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Contribute to help us create a beautifully illustrated, traditionally printed hardcover version of Pugmire for sale in stores.
Even if you missed this KS, you can still pre-order Pugmire:
Even if you missed this KS, you can still pre-order Pugmire:
3,239 backers pledged $193,404 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jargogle on February 24

      So, what's the latest on Pan's Guide, the interactive Earplay, and the anthology?

    2. Dani Jang
      on February 15

      Happy New Year!
      Year of Yellow Dog has officially begun.

    3. Jargogle on January 16

      January update?

    4. Sarah Williams on December 13

      UPDATE TO 10/14 POST
      Pugmire backer rewards have been received! Thanks again to Richard for accommodating me while dealing with mail theft.

    5. Missing avatar

      Emma Newton on December 7

      Hi all,

      Just a quick question. I backed to the level including the UK screen but when I got my stuff it wasn't there. I thought maybe it would come later - did anyone else have this?

      Thank you :-)

    6. Jargogle on December 6

      Nope, only the free stuff on my blog.

    7. Stephen Bulla on November 14

      Hi all! Is anyone aware of any content being released? Adventures, details of other regions, etc? Thanks in advance.

    8. Sarah Williams on October 14, 2017

      UPDATE TO 10/14 POST
      Richard has reached out to me and my situation is being handled. Many thanks to him for clarifying what has been going on behind-the-scenes.

    9. Sarah Williams on October 14, 2017

      My Pugmire backer reward was stolen off of my porch, and I've been trying to work with both Studio2 and Richard (who I've been messaging via Kickstarter) to see how I could get my rewards redelivered. I was told a redelivery would be authorized only if my pledge amount was re-payed, so I inquired about whether my package was insured. After hearing nothing in response from Studio2, I went to USPS to submit a theft claim, where I finally found out the package was insured via its priority mail status. The claim resulted in a $50 reimbursement being sent to the sender (I presume the Studio2 contact, who ghosted me in mid-September) I had hoped that after notifying both the creator and the Studio2 contact that money was being sent their way I would hear from them, however I still have yet to get a response about how to proceed to get a redelivery authorized. At this point, I'm starting to feel either passed around as someone else's problem, or just straight up ignored. As a backer of both Pugmire and Monarchies of Mao, I had been hoping for more respect than this, or at least more support. This has been an incredibly frustrating experience, and has soured my feelings about backing these projects. For anyone out there who plans on backing future projects by these guys, you'd better hope everything goes smoothly or your KS pledge might turn into a donation despite your best efforts.

    10. Michael Laitinen
      on September 26, 2017

      I just want to give my condolences to Eddy on the passing of Murray the pug.

      Eddy if you are reading this hope that you are staying strong through the passing of a dear friend.

    11. Jamie Prentice on September 8, 2017

      Backerkit says my copy shipped on 5 Aug, but no sign of arrival here (Edinburgh, Scotland). Should I be worried?

    12. Seth Hartley
      on September 6, 2017

      Hmmm, backerkit says my rewards shipped to the UK on 08/05/17 now assuming they are using weird american dates that is still a month ago and no sign of the book?

    13. Sarah Williams on September 6, 2017

      US backer here! So excited to get my Pugmire copy and extras! I haven't received anything yet, though; who do I contact to check the status of my order?

    14. Andrew Hauptman
      on September 2, 2017

      Loving the game! But now that we have the basic rules and such...

      When will we see Pugmire Miniatures?

    15. Cornelius - FORTHESHADALOO! on August 29, 2017

      I have also received the book (+screen, cards, dice and pins). Thanks for such awesome care with the packaging. Everything is in excellent condition.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ozzy Beck on August 27, 2017

      Ran a demo game (my own scenario in which the Cult of Labor Tor abducted a Shepherd and the pregen PCs had to rescue her) at the games night at the local books/games shop. Everybody had a lot of fun and told me what a great game it was.

    17. David Grieve on August 24, 2017

      Got mine in the UK today (after being delivered to the neighbours - not due to any error on the senders part) safe and sound, everything looks great, printing quality is top notch and I can't wait to try it out.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tucker on August 24, 2017

      Got mine too. I shall look forward to pouring through it tonight. And I am indeed a "Good Dog"!

    19. Malkira
      on August 24, 2017

      Got mine today in the UK. Like the size and feel of the book. Cheers!

    20. Missing avatar

      Ozzy Beck on August 24, 2017

      Just got mine. Sent from a large German games distro with DHL so there were no customs charges.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ozzy Beck on August 22, 2017

      @Andrew Thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tucker on August 22, 2017

      UK backer here, nothing as yet. Dispatch has been confirmed but from past experience I know it takes a while.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ozzy Beck on August 21, 2017

      Have any backers in the UK received their package yet? Who delivers it? Royal Mail or some other service?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ozzy Beck on August 17, 2017

      @Michael Thanks! I'm sitting on hot coals here. Wish tracking was available.Hopefully it gets here before the 26th as I'm running a demo game at my local bookshop. Would be good to show off the physical product.

    25. Marius Bredsdorff on August 16, 2017

      @ozzy Thanks, that was very helpful. :-)

    26. Jargogle on August 15, 2017

      After the local posties trying to delivery my parcel for a week to a completely different address (apparently, their reading comprehension lead to them reading "Lane" as "Glade"...), Pugmire arrived safe and sound in NZ, with no damage bar a tiny ding on one corner of the GM screen. The cards are great, which beggars the question, why weren't they an add-on for Monarchies of Mau? It's a great aid having the Tricks and Spells as separate cards for reference.

    27. Asmeret Payne on August 14, 2017

      I got mine just fine. Thanks it looks great. Sorry your dog isn't listed.

    28. Pedro on August 11, 2017

      I have finally received my book. beautiful product, unfortunately, whoever handled the packaging/shipping/handling was very careless and is full of dents :(

    29. Michael Reynolds
      on August 10, 2017

      @Samara, my guy's is in it. That sucks yours isn't.

    30. Samara Roberts on August 10, 2017

      Did anyone else pay for a reward tier that got them listed as a 'Good Dog' only to find out that their name wasn't listed. A bit peeved.

    31. Michael Reynolds
      on August 9, 2017

      @Ozzy mine said shipped for a couple weeks before it actually went out so if you don't see it for a little bit don't panic.

    32. NullEntropy on August 9, 2017

      Received yesterday everything I have ordered in perfect condition and everything went well.


    33. Missing avatar

      Ozzy Beck on August 9, 2017

      @Marius I didn't get an email notice but my backerkit says it shipped on Saturday so I expect it'll get here (UK) sometime early next week. Check here: (For me it says under Pugmire "Your reward is shipped" and then on the Pugmire page on the right under Status when you hover over "Rewards are shipped" it should give you the date).

    34. Kylie Wells
      on August 9, 2017

      Received mine this afternoon (Perth, Western Australia). In great condition, with everything I pledged for including add-ons.

      I didn't get a tracking number, but backerkit had the tracking information.

    35. Michael Reynolds
      on August 8, 2017

      Tracking numbers were sent out for the packages mailed because I received one before my package did.

    36. Marius Bredsdorff on August 8, 2017

      Should we be getting shipping notices/tracking numbers for these? Because I've not received any and apparently books are going out.

    37. Michael Reynolds
      on August 7, 2017

      @James, good luck because there has been plenty of people needing help with questions or problems and they seem to just be ignored for whatever reason.

    38. James Schroeder on August 7, 2017

      I need to speak to someone about a clerical error that happened with my package delivery

    39. Michael Reynolds
      on August 5, 2017

      Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the creator hasn't been on since February to answer any questions or concerns or even see how we like the game? I've seen plenty of questions come by both from myself and others and we get no reply from someone involved with the game directly. This is a big game and some questions are perfectly natural but to be ignored is unprofessional.

    40. Dave Baker on August 2, 2017

      I got my package yesterday
      Everything is in great shape. I do have a small problem I was I. The hospital in real bad shape in February and missed the pdf e-mail. I was wondering if I can have the coupon thing sent again please? Either way can't wait to play.

    41. John Outré Reyman on August 2, 2017

      Received my Pugmire parcel the other day...just absolutely amazing! The book looks great, the dice are nice, love the pins, the GM Screen is quality, and the spell cards are top notch and will save many headaches during games! Thank you for going above and beyond in developing a fun RPG with all the trimmings!

    42. Micah Gin
      on August 2, 2017

      Received my package over the weekend and everything looks amazing! I can't wait to run a campaign with my daughter and her friends whem school starts up.

      My only note is that the back of the sample character sheet has some splotches on it where it looks like something spilled on it during the printing process. It's only cosmetic and doesn't make the sheet unusable, but just wanted to point it out.

    43. Jonathon Gallaher on August 1, 2017

      Got my package in the mail yesterday. Everything was in great condition. The numbers on the dice were work off in some areas, but thus far that's been the only fault I've found. Everything is very nice quality. I'm thankful my GM screen didn't get bent like I've seen others comment, because after seeing how it was packed, I can absolutely understand how it could happen. Overall, very happy with it. Well worth the wait.

    44. Robert Turk on August 1, 2017

      Got mine yesterday! Love the size of the book and everything looks great! Can't wait to get started on new adventures with my kids.

    45. Missing avatar

      Karhu on August 1, 2017

      I feel like, working in a library, I should own up to my own reading comprehension skills not being up to par yesterday. In my defence, I was sick, but let's not make excuses...I found the table where it explains the Proficiency bonus progression under "Advancement" and felt like a total idiot for somehow not seeing it sooner about 10 minutes after my first post yesterday.

    46. Tony A. Thompson
      on July 31, 2017

      Received my book and GM screen today in good condition.

    47. Andie Forslund on July 31, 2017

      I just received my book & cards today, and I'm very happy! When does the fiction anthology come out?

    48. A. C.
      on July 31, 2017

      I just got mine, but both the book and GM screen are dinged up in a spot, not sure if it was during or after packaging, as outer box looked fine. the inside of the book is a beauty though, and I love the actual size of the book, it feels good in hand.

    49. J.R. Riedel on July 31, 2017

      Received my book today and it looks great!

    50. Missing avatar

      Karhu on July 31, 2017

      Since it's been so quiet there, as of late, I did want to put out to anyone here still inhabiting the comments section that there is a Google+ community of us where you can post questions, artwork, etc, and chat with other players and perhaps try to plan games.

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