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The campaign is over, but you can still "pre-order" in our BackerKit store!
The campaign is over, but you can still "pre-order" in our BackerKit store!
908 backers pledged $47,854 to help bring this project to life.

Final Week - Be An Aqua-Ambassador

Posted by James Bell (Collaborator)

Greetings Surface-dwellers,

Behold! It's Aqua-James, your intermediary during the upcoming invasion...
Behold! It's Aqua-James, your intermediary during the upcoming invasion...

We're officially in the FINAL WEEK of the kickstarter campaign. I've still got one final manuscript section to share on Friday and the final amazing fiction piece from Larry Blamire, but I'll also be sharing a bunch of book-keeping-type posts about Reward Tiers & Add-Ons, Stretch Goals, and What Comes Next, and this one, which is all about recruiting new backers during this final phase of the campaign. 

First, let me say - we've crossed 170% of our initial funding target and have 650 backers participating in this project! We've unlocked SEVEN Stretch Goals and have our 8th in sight. And we did all of this right in the middle of the busiest time of year, full of distractions and time commitments. But, here we are - swimming just below the surface, a hungry shadow slowly moving toward the beach...  

I mean, more like a school of fish. Yes, a positive and happy group all working together.

That's one of the awesome and inspiring things about kickstarter projects - you not only build the game, but you start to build a community around the project. I'm excited to keep adding rewards to this project -- especially additional monsters -- and hope to add even more! The final week usually picks up speed as we go along, and there's a ton of potential to add another 2 or 3 or even more rewards! But to get there, we've got to increase the number of backers pledging to this campaign. Thus, the topic for today's update:

Be an Ambassador  

I know, this is something I've already said many times (and seem to say during every project!), but for this final week, you are officially a duly-deputized ambassador for this Kickstarter project. An Aqua-Ambassador, in fact.

I know I end every update post with "Keep spreading the word! Invite others to join in!" - but what does that mean, and how do you do it?

Easy answer - don't stop talking about the They Came from Beneath the Sea kickstarter until 1:01 PM next Thursday EST (when the campaign has ended). Yes, family and friends are tired of me talking about it (especially during the holidays! - "It Came from Beneath the Tree!"), but everything will go back to "normal" in just one more week, and they've learned to tolerate me during a kickstarter campaign (for now). But here's the thing - there are others around who haven't heard or don't know about the campaign.

"C" is for Crab. "C" is for "Community"
"C" is for Crab. "C" is for "Community"

What Excites You?  

One of the things I've found about this game is how easy it's been to give the "elevator pitch" to my gaming group. For some reason, the "1950s B-Movie Sci-Fi Adventure" tag just seems to resonate, or paint a pretty clear picture of the game. Once you add in the fun stuff like Cinematics and Quips, I've found my gaming friends get pretty intrigued. They Came from Beneath the Sea! also seems to be on the table for fun one-shots and some more spur-of-the-moment gaming in the future. Everyone seems interested to at least try it - and I think that has a lot to do with the fun nature of the game.

Thumbs up to everyone who's shared a link to the kickstarter in an online forum, or posted an "I just backed this project" message to their social media - you've done all of the first steps that are critical during the first weeks of the campaign. Now, it's time to let others know why you are backing this project (and, therefore, why they should consider it as well).

That's the thing - for this final week, you don't have to tell people the kickstarter exists. Instead, tell them what's got you excited about the game. What makes this an fun take on the Storypath system? What kind of undersea adventure tales will you tell? What sources of inspiration are you running with? At this point, people may have seen the "Kickstarter now live!" posts. But the ones that always pull me in are things like:

It's easy, at first glace, to assume this is just a silly game or sci-fi parody that you may not use often, but there's SO MUCH MORE going on in this book than B-Movie tropes and rubbery monsters. The adversaries actually provide remarkable range and flexibility in building different kinds of stories, and the basis of the game - the Storypath system - is the same foundation used for Scion, the Trinity Continuum, Dystopia Rising: Evolution, so there are lots of pieces and parts that can be grafted on to other games. The idea of Quips seems pretty simple to integrate into the action-packed world of Trinity Continuum, I'm sure! Sharing these unique hooks - and the idea of growing a one-shot fun night into an ongoing adventure-filled campaign - helps grab others and get them interested. Those are the things that pull my interest when I'm reading about games online.

When I start seeing conversations that spin out of posts or ideas like that, I get intrigued about the game. And that's when I click on the link. So, share your ideas! What parts of the manuscript have stirred your imagination? What pop culture touchstones do you want to adapt for your game? What style of game are you thinking of running, and what threads from the book will you incorporate? What kinds of challenges will you throw at your players?

There are tons of websites related to rpgs or sci-fi stories or gaming in general. Now, all of those may not have forums for you to post on, or be an appropriate venue to share your ideas. But, if you are a member of any of those and feel like sharing your ideas about a new They Came From... game, these final days are the time to do so!

And, if you feel that They Came from Beneath the Sea! is maybe a bit of lightness or fun in a sometimes-too-serious hobby or a nice break from heavy emotional play, it's ok to point that out too.

Share the Links!

1) Don't forget to share a link to the kickstarter in your post (where appropriate).  

2) Don't forget to tell us about your post! Come to the comments section and let us know so we can all go and contribute! I know I keep saying it, but really - these last days are key. Keep the enthusiasm high (hitting stretch goals certainly makes that easier!) and keep on inviting others to join in, either directly ("Come see...") or just by setting an example of your enthusiasm and interest.

We've achieved so much already - We've added additional content with the Threat Files!, the Character Pack, and Adventure Scenarios, - but on these final days, we can take it to the next level! So, celebrate! Share the love! Share your enthusiasm! And be an Aqua-Ambassador for this final week... and let's see how strong we can finish and how much this project will grow over these final days!

Seriously, go read the Explorers of the Fathoms thread... 





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    1. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Michele Masala: it’s really fun!

    2. Michele Masala on

      I usually only lurk during Kickstarters, but I'm also Cinder and I have to thank you for sharing a link to my Actual Play. Glad you enjoyed it! :D