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Contribute to help give the V20 Companion the same leather bound, embossed, silver edged, full color, deluxe treatment as V20.
Created by

Richard Thomas

1,134 backers pledged $96,326 to help bring this project to life.

And the new reward tiers are live!

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas- there were so many great ones. We really looked at three areas: easier ways to get multiple copies, extra physical rewards, and extra rewards that included contributors in the creation process. We also had to consider what could be added to this very first of our tries at a Kickstarter- we loved the clan-pins idea, for example, but the time to do those right would have taken us away from making books. Maybe if we beat our stretch goal we'll take another look at those ideas. :)

Anyway, enjoy- you folks have been amazing and we're not even at a full week since I first put up this page!


    1. Creator Nik May on February 22, 2012

      Ah... that could be a problem then, but I can see why Kickstarter would do that. Thanks Dhaunae. :)

    2. Creator Alessandro Kellis - Obsidian Order on February 22, 2012

      How does the 1,000 $ reward (Consulting Developer) actually work? Does it also entail being physically present in a specific location or is all going to be through skype/email/phone?

    3. Creator Dhaunae on February 22, 2012

      Once you've published a pledge, Kickstarter does not allow you to rewrite or edit the pledge in any way.

    4. Creator Nik May on February 22, 2012

      Does each tier include the rewards of the previous tiers? If not, you might want to consider re-wording them.

    5. Creator Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on February 21, 2012

      Holy crap, that $1000 level is pretty damned awesome!

    6. Creator Wilhelm von Karolinas on February 21, 2012

      Damn, if only I had a thousand bucks.

    7. Creator Jessica Gains on February 21, 2012

      Pledge updated to $100 for two copies. Thank you Rich and Justin for making these options available! :)

    8. Creator Richard Thomas on February 21, 2012

      Great catch- I added the info to the FAQ since I can't edit a pledge tier once pledges have been made.

    9. Creator Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on February 21, 2012

      You should correct the all of the above part of the old $100 tier, for the new one is above it.