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Create a deluxe version of Exalted 3rd's Dragon-Blooded fantasy gaming sourcebook.
This Kickstarter is over, but you can still "pre-order" at BeckerKit with the link below:
This Kickstarter is over, but you can still "pre-order" at BeckerKit with the link below:
2,321 backers pledged $331,392 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. chris 4 days ago

      PS: I hope my criticisms are understood as they are meant: not as a complaint about the overall product, but as the thinking-out-loud of a true fan who loves the books, and feels they could've been... More. I have zero complaints about the writing.

    2. chris 4 days ago

      @Ekorren: I dunno man, Gunship Revolution Studios screwed up immensely with the art in Arms of the Chosen, which barely even registered as professional art to me, while Melissa Uran doesn't really meet my tastes as well, at least she's clearly recognizable as a professional.
      I buy the books for the words, not the pictures, so no worries, Devs ( ;) ) - but IMHO the best overall art quality so far in 3E was in Miracles of the Solar Exalted, which Hive Studios provided, and most of the art in the Hundred Devi's Night Parade, and Adversaries of the Righteous, both of which feature a lot of Melissa Uran Art.

      So while I echo your sentiment of wanting less Anime-style art, I have to say that had I been the art director of Arms of the Chosen, I would've had an anger-induced meltdown.

      I know I keep harping on about the art of Arms, and half of the Core, but it really is a huge concern to me. I wish the quality was higher. Lots of RPGs manage to get by without obviously messed up faces and perspectives, or anatomy.

    3. James Bell Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Jetstream: it’s probably buried in the million comments somewhere, but the Devs initially wanted to offer the books that were the least contradictory for the 3rd Edition DB direction. We had talked about possibly including that book and a few others as Stretch Goals, but we didn’t quite get there.

    4. Jetstream
      5 days ago


      Y'know, I didn't notice until just now. Is there any particular reason Manual of Exalted Power: Dragon-Blooded wasn't included in "Records of the Before?"

    5. Ekorren 6 days ago

      Just a follow up: I regret using the phrase "poorly drawn fan art." It was much harsher than deserved and I apologize to her for saying so. Uran is a talented artist for sure. Much better than I am. I'm just not a personal fan of that particular art style and enjoy the Gunship art because they have given a new feel to the books.

    6. Ekorren 7 days ago

      I'm personally a big fan of the Gunship Revolution art. I like their art style much more than the manga-esque Melissa Uran art. I know that everyone's taste is different, and I will probably get a lot of flack for this because of how well-liked she is, but I just don't like the art style and I personally think that the signature character drawings in DB look like poorly drawn fan art. If Gunship did all of the art, including the signature characters, I would be ecstatic.

    7. James Bell Collaborator on June 11

      @Mark Hill: update - this week. :)

    8. Robert Vance on June 8

      @Chris: That is incredibly high praise. Thank you so much! We hope to keep on delivering that same level of quality.

    9. James Bell Collaborator on June 6

      @Mark Hill: working on that now. Hope to have it be the next reward delivered. A few moving pieces to be lined up, but hopefully not too much longer.

    10. Mark Hill on June 6

      @James Bell - When will backers be getting the Records of the Before PDF bundle?

    11. chris on June 6

      I have to echo what Jim Groves said below.
      I was going to back for PDFs only because I missed the Core kickstarter, and ended up backing Archmandrite with a cloth Creation map tagged onto it, because once you have physical books, you kind of want other tangible stuff, too.

      This was a well-done kickstarter, and What Fire Has Wrought is probably the best-written Exalted offering I've witnessed since Games of Divinity and Scavenger Sons times. Funnily, I am also tempted to count Arms of the Chosen among the best Exalted books ever, even if I didn't like the artwork in that one.
      The current staff of writers and devs is outstanding work. I already loved the Core, but Arms and WFHW really kicked it up three notches.

    12. Charles Ulveling
      on June 4

      Join the cast of #thedeliberativepodcast as we discuss stunts, custom martial arts, and our first Dragon-Blood character! All this and more in episode 6!

    13. Missing avatar

      Chazz Kellner on May 30

      I’ve finished my cover to cover read of WFHW and I think it’s the best Exalted book yet! (I have all of first and second edition on my shelves.) I can’t wait to get the DB chapter of my ongoing campaign underway

    14. Missing avatar

      Annei Lyranae on May 29

      Oh this Kickstarter was very well done. They managed to wring far more out of my purse then I thought I’d spend and happily so.

    15. Charles Ulveling
      on May 28

      I also backed at the Archamandrite level when I didn’t even plan on backing at all. I got just the pdf last time around, but then regretted not getting the physical book. This was a super smart KS project. Kudos!

    16. Laniston
      on May 28

      I too was happy for the Archimandrite level. I completely missed the first kickstarter but I did buy a print on demand copy of Exalted 3rd later. Now I will have 2 copies and that makes playing the game easier, plus a nice collector's item to go with my deluxe dragon-blooded. Honestly I was so disappointed to find out too late about the first campaign. (I don't follow kickstarters too often or anticipate them.) This timing too was great as I had the disposable income to participate here.

    17. James Bell Collaborator on May 28

      Yeah, shout out to the developers for doing an amazing job rebuilding the the Exalted brand with a lot of strong outreach and transparency over the past year. And thanks to the Onyx Path crew for - same as Jim - “allowing” me to spend more money. Lol, my Exalted shelf is going from zero to hero with this one Kickstarter.

      And super-thanks to the community that came out for this project. YOU make my job easy and rewarding, so I’ll happily take credit for stuff, but mostly I’m just along having fun with everyone!

      Also - thanks to the crew that keeps coming out for these. It’s great to see familiar names and make friends!

    18. Corey Reynolds on May 28

      Amen, Jim! I said almost exactly the same things!

    19. Jim Groves on May 28

      I recently completed my survey and I left some comments, and I wanted to share them publicly.

      First, I think James Bell is one of the smartest decisions OP has made regarding Kickstarters. His patience, goodwill, and accessibility made this campaign relatively drama free. Considering the history, that’s both commendable and an achievement. This comment is not meant to detract from Dixie, Robert, Eric, or Ian. I feel James freed them up to do their own unique community interactions, which are also vital and appreciated.

      Secondly, I wanted to praise the Powers That Be for being responsive to what backers wanted. Stretch goals, but also smart offerings. I wasn’t going to get a deluxe version of the book, because I didn’t get a deluxe version of the Core. With the Archimandrite level I got what I needed to make that decision. OP moved some inventory and I felt like I didn’t miss out on a collectible line of books. That’s “win-win” thinking. Likewise, I liked the cloth map of the Blessed Isle, but I was not going to get it. When the company went out of their way to make the original available, I got both instead of none. Again, “win-win” thinking. So, all told I spent like 480 dollars on this campaign instead of maybe $40 at DriveThru, all because OP was willing to figure out solutions instead of saying, “sorry.” I thought you should know.

    20. James Bell Collaborator on May 26

      @Maurice - yeah, mobile is tricky (I was responding on mobile, so couldn't get the address to share it!!) :)

      Back at my PC now, so let me share this:

      Not sure if that'll work on mobile or not, but at least it's a step.

    21. Maurice Oakes on May 25

      Not seeing the link for the preorder but I am on the mobile app. I’ll check in when I get home later. Thank ya for the help James!

    22. James Bell Collaborator on May 25

      Quick note - backers of the $5 tier and up will have their names listed in the book under various Kickstarter backer levels. I'll default to how your name appears on your Kickstarter account, but if you'd like it to be different, I've added a new field in the pledge manager survey that allows you to indicate that. Sorry, missed the first time through.

      So, if you want something different, please re-open your survey and enter the info in the appropriate question. If you're fine as is, we're all good, no further action necessary.

    23. James Bell Collaborator on May 24

      @Maurice Oakes: with the pledge manager, you can add on additional copies of the deluxe hardcover, as well as adding the maps to your order, but you must be at a reward tier that already includes the deluxe hardcover. You can upgrade your reward tier as well, if needed.

      If you do not want to upgrade to a reward tier that includes a copy of the deluxe hardcover, rather than adding them on, it becomes a pre-order. Similar idea, just not tied to a reward already planned to ship to you. The link for the pre-order page is on the main Kickstarter page.

      It may kinda make sense. If there’s another configuration you’re looking to build, let me know and I can see what can be rearranged.

    24. Maurice Oakes on May 24

      I thought in backers kit we could add-on a copy of the book in deluxe hard cover and the cloth maps?

    25. James Bell Collaborator on May 22

      BackerKit Surveys will start to go out over the next few days. If there are no issues, everyone should see an e-mail by Friday.

      Note to my fellow Exalted 3rd Deluxe Hardcover backers (Archimandrites represent!) - Onyx Path investigated several paths for possibly shipping out the Ex3 Deluxe on its own, apart from the DB:WFHW deluxe book, but they just couldn't make it economically feasible. I was hoping to manage a solution, and maybe offer "Advanced Shipping" as an Add On in the pledge manager, but it wasn't about the cost of shipping so much as overall project with the 3PL that OP will be using to ship out the entire project. Aside from just shipping costs, running the project has costs of their own, and breaking the project into two jobs adds in a lot of extra work and a brand new project. To make it work, OP would have either had to charge extremely high per-item shipping for that one book for only those who'd want it early, and it became too expensive and too hard to predict.

      So, we're playing it safer and more cost-effective. The job now will be to get the project done as quickly as possible (while ensuring production standards!) so that BOTH deluxe books can arrive to you in a timely manner.

    26. James Bell Collaborator on May 11

      @Connor Whyte: it’s gonna be a bit still. I’ve just started to set up the BackerKit pledge manager and hope to have it launched in maybe a week. And will then need 3-4 weeks to collect responses and confirmations before anything goes out.

    27. Connor Whyte on May 11

      Just wondering is there any idea of when the Tales from the Past will be sent out?

    28. James Bell Collaborator on May 7

      @GenericMaleNPC01 - unfortunately, I won't be able to provide more info than the FAQ. The focus will be on the What Fire Has Wrought PDF, and once that's done, work will begin on the other rewards. My guess - only a guess - is that The Realm will follow (since it's already written), with Heirs to the Shogunate taking the longest. I'll pass along info as I get it, but the best place to track the progress on these is probably on the Monday Meeting Notes blog posts on the Onyx Path website -

      Rich has a development track that he updates each week.

    29. GenericMaleNPC01 on May 7

      This may or may not have been answered before but any general idea on when we can expect the realm and heirs to the shogunate pdfs?

    30. James Bell Collaborator on May 6

      @Corey Reynolds: still workin’ on putting BackerKit together, no answer yet. Will keep trying to get that sorted.

    31. Corey Reynolds on May 5

      @James - Are we Archimandrites going to be able to pay a little extra for shipping to get the core book earlier?

    32. James Bell Collaborator on May 4

      @Stephanie Swan: anyone built a fan version yet? Usually, it’s one of the last components added to the pdf, so don’t know if we’ll have an official one for a while...

    33. Stephanie Swan on May 4

      I just realized; there DB character sheets yet? Last my husband checked no, but I dunno, figured I'd ask.

    34. Corey Reynolds on May 2

      @Ekorren - The way I see it is that I can always make more kids. I just have the one wife. ;-) And in all seriousness, by choosing to marry my wife when I did, it literally defined the rest of my life.

    35. Charles Ulveling
      on May 1

      @Ekorren: LOL! I know what you mean. But as they say: Happy wife, happy life.

    36. Ekorren on May 1

      Podcast dudes: Your children should be Defining. Your spouses always come second to your children.

    37. Missing avatar

      Chazz Kellner on May 1

      @James The Monday meeting notes show the DB book in layout and we saw plenty of examples of that during the campaign. I know layout can take a while, but do you have an estimate about how far through the process it is?

      Also, I'm talking to my players tonight about wrapping up the current story arc of our Solar game (another 3-5 sessions) so we can play DB for a while in and adjacent part of creation. I'm excited to be able to put the book to use already!

    38. Charles Ulveling
      on April 30

      @John: We are still working to get the website up it would allow more direct community involvement. Will make sure to post it here and mention it on the podcast as soon as that happens. Stay tuned!

    39. John Jerdet on April 30

      @Corey and @Charles thank you both and if I remember right wasn't there talk about a discord?

    40. Corey Reynolds on April 30

      @Jon - You can find it on iTunes or Stitcher (search for “The Deliberative”), or go to

    41. James Bell Collaborator on April 30

      @Andrew Hows: when we send out the backer PDF, we’ll create a thread on the Onyx Path forums to collect these types of notes. Most of this stuff will likely be caught when proofing the layout, and hopefully the rest when we all get our backer PDFs.

    42. John Jerdet on April 30

      Can I get a link to the pod cast plz

    43. Andrew Hows on April 29

      Auspicious First Meeting Attitude suffers the same problem with hyphenation on its "Friend-to-All Nations Attitude" prereq.

    44. Andrew Hows on April 29

      Is there a place we should leave editing feedback on the posted manuscripts?

      Like, Sagacious Elder's Instructions lists a non-existent charm (Breath of Inspiration) as a pre-req. Also Heart-of-Battle Advance lists Threshold-Warding Stance (hyphenated) as a pre-req, where the actual charm is not hyphenated.

    45. Charles Ulveling
      on April 29

      Hey all! The newest episode of The Deliberative podcast is up for your listening pleasure! Let us know what you think at

    46. Josh Raveling on April 29

      @corey Green Jade Seven Layer Bean Salad Burrito, clearly an invention of the first age. But I’d still say it was N/A.

    47. Charles Ulveling
      on April 28

      And with one sentence, Corey ruined one of the custom artifacts... Hahaha!

    48. Kenneth McComber on April 27

      Okay my fellow Kickstarters Netflix just released something you might all want to check out “the new adventures of the monkey king” it’s good

    49. Missing avatar

      Seth Landry on April 27

      That’s it! The Empresses long sought after bean salad recipe! I didn’t know I needed it until this moment!

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