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The campaign is over, but you can still "pre-order" in our BackerKit store!
The campaign is over, but you can still "pre-order" in our BackerKit store!
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A Preview from Beneath the Sea! - The Green Scare

Posted by James Bell (Collaborator)

Greetings dry-dwellers,

Behold! The agent of your soon-to-be Amphibian Overlords...
Behold! The agent of your soon-to-be Amphibian Overlords...

THEY CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA! will not just provide a system and rules to simulate your adventures, but also a trope- and hook-filled setting to serve as a background for your encounters. Described as 1950s America filtered through the lens of B-Movies, an entire chapter of theories, plots, history, and pseudo-history will help stir your imagination and launch fantastic tales!

Digging through these documents, beyond discussion of the Red Menace of the 1950s, we find details of... 

The Green Scare  

“We know nothing about these creatures from beneath the sea. We don’t even know if they know about us. Maybe they do. Maybe we should be worried.”
— CIA white paper on the NACA “Anomalous Suboceanic Species” report to HUAC

They responded to the nuclear tests, in any case. Wouldn’t you, if your home was being bombed?  

Their biggest coup was the USS Shangri-La, a decorated aircraft carrier that survived the Pacific theater in WWII. She was pulled beneath the waves in harbor by a sudden eruption of tentacles from the sea floor. Few lives were lost, but the west was thrown into a panic. “Is this some new plan by the Soviet Union?” we all asked. “Who could be behind it?”  

It’s amazing how quickly that event disappeared from the news. Government cover-up? Human inability to accept that we share our planet with something unknown? Who knows?  

Honestly, we don’t know what specific creature caused it, but it created a new scare. The Red Scare, the Lavender Scare, they all fold back into the Green Scare, like flowers on a tree branch or fish in kelp. The CIA, FBI, MI-5, and CSIS all have lists of “un-human” activities to comb through. High-profile citizens are taken in for questioning. But in the halls of government, parliamentarians and congresspeople say nothing. Task forces are set up and just as quickly disbanded.  

Popular culture’s changing too. Don Siegel introduced the threat of the “no-brainers,” humans taken over by alien intelligence, with Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Ken Hughes followed it with his Atomic Man. Songs and short stories about extra-human intelligences are all the rage. In something of an ironic twist, scarlet red is now back in fashion as a statement against alien sympathies. The US produces a ridiculous volume of wartime propaganda. I hear Jack Kirby drew Captain America punching a squid, and the comic sold out in hours. An uncredited propaganda artist pulled on by HUAC drew a much-mocked take of the cover depicting Joseph McCarthy as Captain America fighting the “Green Menace.” It wasn’t nearly as good.  

At this point, McCarthy’s fear of the “Reds” has taken a back seat in politics. It is still there, of course. The intelligence community today considers recruiting some of the folks they questioned, but it’s early yet, prejudice preventing a coordinated response from across humanity. All that said, McCarthy’s recent death has done some good in taking the governmental ammunition out of the HUAC arsenal.

Tune in tomorrow for a backers-only manuscript preview of The Human World Invaded!


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    1. Ed Kowalczewski

      Jack Kirby's Cap punching a squid? This should be a thing. Any comic historians able to show a panel?