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Contribute to help us create a beautiful traditionally printed fantasy game book featuring cat monarchies - and get it into stores.
Contribute to help us create a beautiful traditionally printed fantasy game book featuring cat monarchies - and get it into stores.
1,970 backers pledged $118,534 to help bring this project to life.

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Some Post-shipping Followup Items for Mau

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Excellent Cats!

RichT here:

Reposting from the Comments section:

Folks- If you are missing any pins, or have other issues, please use the Contact button in my bio to let us know so we can help.

If you want the latest and final version of the PDF, you just need to re-download it from your DTRPG Library. If you never got the link to the PDF or any digital rewards, you can go here:

Some of you got lucky and received multiple shipments due to a shipping error - enjoy them! Give them to a friend who loves games or cats or both!


November Mau Update!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Excellent Cats!

Realms of Pugmire Update (November 2018)

It's the most wonderful time of the year… updating all your good dogs and excellent cats on what's going on in the Realms of Pugmire!


As many backers have reported, our shipping partners have started sending out your rewards. Also, the PDF and print-on-demand versions of Mau will go live on November 28th. If you pledged to get the Mau PDF, you should have gotten a coupon for DriveThruRPG months ago for the beta version. Just log back into your DriveThruRPG, and the updated PDF should be in your library! If you have a question or concerns, PLEASE contact our partners through Backerkit:


The beginning of November, we announced that we'd give a FREE copy of the Monarchies of Mau PDF to anyone who contributed to the Canis Minor community. So, if you've been on the fence, submit your Canis Minor project right meow!


Fetch Quest is at the printers, and it's looking purrfect. These aren't final, but here are a few shots of the printer's proof!

And the new art we commissioned for some of the cards looks fantastic as well!


But there's more stuff in the works, so here's the status of all the Pugmire-related projects we can talk about!

First Draft:
Pirates of Pugmire (Realms of Pugmire)

Second Draft:
Tales of Good Dogs (Pugmire)

Adventures for Curious Cats (Monarchies of Mau)
Tales of Excellent Cats (Monarchies of Mau)

Roll of Good Dogs and Excellent Cats (Realms of Pugmire)

At Press:
Fetch Quest

Monarchies of Mau



Chicago By Night, an updated edition of White Wolf’s classic city book, will be Onyx Path Publishing’s first supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Right now, backers have been provided with most of the approved text of the book, and we're getting some amazing and positive feedback on the writing!

We're down to the last 48 hours, so please join us and over 1600 other backers as we smash through the final Stretch Goals! Here's the link:

Later in December, we'll start the They Came From Beneath the Sea! Kickstarter. Come and check out a very new and different way to play the Storypath System!

Halloween 2018 Update and BackerKit Address Lock Warning!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Excellent Cats!

RichT here, with a brief reminder that tomorrow, on Thursday November 1st, I am locking down the BackerKit site completely. That means that all addresses must be accurate before Nov 1 as you will not be able to change them once they are locked down. Then, same day, we are sending all the shipping info to Studio2 and they will be shipping out your Monarchies of Mau rewards in November!

And now, Mr Eddy Webb with his monthly Realms of Pugmire news!

Realms of Pugmire Update (October 31, 2018) by Eddy Webb

Oh wow, it's been a month already? Guess it's time to update everyone on what's going on in the Realms of Pugmire!


It's off and running! I've hired my writers, and we had a great meeting to go over the outline and bounce ideas around. Everyone's bring so many good suggestions and positive energy to the book, and I'm really looking forward to how it turns out! It'll be a while before I have anything more to say on it, but I'll post an update if there's something cool to talk about!


October had the three-part series "Homeward Bound" by Saving Throw, and it was a blast! If you missed it, all three episodes are now on YouTube and conveniently linked on the official Pugmire website:


The Canis Minor community content program is going great, but we want to give everyone even more reasons to contribute! So, if you submit a Canis Minor project through the month of November, all projects that fall within the program's guidelines will receive a small gift from us! Keep an eye on the Onyx Path social media sites for more information!


After the project status updates, we have another fiction excerpt. This one is from "Arrows, Blood, and a Long Overdue Catnap," a Monarchies of Mau short story by Monica Valentinelli. So stick around after the updates!


Speaking of which, here's the status of all the Pugmire-related projects we can talk about!

First Draft
Tales of Excellent Cats (Monarchies of Mau)
Pirates of Pugmire (Realms of Pugmire)

Second Draft
Tales of Good Dogs – Pugmire Fiction Anthology (Pugmire)

Adventures for Curious Cats (Monarchies of Mau)

Roll of Good Dogs and Excellent Cats (Pugmire/Monarchies of Mau)

At Press
Fetch Quest

Monarchies of Mau


Zachary slumped against the side of the Sneakin’ Inn to wait for his next client in the alleyway. He’d have preferred to meet inside at midday instead of outside at sunset, but while the Sneakin’ Inn served award-winning mead, the noisy tavern was also a popular destination for opportunistic thieves and spies. Zach hated all that cloak-and-dagger stuff because he couldn’t sneak around or pick a pocket—even if he wanted to. No, Zach was good at two things, punching and napping, but only liked one of them. If Zach could afford it, the older orange tabby would spend his afternoons dreaming about his younger days, back when he was a lithe scrapper taking on those oh-so-proud members of House Rex. He didn’t have the fancy pedigree, House, or coin required to lay about in his hammock all day, however. What he did have was an intimidating reputation. His closest friends called him “Lord” on account of his sunny-yellow eyes, meaty paws—seven digits on each one!—and extra heft in his tailless, round bottom. When his massive fists landed a blow, most cats didn’t know what hit them and often exclaimed “Lord!” out of habit, no doubt hoping they wouldn’t slip into unconsciousness.

Thankfully, Zachary figured out a way his unique “talent” could earn him enough coin to keep his thatched roof from leaking. Being a guard-for-hire wasn’t enough to get him off a steady diet of dried cod and the occasional pinch of lakegrass, though, not for a poor tomcat like himself. Oh, what he wouldn’t offer to the Temple of the Nine for a freshly-cooked hen? Or a smoked duck! But, Zach wasn’t the wishful thinking type; he knew no amount of prayer could whip up an expensive feast. Coin was the only thing that mattered. He preferred to earn his coin legally, but sometimes he didn’t have the luxury of picking his clients. Hopefully, Zach still had a few lives left. If not? Well, he didn’t want to think about it. Nobody paid him to be a philosopher; his clients gave him coin to ensure their safety.

“Zach? Von...Shadow?” A cloaked figure stepped from behind a stack of empty barrels; the waning light of the sun behind them cast a long shadow as if to say: “Be careful, Zach. This cat’s not to be trusted.”

“Just Zachary,” the orangey tabby grunted at the hooded newcomer. Only prideful cats dared to add “von Shadow” to their name. He was a member of the Shadow Bloc, but he certainly wasn’t notable or high-ranking. “Before I hear what you’re offering, I have to know who referred you. Call it a precaution. How’d you get my name again?”

“F-f-f-f-f-friends...” Zachary couldn’t see the length or color of the cat’s fur underneath his oversized woolen brown cloak and large hood. A bad sign, he thought. If the client was anxious enough to hide their face, then either his client was “new” or they were in over their whiskers. “Just f-f-f-friends we share in common, my Lord,” the cat stressed.

“Which friends? Be specific.” Strange, the cat knew his nickname and the voice sounded familiar. If they did know him, why go to all this trouble to pretend like they didn’t? “You’re acting odd. What’s going on? Is this some kind of prank?”

The hooded cat shrank into the shadows but did not respond. Then, the stranger twitched his cloak over his muscled shoulder. Much to Zach’s surprise, the client was wearing plain, battle-ready armor. No House sigil? No obvious signs of his client’s identity—save for a few, white tufts?

“I’m done. This meeting is over.” Zachary stood up, dusted off his knee-length coverings, and started to turn the corner. His new “client” was clearly inexperienced and too skittish for his liking. Didn’t matter what the job paid; if his client was scared, that spelled life-threatening for him. No job was worth dying for. “You’re on your own, kid.”

“No, wait!” the cat shouted after him. “Lord Lardbottom! Don’t go!”

Zach stopped just outside the Sneakin’ Inn’s front door. There was only one cat who’d dare mock him by using that nickname: his best friend and sparring partner, Carlo von Korat.

“Carlo? Is that you?”

Shoooom! Shoomp!



Zach heard the tell-tale thud of arrow hitting their mark. Then: a loud crash, a soft cry—Arghhhh!—followed by “RAT!” cough “RAT!” Zach pivoted and bumbled back into the alleyway; Carlo’s slumped body was draped over a fallen barrel, his cloak splayed out behind him like a crow’s broken wing. Three long arrows had punctured his neck, leg, and back. Lumbering over to his black-and-white friend, Zach could tell Carlo was struggling to survive. His fangs were stained with blood, his tail was limp, and his fur twitched. For the first time in this life, Zach didn’t know what to do.


Chicago lies at the center of the web that is the American heartland. Tendrils of power, wealth, and reward stretch outward, ensnaring the selfish, greedy, and unwary.

Yet, Chicago attracts its predators, too.

There are creatures that would have the city for their own, spinning their own webs of malice and intrigue. But among the city’s towering skyscrapers and wind-swept streets, who is the spider and who is the fly?

Chicago By Night, an updated edition of White Wolf’s bestselling city book, will be Onyx Path Publishing’s first supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

In this hardcover supplement, you will find descriptions of most of the Kindred inhabitants of Chicago, complete with 5th Edition write ups; the secret history of Chicago with detailed maps and geographical details; relationship details and factions; and dozens of encounters organized by theme, which provide Storytellers a means to make the setting come alive for the players.

If you're interested in checking out the shadowy streets of Chicago, head on over and join us: Here's the link:


Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)


Our friends at the Saving Throw Show are running a three-episode mini-series playing Pugmire called "Homeward Bound"!

It features Havana Mahoney as the Guide, Kelly Nugent as Pumpkin, Amy Vorpah as Twilly, Omar Najam as Safia, and Meghan Caves as Reynolds.

This is our first direct partnership with a group providing high-quality tabletop content featuring Onyx Path and Pugsteady games, and we're very excited about it! Coming to watch the live streams helps let the Saving Throw Show folks know that this is something you want. And who knows -- maybe we can work out more shows down the line.

The second episode is LIVE today (Tuesday) at 6pm PST/9pm EST, running on Twitch at

And if you want to catch up on the first episode, it's now available on YouTube!

Come check it out!


In two days, Thursday the 18th, I'll be charging any remaining payments. This particularly applies to pre-orders who didn't go through the Kickstarter payment process. After that, no more new charges will be possible and the pre-order page will be turned off.

Two weeks after that, on November 1, I'll be locking shipping addresses and turning over the shipping info to our fulfillment shipper. If you need to change your shipping address, you MUST change it before Nov 1.


September Mau Update!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Excellent Cats!

RichT here, with a brief reminder that next week, on Thursday October 4th, I am locking down the BackerKit site for both backer pledge and Add-on changes, and the Pre-Order part of the site. Nothing can be added to or changed with your reward after that.

Then, on October 18th, I'll be locking down and charging payments, and on November 1st, all addresses are locked and those files go to our fulfillment shipper and they can start the shipping process!

And now, Mr Eddy Webb with his monthly Realms of Pugmire news!

Realms of Pugmire Update (September 26, 2018) by Eddy Webb

Who's a good dog? Who's an excellent cat? You are! And as a treat, here are some updates from the Realms of Pugmire!


I spent the past month working on the outline for Pirates of Pugmire. If you missed it last time, Pirates of Pugmire is the next supplement for BOTH Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau! Pirates of Pugmire will feature a mini-chronicle of swashbuckling adventure. The book will also cover creating both dog and cat pirates, as well as other characters unaffiliated with either nation (such as lizards and birds). There will also be some rules and advice on exploration of the various lands over the Acid Sea.

Rich has been shooting me concept sketches, and we've had some great discussions of what could be in the book. I'll probably want to rewrite it one more time, just to be sure, and then it's off to find writers!

Pirates of Pugmire concept art
Pirates of Pugmire concept art


We're locking down BackerKit in preparation for shipping Monarchies of Mau. The lock down will start on OCTOBER 4TH, 2018. If you're a backer and you haven't checked out Mau Update #35, please stalk your way over there to read some very important information!

I'm excited about this. We estimated delivery in May 2019, and it looks like we're going to beat that by a wide margin. Books will be coming your way sooner than expected!


Do you like watching people play games? Saving Throw will be hosting a three-part mini-series of Pugmire called "Homeward Bound!" It premeries on Tuesday, October 9th at 6pm PST. The episodes will also be made available as reruns on Twitch, and hosted on YouTube soon after. But if you want to watch it live, come check out Saving Throw's Twitch page!

Vana, the Guide for the show, is a HUGE fan of Pugmire -- in our first conversation, she told me how she tried to get a Pugmire screen at the last TWO Gen Cons! And one of our earliest fans, Amy Vorpahl, will be playing in the game as well. This is going to be a fantastic adventure for good dogs, and showing Saving Throw that viewers are interested in Pugmire content is a great way to encourage them to make more!


After the project status updates, we have a special treat: an excerpt from "Listening In," a Monarchies of Mau short story by Aaron Rosenberg. So stick around after the updates!


Speaking of which, here's the status of all the Pugmire-related projects we can talk about, drawn directly from our meeting notes on Monday!

First Draft (The first phase of a project that is about the work being done by writers, not dev prep)

Tales of Excellent Cats (Monarchies of Mau)

Second Draft 

Tales of Good Dogs – Pugmire Fiction Anthology (Pugmire)


Adventures for Curious Cats (Monarchies of Mau)

Post-Editing Development 

Roll of Good Dogs and Excellent Cats (Pugmire/Monarchies of Mau)


Fetch Quest – Package design done

At Press

Monarchies of Mau – Printing.

Mau Dice and buttons – Printing.

Monarchies of Mau Screen – At Studio2


The word that made Dusktip’s ears prick up was “Trailblazer.”

That pivotal phrase had come from a pair of Korats brushing past her on Mau City’s busy streets—one of them tall and stocky, the other small and lean like Dusktip herself, but both grizzled and hardened and bearing the scars that proved their worth to their House.

The taller cat had been the one speaking, and she continued to do so as Dusktip pivoted on her heel and loped quickly after them, sliding into the pair’s shadow and slowing down to keep pace. As usual, she wore her hood far enough forward to shade her face and obscure her features, but far enough back so as not to be seen as skulking. That was the key, to walk that fine line between subtle and suspicious, crafty and conspicuous.

It was a walk Dusktip had learned to excel at.

“…don’t know why he does not stay at his safehouse, as is custom,” the tall one was saying, gesturing sharply back toward the city’s largest residential district. “Why insist upon taking shelter with us instead?”

“Maybe he doesn’t want his castellan to know he’s back,” the shorter one offered, his rushed words a sharp contrast to his slow, lazy gaze that had already raked across Dusktip once without even a second’s pause. “Maybe he’s in trouble, and that’s why he needs protection?”

The taller one considered this. “Could be,” she agreed finally. “I mean, clearly he’d be safest with us.” She chuckled, as did her companion, and their talk shifted to boasts of strength and putdowns of other Korat soldiers. Dusktip decreased her speed still further, and the pair slowly pulled ahead, their combined shadow sliding off her like warm blankets being tugged from a sleepy kit by irritable parents. Only once the crowd had all but swallowed the two soldiers did Dusktip turn and move away, instinctively twisting to slip between cats without being noticed.

She had a lot to think about…