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Even if you missed this KS, you can still "pre-order"  the TRINITY CONTINUUM tabletop roleplaying game here:
Even if you missed this KS, you can still "pre-order"  the TRINITY CONTINUUM tabletop roleplaying game here:
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End of November 2018 Update

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Continuum Community,

Off in the distance, just on the horizon, I can see Trinity Continuum PDFs coming, whispering... "soon..."

We're not quite to delivery of the backer PDFs yet, but we're getting closer. In fact, instead of showing off some of the art from the book like I did last update, here are some images of pages from the almost ready books...

These books are going to be awesome!


And, speaking of awesome, here are the official Character Sheets for Trinity Continuum and Trinity Continuum: Æon:

Trinity Continuum Core Character Sheet [link]

Trinty Continuum: Æon Character Sheet [link]

These sheets aren't fully interactive/form-fillable yet - that'll happen after backer PDFs are out and errata and corrections have been corrected.

Trinity Continuum Project Status  

Taken from the latest Monday Meeting Notes:  

First Draft:
- Trinity Continuum: Æon - Distant Worlds  

Manuscript Review & Approval:  
- Trinity Continuum: Aberrant 

- Trinity Continuum: Æon - Æon Æxpansion
- Trinity Continuum: In Media Res 

Art Direction: - Trinity Continuum: Æon - Æon Æxpansion

In Layout
- Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook  
- Trinity Continuum: Æon 

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REWARD TRACKING - Completed Rewards (Sent to Backers)  

  • Redbubble KS T-shirt link (Update #35, 5/18/18) 
  • Trinity 1E PDF Bundle (BackerKit notification sent 5/4/18) 
  • Trinity 1E "Final Three" PDF Bundle (BackerKit notification sent 6/12/18)


  • Trinity Continuum Core Digital Wallpaper 
  • Trinity Contiuum Æon Digital Wallpaper 
  • Trinity Continuum Core rulebook POD Coupon 
  • Trinity Continuum: Æon setting POD Coupon 
  • Trinity Continuum Core Reference Screen 
  • Trinity Continuum Core Reference PDF  
  • Trinity Continuum Æon Reference Screen 
  • Trinity Continuum Æon Reference PDF  
  • OnyxDice Trinity Continuum Core D10 
  • OnyxDice Trinity Continuum Æon D10 
  • Æon-set Novella: Dawn 
  • Æon-set Novella: Meridian 
  • IN MEDIA RES PDF Scenario Supplement for Trinity Continuum Core 
  • Æon Æxpansion PDF supplement for Trinity Continuum: Æon

That's a long list, and we're so close to shifting a bunch of them from Pending to Completed! We're going to have some exciting days in the near future!

I'll post our list of delivered and pending rewards with each monthly update, so that we can track everything that's needed and keep on the same page. Also, feel free to check out Onyx Path's Monday Meeting Notes posts (linked here) which will give you a weekly status report on ALL of the projects Onyx Path has on the go (you may see spoilers for my monthly updates, or see what other kickstarter campaigns are currently running).

Speaking of which...

Final Hours - Join In and Unlock More Stretch Goals!
Final Hours - Join In and Unlock More Stretch Goals!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Laukkanen Panu on

      For the Core character sheet might I suggest that the headline texts be written in white instead of red since when printing using black & white printer the red text goes completely unreadable as red points out as black.

      The Aeon character sheet looks beautiful on the other hand even when printed as black & white.

      Thanks for the preview cant wait to get my hands on the actual books not to mention the upcoming main event of Aberrant looking already on the horizon.

    2. Ian A. A. Watson Collaborator on

      @Aldo Montoya Reynaga: Yes, you'll find the Skills take precedence over Attributes for a number of reasons throughout all the Storypath games. So instead of Storyteller's Strength + Brawl, you'd see Close Combat + Might written instead.

    3. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      I find funny the Character Sheet, well not funny different. Usually the Attributtes go first, the Skills, I guess i'll have to get use to this new arrange for Trinity Continuum

      Thank you for the great update guys!

    4. Missing avatar

      Phil Hattie on

      This update has me absolutely buzzed. I could see from the MMN that we’re getting close but this looks great. It’s my birthday next week... see what you can do... y’know ;)

    5. Karpomatic on

      THANK YOU! This has made my day! I wish there were demos running at Pax!