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Contribute to help us create a beautiful traditionally printed fantasy game book featuring cat monarchies - and get it into stores.
Contribute to help us create a beautiful traditionally printed fantasy game book featuring cat monarchies - and get it into stores.
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The Final Mau Update of 2018!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Excellent Cats!

Realms of Pugmire Update (December 2018) by Eddy Webb

We're getting close to the end of 2018. Just enough time for one more Realms of Pugmire update!

MAU IS MAKING LOTS OF FRIENDS Between you lovely Kickstarter backers and people pouncing on Mau's release, I've been hearing lots of great things! I could post all sorts of photos, tweets, Facebook messages, and the like from happy cats, but I'll leave you with one video that sums a lot of the excitement up

As always, if you have a question or concerns about your Kickstarter delivery, PLEASE contact our partners through Backerkit:

PIRATES ARE SETTING SAIL Meanwhile, we're deep in the first draft process of Pirates of Pugmire! It's still early days, so I don't have a lot to share, but one thing we're discussing and testing a lot is a system for making, sailing, and fighting ships! We're trying to find the right balance of fun, challenging, and ease of understanding that Pugmire and Mau are known for. But fear not, puppies and kittens, a Kickstarter is on the horizon. You'll be fighting kraken and throwing people overboard before you know it!

THE REALMS OF PUGMIRE AT MIDWINTER! The Midwinter Gaming Convention has been the spiritual home for the Realms of Pugmire for a number of years now. I'll be running a Fetch Quest tournament there -- if you participate, you'll get an EXCLUSIVE Midwinter pioneer card, and the winners get to play an ALL-NEW quest deck! There are still plenty of slots, so sign up today!

There are also lots of other Guides eager for good dogs and excellent cats to partake in new adventures!

PROJECT STATUS As we round out the year, here's one last status of all the Pugmire and Mau-related projects we can talk about!

First Draft
Pirates of Pugmire (Realms of Pugmire)

Second Draft
Tales of Good Dogs (Pugmire)

Adventures for Curious Cats (Monarchies of Mau)
Tales of Excellent Cats (Monarchies of Mau)

Roll of Good Dogs and Excellent Cats (Realms of Pugmire)

Fetch Quest


The Kickstarter for They Came From Beneath The Sea! is now live!

They Came From Beneath The Sea! is a new tabletop RPG from Onyx Path, encompassing the wonder, horror, thrills, and hilarity of 1950s science fiction. This game evokes all that is great in the B-movies of decades ago, and provides a dynamic, fun experience at the table.

The players, as humans, live in a world under increasing attack. The attackers? Aliens from beneath the sea, obviously!

Adventures can range from the one-shot defense of small coastal town, to the lengthier liberation of a cruise ship invested with gill-kin, all the way to a campaign in which characters seize an alien submarine and ride it all the way down to the sea bed to take the fight to the invaders.

Put down your malt shakes, turn on the jukebox, and prepare your harpoons! You don’t want to be caught unawares when it’s revealed that They Came From Beneath The Sea!

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      Doomedpaladin on

      Pugmire Pirates? Purloining puppy poisson per pussycat passions! Purrrfect!

      Is 'They Came From Beneath The Sea!' compatible with Mau/Pugmire?