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The campaign is over, but you can still "pre-order" in our BackerKit store!
The campaign is over, but you can still "pre-order" in our BackerKit store!
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Tumult of the Atlantoids

Posted by James Bell (Collaborator)

Tumult of the Atlantoids

The man from the Federal Bureau of Dams stared at the dam with the eyes of a man born to stare at dams. Cods Hairigon had seen breaks but this took the cake, with extra frosting. Split as by a giant axe, flooding tons of water below. The fifth dam in as many weeks, which was exactly five. 

The helicopter landing nearby no doubt carried Dr. Karsly Morbin, the prominent damotologist he was waiting for. 

“I’m Dr. Karsly Morbin,” said the woman who got off. 

“You? What does a woman know about dams?” sneered the FBD agent.

Karsly smirked, hand on hip. “It may surprise you to know the first dam was invented by a woman in 1142 BC.” She gazed down at the wreckage. “Someone knew what they were doing.” 

“Sabotage, doctor?” 

“Does a beaver give a dam, Mr. Hairigon?”


For while, the pair used science to determine how it was done. But the only science working for them was chemistry

“If I’d known all damatologists were like you, I would’ve busted one myself,” murmured Cods. 

“Mr. Hairigon, please, you’ll raise my floodwaters,” teased Karsly, before correcting him. “There’s no such thing as a damatologists. 

That would be stupid.” “I can’t think of any more dam lingo,” Cods admitted, moving in for a kiss. But an urgent radio call stopped him cold. 


Soon, Cods and Karsly found themselves staked out at famed Hooterscroft Dam where strange things were reported. Suddenly, a humming, fish-shaped flying saucer with jagged dorsal fins flew over and shot a ray straight down the center of the dam, creating a crack. Before Cods and Karsly could react, a torrent of water was unleashed. 

“I wish we could have done something, but who expected a flying metal fish?” observed Karsly. 

“No one ever does,” replied Cods grimly. 

The duo quickly hopped in a car and pursued the fishcraft to a secluded field where it landed. Using their good friend caution, the very recent lovebirds crept up to the silent vessel. As they neared, Cods pulled a gun. 

“Is that really necessary?” asked Karsly. 

“Unfortunately, history says it is,” growled the FBD man, “But ask me again after I shoot something.” 

Suddenly, a door opened in the shiny craft. With the briefly shared glance of people who don’t care, Cods and Karsly said goodbye to old man hesitance and entered. 

Electrical dials were everywhere, along with levers and knobs, plus a very nice desk and chair, some really neat charts, and a big futuristic television screen. 

“Hey, they have TV,” noticed Cods. 

“It’s… like something from outer space,” uttered the damotologist. 

“Don’t talk crazy, Karsly, if you can help it,” frowned the dam man that loved her. 

“Or should you say… inner space?” came a pompous and obnoxious correction. 


The couple who entered looked human but were garbed like aquatic space people, heavy on fins and capes.

“I am Phishaphus,” announced the haughty male. 

“And I am… Aquana,” purred the female. 

“Oh, how we pity the minds of the hopelessly ungilled,” offered the male with unmasked condescension. 

“Ungilled?” perked Karsly with scientific interest. “You speak in puzzles, and I confess I’ve never had the patience, except for tic-tac-toe.” 

“Puzzles… only to your land-mind. We are Atlantoids, descendants of Atlantis who ruled Earth when you were in diapers.” 

“It is my talking-turn, Phishaphus, for we are equals where we come from,” stated Aquana. “Our plan is simple. Destroy all your dam blocks.” 

“You mean our dams,” corrected Karsly. “Blocks are for children.” She shared a glance with Cods who appreciated her clever backhanded insult. God, how he loved her. 

“That is what I said! Your dam blocks. And when all your continents are flooded, only we will survive! Behold!” Aquana lifted her hair, proudly displaying working gills. 

Cods and Karsly gasped as one, for they were that close now. 

“People? People like fish?” It was obvious the scientist’s thoroughly scientific mind was having a problem grasping the concept. Cods took her hand because it was there. 

With completely unnecessary theatrical flourish, Phishaphus pulled a lever and the craft took off. 

“Surely, there’s room for all of us, Aquana,” reasoned Karsly, hoping to reach her, woman to woman. 

“Save your breath, Karsly. We’ll need it underwater,” jeered Cods. 

The craft plunged into the sea. Soon the gillwoman gestured to the big screen, again calling out her favorite word, “Behold!” 

Cods and Karsly gazed at the wonder of several small, rundown, domed underwater buildings that looked reasonably interesting. 

“Is… that Atlantis?” asked Cods. 

“Yes! Yes, of course it’s Atlantis! Fool! Remarkable fool!” hollered Phishaphus shrilly. 

Seeing the land people were unimpressed, the gilled alien worked controls and the fishcraft burst out of the sea into the air. 

“Even now we near your largest dam block,” gloated Phishaphus. 

“It’s just dam, why can’t you get that?” insisted Karsly. 

“You know, you creatures are tough to reason with,” growled Cods. “Are you as tough with your fists?” 

“What are fists?” asked Phishaphus as Cods punched him, and the two erupted in a fight. Not made for onboard fisticuffs, the fishcraft lurched. Karsly went for the controls, but she was headed off by Aquana, and now they struggled. 

The fishcraft was heading straight for a mountain. Cods turned from his fight with Phishaphus to call to Karsly. “Look, emergency parachutes! Guess even Atlantoids need those! Try to put one on!” he yelled as his opponent landed a punch. 

Karsly shoved Aquana away, and she and Cods donned parachutes. Karsly saw a lever marked EXIT, pulled it and the door opened. 

“Jump!” Karsly yelled, and they dove out. 

“No!” yelled Aquana as their craft plunged out of control. Our heroes landed safely on the ground in time to watch the screaming craft smash into a mountain and explode. Holding each other picturesquely, Cods and Karsly soberly surveyed the untouched dam. 

“Maybe someday people will understand dams better,” said Cods. 

“Even people with gills,” added Karsly with a hopeful smile.  



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And remember to spread the word and recruit more people to help you battle the Atlantoids and other dangerous antagonists!




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    1. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Preston L. Bobo: well, damotology is an imperfect science...

    2. Preston L. Bobo on

      "the first dam was invented by a woman in 1142 BC."

      I don't know the sex of the person who invented the first dam, but Dr. Morbin is off by about 2 millennia on the date. ;p