrun Returns) provided the possibility to pledge by using PayPal.
      Even though they are way bigger then the V20 Companion was and I assume also bigger then Children of the Revolution will get, maybe it would be also an option?
      I think it would be a nice way to enable fans (who didn't got a CreditCard) to participate with pledges.

    22. Law St on April 8, 2012

      What ever, still love you guys, and everything you do.
      You Gals and Guys always do well or the best you can!
      You deserve postive feedback!

    23. Richard Thomas 29-time creator on April 8, 2012

      My reference to lack of experience is in terms of the KS process- and specifically as to which time frame to put for Estimated Delivery. As I explained- and let me underline this: We have never done a KS for one of our books before- it is a new thing and just how KS processes connect to our old-school printing and distribution are not "business as usual".

    24. Emma Ussel on April 7, 2012

      "ignorance of inexperience".. So, 20 years in a publishing company makes you inexperienced ? nobody bothered to do the research, proofread the rules, take a proper delay ? Estimated delivery in april 2012, so, again, some of us will wait 6 months ?
      Okay I know it's not that simple, I know I'm being a little trollish, but a publishing company that doesn't know how long printing takes and all that, it's kind of disrespectful and amateur. And while I can accept amateurism from us, players, STs, and modders, which are doing stuff out of hobby, from you guys who are paid for it, well, it's kind of insulting. Don't put timelines you can't possibly meet.

      (no, I'll not randomly blindly flatter mediocrity, I'm sorry, I know I'll be flammed by fanboys and fangirls, but I am critic because I truly care, and I can only expect the very best from this and everything ; qui bene amat, bene castigat)

    25. Sethreich Ardestahdt on April 6, 2012

      Keep up the excellent work guys!

    26. Missing avatar

      robonrage on April 6, 2012

      Good news, looking forward to it :)

    27. Candy Canto Mac on April 6, 2012

      Very well, we will be waiting.