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The campaign is over, but you can still "pre-order" in our BackerKit store!
The campaign is over, but you can still "pre-order" in our BackerKit store!
908 backers pledged $47,854 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by James Bell (Collaborator)

Greetings Drylanders,

We're just about tho hit the Final 48 Hours of this Kickstarter campaign, and racing toward the surface. (I can't remember whether my metaphors have been about diving into the ocean or surfacing from the ocean... either way, we're close to the end!)

They Came from Q&A:

On the Onyx Path YouTube channel today (, there will be a live Q&A with the They Came from Beneath the Sea! team of Matthew Dawkins, Larry Blamire, Bianca Savazzi, and John Burke! Tune in and throw them your questions about the game, B-movies, and RPGs in general! The broadcast is scheduled for Tuesday 22nd January at 20:00 GMT

Note the time zone - to see when this will happen in your area, click HERE (I hope that works!!)

Refresher Course

We've had, and will have, a lot of new backers join in during these last few days. I want to take a moment to highlight some key Update posts that new backers may want to check out (and existing backers may want to read as a refresher!).

COMPLETE PLAYTEST MANUSCRIPT PREVIEW - PARTS 1-6: Read the entire manuscript for the game now! Remember, though, there are still some minor edits, development and proofing that need to be done. But, you can consider this about 95% finished.

Jan. 20 update - REWARD TIERS: your best starting point for figuring out which Backer Reward Level to choose to help support this project.

Jan. 21 update - ADD ON REWARDS: the important companion piece to the Reward Tiers topic.

Click HERE to load a complete reward tier chart
Click HERE to load a complete reward tier chart

Choosing the correct Reward Tier for your desired rewards, and then filling in any "gaps" with add-ons, ensures that you'll be claiming all of your desired rewards as a thank you for supporting this project and bringing this world to life.  

Remember, your TOTAL PLEDGE AMOUNT is equal to your REWARD TIER + SHIPPING + ADD ONS. And we will confirm your Add On selection with our post-campaign pledge manager, Backerkit, a few weeks after the campaign ends.

On Thursday, I'll be posting one further "Final Day" update, covering What Happens Next and outlining what to expect once the campaign ends.

But until then, we're going to hopefully be racing through our final Stretch Goal(s) of the campaign!


Over the course of the campaign, we've achieved an amazing 9 Stretch Goals! We hit that 9th one just yesterday morning, so we're absolutely picking up speed as we rush toward the finish line! And there's a solid chance to make that 10 or maybe even 11 before we end...


These Stretch Goals are additional content PDF files that will be automatically added to your list of rewards if you are receiving the They Came from Beneath the Sea! PDF. Double check your reward tier to ensure you fall into that category (basically, everyone that's pledged to the Production Assistant reward tier or higher...)

THREAT FILES! PDFs- new enemies to challenge your players (and maybe each other!). We've added three "fistfuls" of aliens that will be developed and can be added to your campaign.

  • Additional Aquatic Alien Adversaries!
  • Extra Amphibious Antagonists!
  • Expanded Floating Foes!

SCENARIOS! PDFs- Jump into the action with these ready-to-go adventures, including:

  • An Adventure!
  • An Adventure 2: The Revenge of An Adventure!

CHARACTER PACK PDF - Ready-to-go Characters so you can quickly launch a pick-up game or have spares for when a character meets a watery grave...


There are a couple of reward/opportunities that just fall into the "Fun!" category and will be added to the reward list of all backers.

DIGITAL WALLPAPER - Now your computer screen can hold the awesomeness of They Came from Beneath the Sea! with a digital wallpaper, sure to start your computing time with a smile!

REDBUBBLE T-SHIRT LINK -  hosted on the Redbubble store for a limited time, a They Came from Beneath the Sea!-themed shirt at a steep discount. 


We also hit one Stretch Goal that allows us to upgrade one of the game's accessories.

NEW DIRECTOR'S SCREEN ARTWORK - We'll commission new widescreen full-span Larry Blamire artwork for the Director's Screen! 

Those are some pretty cool accomplishments, and those are in addition to FUNDING THIS PROJECT in the first place! Your rewards list has likely grown since the start of this campaign. But we're not done, are we? With just over 48 hours to go, we've got another target or two we can look at hitting, and maybe another upgrade can be added if we really really STRETCH... 

At $37,500 in funding! - NEW MARINE MONSTERS! -  A netful of new threats and nemisises will be created and released as a Threat File! PDF, added on to the rewards list for all backers receiving the They Came from Beneath the Sea! rulebook PDF.

At $38,500 in funding! - NEW ADD ON DECK - We'll be able to create a new Add On option. For +$15, you will be able to add a printed Quip & Cinematic card deck to your hardcover book purchase.

At $40,000 in funding - ART BUDGET INCREASE - We'll increase the art budget for the They Came from Beneath the Sea! core rulebook, adding even more awesome B-Movie goodies!

More Stretch Goals, Not Much More Time  

I know these numbers may seem daunting, but they wouldn't be STRETCH goals if we didn't have to really STRETCH to reach them!

So, as every update concludes: let's keep the enthusiasm rolling! Keep spreading the word and letting others know about this project. They've got fewer than 48 hours to jump in and share the 9 (can we make it 10?) Stretch Goals we've achieved!

And every backer who joins in as we approach the end is not only able to enjoy the additional rewards already added by the early fans and backers, but also help reward those early backers by expanding everyone's stretch goal rewards!

Remember, only the funds generated during the Kickstarter campaign go toward achieving these Stretch Goal targets, so the time to act is now! Together, we can make great things happen!





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