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The kickstarter has concluded, but you can now "pre-order" a copy!
The kickstarter has concluded, but you can now "pre-order" a copy!
736 backers pledged $39,608 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by James Bell (Collaborator)

Hello Dystopians,

We're in the final hours of this campaign, and about $500 away from another Stretch Goal! Let's push! We've had a ton of new backers join us in the past few days, and I'm guessing we'll see a bunch more jump on before the end! So, welcome new backers!  

For those new to the campaign, or those who need a refresher, a tour of the basics:


Please ensure you've selected the Reward Tier that best represents your desired rewards for this project. An update breaking down all of the Reward Tier decisions is HERE <link>, summarized by this chart:

Click to see a larger version of this chart
Click to see a larger version of this chart

Once you're sure you've selected the correct Reward Tier, double-check to see if there are any rewards that you want to include via ADD-ON, as described in the update HERE <link>.

Your REWARD TIER determines what your base rewards are - you must select a Reward Tier to receive those rewards. Again, your reward list is based on your Reward Tier, not your total pledge amount.  

Your PLEDGE TOTAL is the sum of your REWARD TIER + SHIPPING + ADD-ONs.

Shipping is calculated automatically by Kickstarter, based on your location. Add On rewards will be selected in the post-campaign pledge manager sent out once payment processing is complete.

SO: Ensure that you've selected the Reward Tier you want, and included funding for any Add Ons you wish to include. AND - make sure that you are comfortable with the Pledge Total amount, in terms of it covering everything you want and its' affordability.


Once you're comfortable with your pledge, please ensure that the payment and contact information in your kickstarter account is up to date and correct. Making sure your e-mail is entered correctly and your credit card isn't expired will speed up the next step process. (I have learned from experience!)



First, we celebrate. Kickstarter will send out a "Hooray!" email confirming the campaign ended with final totals. We'll give zombie high fives in the comments section.

Then, the Kickstarter payment process begins. Over the next week, kickstarter will begin charging your payment methods for the total amount you've pledged.  

If there is an issue with your payment method (expired credit card or incorrect number or pre-paid Visa awaiting funds, for example), Kickstarter will keep trying to process payment during this time.  

Once this step is done, which will likely be early October, Kickstarter will confirm everything with Onyx Path and transfer the funds over to them (less the Kickstarter fees, of course!).  

Once the payment is confirmed, I can begin to set up the project with BackerKit and link it to the Kickstarter data.

Backerkit is a robust fulfillment and pledge management program that will allow us to work with all of the data and distribute the rewards to you. It will take me around a week to set the project up. Once I've got it all entered and built, the team from BackerKit will review to ensure I didn't mess anything up too badly, and then I'll make any changes they've suggested and we can move on to the Survey stage.


Once BackerKit says I'm good to go, I will send out a survey to all backers. This is why confirming your e-mail is important! The survey will list the reward tier you've chosen, confirm all of the rewards associated with that reward tier, and confirm your total pledge amount.

I expect Surveys to go out 3-4 weeks into October. If you opted to include any Add-On rewards to your pledge, this is the point where you will select them. BackerKit will deduct the cost of your reward tier (+shipping) from your total pledge and show you how much you have to allocate for add-on purchases. You simply select the ones you want and proceed. From that point forward, those add-ons will be included in your list of rewards.

During the Survey period, you can also also choose to increase your reward tier. If you've managed to get a winning lottery ticket and decide it's time to trade up to get two copies of the book or include another add-on, you can do so at this time. Note, you will not be able to reduce your reward tier selection, only increase.  

If there was an issue with payment to Kickstarter, you should also be able to address that at this point.  

The survey will ask you to confirm your shipping address, even though it'll be some time before we ship out the final product. Do not worry about moving before shipping begins - you will be able to update BackerKit right up until the point that we begin fulfilling the final book. We will send out a notice prior to lock down so you can update any information.


This is a long process, but I will send out regular updates (usually at the end of the month) to keep you up to speed on our progress. There will be strings of updates that are just "still working on it," but I will share new artwork or information when I can. 

Eventually, we will have a completed PDF of the Dystopia Rising: Evolution core rules. We'll take some time to distribute, review, and compile any errata or corrections that need to be made. When we've made any necessary changes, we'll send out updated copy of the PDFs and then begin creating print-ready files for the hardcover version.

It's a long road ahead, but one that we wouldn't be on if not for your support.


At $39,000 in funding - FICTION ANTHOLOGY – A PDF version of the forthcoming Dystopia Rising: Evolution fiction anthology will be added to the rewards list for all backers receiving the Dystopia Rising: Evolution PDF.

At $40,000 in funding - ASK ME ANYTHING – Representatives from Dystopia Rising and Onyx Path will host a video AMA (Ask Me Anything) and attempt to answer your burning Dystopia Rising questions!

At $42,000 in funding - THREAT GUIDE DELTA - A third section will be added to the Dystopia Rising: Evolution THREAT GUIDE, a first-person guide to the threats of the world (including game mechanics).



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