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Contribute to help us create a beautiful traditionally printed fantasy game book featuring cat monarchies - and get it into stores.
Contribute to help us create a beautiful traditionally printed fantasy game book featuring cat monarchies - and get it into stores.
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September Mau Update!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Excellent Cats!

RichT here, with a brief reminder that next week, on Thursday October 4th, I am locking down the BackerKit site for both backer pledge and Add-on changes, and the Pre-Order part of the site. Nothing can be added to or changed with your reward after that.

Then, on October 18th, I'll be locking down and charging payments, and on November 1st, all addresses are locked and those files go to our fulfillment shipper and they can start the shipping process!

And now, Mr Eddy Webb with his monthly Realms of Pugmire news!

Realms of Pugmire Update (September 26, 2018) by Eddy Webb

Who's a good dog? Who's an excellent cat? You are! And as a treat, here are some updates from the Realms of Pugmire!


I spent the past month working on the outline for Pirates of Pugmire. If you missed it last time, Pirates of Pugmire is the next supplement for BOTH Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau! Pirates of Pugmire will feature a mini-chronicle of swashbuckling adventure. The book will also cover creating both dog and cat pirates, as well as other characters unaffiliated with either nation (such as lizards and birds). There will also be some rules and advice on exploration of the various lands over the Acid Sea.

Rich has been shooting me concept sketches, and we've had some great discussions of what could be in the book. I'll probably want to rewrite it one more time, just to be sure, and then it's off to find writers!

Pirates of Pugmire concept art
Pirates of Pugmire concept art


We're locking down BackerKit in preparation for shipping Monarchies of Mau. The lock down will start on OCTOBER 4TH, 2018. If you're a backer and you haven't checked out Mau Update #35, please stalk your way over there to read some very important information!

I'm excited about this. We estimated delivery in May 2019, and it looks like we're going to beat that by a wide margin. Books will be coming your way sooner than expected!


Do you like watching people play games? Saving Throw will be hosting a three-part mini-series of Pugmire called "Homeward Bound!" It premeries on Tuesday, October 9th at 6pm PST. The episodes will also be made available as reruns on Twitch, and hosted on YouTube soon after. But if you want to watch it live, come check out Saving Throw's Twitch page!

Vana, the Guide for the show, is a HUGE fan of Pugmire -- in our first conversation, she told me how she tried to get a Pugmire screen at the last TWO Gen Cons! And one of our earliest fans, Amy Vorpahl, will be playing in the game as well. This is going to be a fantastic adventure for good dogs, and showing Saving Throw that viewers are interested in Pugmire content is a great way to encourage them to make more!


After the project status updates, we have a special treat: an excerpt from "Listening In," a Monarchies of Mau short story by Aaron Rosenberg. So stick around after the updates!


Speaking of which, here's the status of all the Pugmire-related projects we can talk about, drawn directly from our meeting notes on Monday!

First Draft (The first phase of a project that is about the work being done by writers, not dev prep)

Tales of Excellent Cats (Monarchies of Mau)

Second Draft 

Tales of Good Dogs – Pugmire Fiction Anthology (Pugmire)


Adventures for Curious Cats (Monarchies of Mau)

Post-Editing Development 

Roll of Good Dogs and Excellent Cats (Pugmire/Monarchies of Mau)


Fetch Quest – Package design done

At Press

Monarchies of Mau – Printing.

Mau Dice and buttons – Printing.

Monarchies of Mau Screen – At Studio2


The word that made Dusktip’s ears prick up was “Trailblazer.”

That pivotal phrase had come from a pair of Korats brushing past her on Mau City’s busy streets—one of them tall and stocky, the other small and lean like Dusktip herself, but both grizzled and hardened and bearing the scars that proved their worth to their House.

The taller cat had been the one speaking, and she continued to do so as Dusktip pivoted on her heel and loped quickly after them, sliding into the pair’s shadow and slowing down to keep pace. As usual, she wore her hood far enough forward to shade her face and obscure her features, but far enough back so as not to be seen as skulking. That was the key, to walk that fine line between subtle and suspicious, crafty and conspicuous.

It was a walk Dusktip had learned to excel at.

“…don’t know why he does not stay at his safehouse, as is custom,” the tall one was saying, gesturing sharply back toward the city’s largest residential district. “Why insist upon taking shelter with us instead?”

“Maybe he doesn’t want his castellan to know he’s back,” the shorter one offered, his rushed words a sharp contrast to his slow, lazy gaze that had already raked across Dusktip once without even a second’s pause. “Maybe he’s in trouble, and that’s why he needs protection?”

The taller one considered this. “Could be,” she agreed finally. “I mean, clearly he’d be safest with us.” She chuckled, as did her companion, and their talk shifted to boasts of strength and putdowns of other Korat soldiers. Dusktip decreased her speed still further, and the pair slowly pulled ahead, their combined shadow sliding off her like warm blankets being tugged from a sleepy kit by irritable parents. Only once the crowd had all but swallowed the two soldiers did Dusktip turn and move away, instinctively twisting to slip between cats without being noticed.

She had a lot to think about…


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    1. John Ickes

      Cool, either way I will probably at least pick up a copy of "Pugmire."

    2. Richard Thomas 34-time creator

      @John Ickes That will depend on how smoothly the Mau ship out goes. We want backers to get their copies that way, before we set the books on sale. Thanks!

    3. John Ickes

      Will you have copies available at GameHole Con in Madison perhaps?

    4. Richard Thomas 34-time creator

      Go to your BackerKit page for the project and you can change your survey response. From the last Update before this one: To review your information or pledge status, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email or requesting your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page at You can also access your available DOWNLOADS from your BackerKit page, so you can check those.

    5. Benjamin D. Lord on

      This may seem foolish, but can you help me to remember how to change my address for you guys? I moved recently.