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Even if you missed this KS, you can still "pre-order" Scion 2e books & dice here:
Even if you missed this KS, you can still "pre-order" Scion 2e books & dice here:
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Scion June Update: Art and Scion Companion

Posted by Neall Raemonn Price (Collaborator)
The inside of the book.
The inside of the book.

Greetings, true believers! I'm hard at work proofing Scion: Origin, which is in the very final stages before release. After me, it goes back to approvals at Onyx Path, and we make any final changes before it comes out to you, the backers.

But Scion: Hero is very close behind.

You might think we're being old-school...
You might think we're being old-school...

Other than that, we're currently hiring writers for the Scion Companion, which has a completed outline that's dropped off the back of a truck right here. One notable thing that we decided to put in last-minute (and isn't in the outline yet) is something I like to call the Myth Level. 

Scion has a number of setting dials one can turn. The default setting of Scion is one where the divine and the legendary are barely hidden from the World at large, where religions of the Gods are popular and accepted, where monotheism isn't often at odds with the Gods (or is co-opted in pantheon power plays), or where the genre of the game shifts as you go from Origin to Hero and then again when you get to Demigod and God. This is all intended, but there's a setting difference from First to Second Edition that have thrown some folks off, so we're dusting off an old idea and giving it new polish. 

The Myth Level is five options along four axes of design, meant to allow the Storyguide to choose and emulate how many of Scion’s setting “dials” they want to crank. The one we've discussed the most is the presence of the divine in everyday life, or how much Scion deals with, well, the Gods. Named after Hesiod's Five Ages of Man, these dials are:

  • Iron: Perfectly mundane. Indeed, even a little shabby when it comes to creatures of Legend. Very similar in nature and tone to Gaiman's American Gods, where ifriti are cab drivers, Odin is a shiftless wandering con man, and Chernobog and the goddesses of dawn, midday, and evening are poor immigrants scraping by in a shitty apartment in Chicago. Most Knacks don't function fully, most Boons provide only weak "tricks". Gods communicate through Omens and small miracles when they're not embodied, and religion takes the place of most direct communications. The default genre setting of Origin.
  • Heroic: Mostly mundane, but with room for great acts of heroism. Most Hero-level abilities work normally in this environment, though most abilities still seem either tremendously lucky or as a result of great skill, and Boons deliberately pass into the next level. Most supernatural creatures still have mundane manifestations here (that centaur might still just be a biker here), but Scions and gods may appear as impressive and tremendous - Aphrodite isn't some burnt out barfly here, she's drop-dead gorgeous and probably on fashion covers. This is the level of the Iliad and the Odyssey and Hero, though that game also heavily crosses into...
  • Bronze: This is where the supernatural comes into play now. Creatures of Legend shed their mundane disguises in areas of Bronze Myth, and appear in their true nature. Magic becomes overt here, and Demigods wield their true power. This is Clash of the Titans territory, and there might just actually be dragons in that undetailed area of the map. This is where Hero truly lives.
  • Silver: Past the threshold of urban myth and getting into epic fantasy, places of Silver Myth are deeply resonant with Myth. They are often fanciful places and hidden vales of magic technically found in the World, but not of it. Godly powers work at their full potency here, and the power of a creature of Legend is reflected in its appearance - the mightier the entity, the more impressive it appears. Zelazny's Lord of Light goes into this area of Myth in its narrative. Demigod exists in this space, dealing with the effects of myth on a culture.
  • Gold: Flat-out mythological, where symbolism is the same as its reality. Places of Gold Myth are not even of this World, and all creatures of Legend may find their powers increased by the richness of the locale's potent Legend (in game terms, areas of Gold Myth actually have extra Effects that anyone can use if they meet the prerequisites). Lots of Scion 1e went into this territory, with its otherworldly locales, and lots of fantasy that touches on extradimensional areas and the like qualify. God works on this level.

We'll save the other dials, such as the presence of the Titanomachy or genre, for another update.

That's it for now! For the most up-to-date Scion information, keep checking back at every Monday evening for Rich's Monday Meeting notes.

...but we're trying to stay modern.
...but we're trying to stay modern.
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    1. Adam Loyd on

      I'm throwing my hat in for proofing and help support. Heck I actually used to work for WW back a while ago!

    2. Joshua Alkema on

      I love this update, so much progress. Also, if you're looking for another writer, I'd love to throw my hand in the ring. I've done some playtesting for Kobold Press and a lot of proofing for a campaign setting a friend is working on, plus I'm currently working on a few tabletop products on top of that. Hope to hear back soon.

    3. Missing avatar

      Killrog on

      I like everything in this post. Thanks for this update folks.

      On a sidenote and just to be a tid bit picky, Hephaistos arms and hands seem a bit odd on the modern setting image, like if they had been broken somehow, the elbow's angle and the fingers size don't look natural.

    4. Jim Groves on

      Excellent update. Loved seeing the outline! So looking forward to this!

    5. Clyde Lee Graham

      I'm figuring that Matt Wagner's Mage sits in that overlap between Heroic and Bronze. Now all I need is the glowing baseball bat.

    6. Yodo

      Firstly, I've gotta say that the new art looks amazing! The pantheon picture inspires me to practice shouting my divine curses, in a way I haven't felt since backing this thing.

      Secondly, I'm finding the outline fascinating and full of promise. As a rank amateur, is that the sort of thing that gets handed to writers?

    7. Asdf on

      Love this update, for several reasons. First, progress! The books are inching closer to my paws.
      Second, very much like the dials, especially when they come with mechanical support.
      Finally, the art. One of my favorite bits from 1e was the old-school/new-school pantheon art, and this one looks excellent. Some notable bits: having the two pictures be mirrored in orientation is a nice touch, and no wonder Poseidon is arguing with Ares: modern!Ares is wearing a naval uniform.