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The kickstarter has concluded, but you can now "pre-order" a copy!
The kickstarter has concluded, but you can now "pre-order" a copy!
736 backers pledged $39,608 to help bring this project to life.

We Did It! Dystopia Rising: Evolution will rise & evolve!

Posted by James Bell (Collaborator)

Hello Dystopians!

We did it! We funded a new tabletop game - Dystopia Rising: Evolution

And we unlocked a whole bunch of Stretch Goals! Including adding the Fiction Anthology to all backers getting the DR:E PDF! That JUST HAPPENED TODAY!

This is a game about building communities after the Fall, and there's a parallel to what we've done here, coming together to fund this project and expand it's scope and add opportunity! Really great job, everyone!


So, thank you to all the backers who supported us and made this happen. And a personal thanks to everyone who participated online, either in the comments section of the kickstarter or on social media around the web. If you look at the comments, you'll see that, while it was sometimes quiet, the passion of the DR:E fan-base and fans of the developing Storypath system were certainly locked in. Beyond that, this is a game that's going to grow over the next years by word-of-mouth and through gaming groups - I think we're just seeing the start of something big!

I've also enjoyed tweaking my avatar to reflect my true zombie nature! One last use:

It's Zombie James, your point person for this Kickstarter campaign.
It's Zombie James, your point person for this Kickstarter campaign.


So, as noted, I'll be sending out updates once a month and whenever we've got a new goal, survey, or other item to cover. If you have any questions or need clarification on something related to the kickstarter, you can leave it in the comment section - I will be notified with every addition. Or, you can find the Contact Creator button and Rich will forward your message to me.

For rules stuff and questions about the game itself, it's probably best to post to the Onyx Path Discussion Group here <> or the Many Worlds of Onyx Path forum here <>

So, thanks to everyone for helping build this community around a game that can be about building communities! Like the characters we'll be creating for DR:E - we've SURVIVED another kickstarter! 

So, zombie high fives all around... and now I get to go pass out in exhaustion for a couple of days and maybe replace my refresh button on my keyboard (it's got quite a workout today!!)


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