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Create a deluxe version of Exalted 3rd's Dragon-Blooded fantasy gaming sourcebook.
This Kickstarter is over, but you can still "pre-order" at BackerKit with the link below:
This Kickstarter is over, but you can still "pre-order" at BackerKit with the link below:
2,321 backers pledged $331,392 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James Bell Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Mads Madsen - "The Realm" as a PDF was available as an add-on for this project; it won't have it's own kickstarter. I assume it will be available through the usual channels once it's released - much like Arms of the Chosen, through drivethrurpg as PDF or PoD.

    2. Missing avatar

      mads madsen 1 day ago

      Hi, i am a bit confused about 'The Realm' it seems to be a addon option for this, but i have not seen a kickstarter for it, nor do i see a solid book addon option for it (i think) so i was wondering, what are the options of getting The Realm outside this kickstarter, and are there any schedule for it? It is probably the book in 3rd ED i look forward to the most.

    3. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Morgan Hillan: the manuscript previews were a reward for Kickstarter backers and available through a link in an update that Kickstarter has locked for non-backers. Unfortunately, if you can’t read that update, you won’t be able to get the previews.

      Hopefully we’ll have a backer pdf before too long, and we’ll all get an awesome version of the rules with art and some corrections!

    4. Missing avatar

      Morgan Hillan on

      @James Bell, do people who pre-order through backerkit get access to the manuscript previews?

    5. Ekorren on

      Nevermind, was told that Vance had allowed it. Now I'm getting super excited.

    6. GenericMaleNPC01 on

      @Charles Ulveling: BY THE GODS!!! My faith in humanity is restored!

    7. Ekorren on

      Isn't that under NDA?

    8. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Charles Ulveling: wow, that’s awesome!

    9. Charles Ulveling

      This week on The Deliberative Podcast, our hosts discuss the Lunar playtest document! Hundreds of charms, more shape-shifting goodness than you can shake a stick at. You’re not going to want to miss this one! #lunars #exalted3

      All this and more on the next episode, available tomorrow at!

    10. Corey Reynolds on

      Oh holy crap, you guys are so funny!

    11. Charles Ulveling

      You both know us so well!

    12. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Ekorren: lol, yes! That would absolutely be their first question!

    13. Ekorren on

      Nah, their first question will be: "Can you give us your Armors of the Immaculate Dragons."

    14. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Ekorren: that’ll be their first question on the podcast:

      “so, where ya been?”

    15. Ekorren on

      @James Bell
      They found her?!

    16. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Charles Ulveling: Scarlet Empress! Podcast exclusive!

    17. Charles Ulveling

      Thanks for the kind words, Ekorren! We are having a blast doing the podcast. Stay tuned for a very special guest in a few episodes!

    18. Ekorren on

      I've been enjoying the Deliberative as well. The last episode about the Forest Witches was fun. I'm excited about them as well.

    19. GenericMaleNPC01 on

      @Corey Reynolds - I certainly hope so, Lunar's are my favorite exalt type and i am exceedingly eager to get my grubby little mitts on the book! Ah... woe is me being stuck playing a dragon-blooded when all i wanna do is turn into Fenrir and eat a dragon-blooded....

    20. Corey Reynolds on

      @Peter Lee - I know! I hope that means we’re cruising toward it at a good pace!

    21. Peter Lee on

      Nice, Lunars book moved up to Redlines stage of development per yesterday's Monday Meeting.

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Tree

      @James Bell, no worries. I did a search for a post like that before asking, but there are a lot of comments to go through!

    23. Charles Ulveling

      @GenericmaleNPC01: We are so happy you’re enjoying the show so far! We’d love to hear from you! You can send us either a voice recording or an email and get yourself on a future episode. Also, we would appreciate it if you would leave us a review on iTunes or your podcast platform of choice, and then share us with your friends!

    24. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Michael Tree: unfortunately, we couldn’t make it work. There’s a comment where I outlined some of the issues somewhere, but essentially, it ended up being so expensive to break the overall job in two that Onyx Path just couldn’t make it work financially.

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Tree

      During the campaign there was some talk of Archimandrite backers being given the option to pay extra shipping in Backerkit to get their Exalted 3e deluxe book early. Did that turn out to not be possible?

    26. GenericMaleNPC01 on

      @Corey - I don't know about anyone else, but i eagerly await every episode of The Deliberative. Keep up the stellar work!

    27. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Corey - it's amazing how much I can talk without saying anything!

    28. Corey Reynolds on

      The newest episode of The Deliberative Podcast features none other than our favorite King of Kickstarters - James Bell! We want to thank James for spending some time with us on the show. We had a blast! I hope everyone else has as much fun listening to it!

    29. GenericMaleNPC01 on

      Nice! Thank's a bunch for leading me to it.
      Much appreciated.

    30. chris on

      MrGone did a DB sheet already - Link:
      Or visit his page ( ) and find it under the "Exalted" subsection.

    31. GenericMaleNPC01 on

      Anyone have an idea when we will be getting a DB character sheet? I'm gearing up for my Dragon-blooded campaign. Or at least where i can find one?

    32. James Bell Collaborator on

      @KaneMotri: I’m hoping to have that as the next reward delivered. Hopefully in the next few weeks.

    33. KaneMotri on


      How soon do you think we'll be able to download the core book PDF?

    34. chris on

      PS: I hope my criticisms are understood as they are meant: not as a complaint about the overall product, but as the thinking-out-loud of a true fan who loves the books, and feels they could've been... More. I have zero complaints about the writing.

    35. chris on

      @Ekorren: I dunno man, Gunship Revolution Studios screwed up immensely with the art in Arms of the Chosen, which barely even registered as professional art to me, while Melissa Uran doesn't really meet my tastes as well, at least she's clearly recognizable as a professional.
      I buy the books for the words, not the pictures, so no worries, Devs ( ;) ) - but IMHO the best overall art quality so far in 3E was in Miracles of the Solar Exalted, which Hive Studios provided, and most of the art in the Hundred Devi's Night Parade, and Adversaries of the Righteous, both of which feature a lot of Melissa Uran Art.

      So while I echo your sentiment of wanting less Anime-style art, I have to say that had I been the art director of Arms of the Chosen, I would've had an anger-induced meltdown.

      I know I keep harping on about the art of Arms, and half of the Core, but it really is a huge concern to me. I wish the quality was higher. Lots of RPGs manage to get by without obviously messed up faces and perspectives, or anatomy.

    36. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Jetstream: it’s probably buried in the million comments somewhere, but the Devs initially wanted to offer the books that were the least contradictory for the 3rd Edition DB direction. We had talked about possibly including that book and a few others as Stretch Goals, but we didn’t quite get there.

    37. Jetstream


      Y'know, I didn't notice until just now. Is there any particular reason Manual of Exalted Power: Dragon-Blooded wasn't included in "Records of the Before?"

    38. Ekorren on

      Just a follow up: I regret using the phrase "poorly drawn fan art." It was much harsher than deserved and I apologize to her for saying so. Uran is a talented artist for sure. Much better than I am. I'm just not a personal fan of that particular art style and enjoy the Gunship art because they have given a new feel to the books.

    39. Ekorren on

      I'm personally a big fan of the Gunship Revolution art. I like their art style much more than the manga-esque Melissa Uran art. I know that everyone's taste is different, and I will probably get a lot of flack for this because of how well-liked she is, but I just don't like the art style and I personally think that the signature character drawings in DB look like poorly drawn fan art. If Gunship did all of the art, including the signature characters, I would be ecstatic.

    40. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Mark Hill: update - this week. :)

    41. Robert Vance on

      @Chris: That is incredibly high praise. Thank you so much! We hope to keep on delivering that same level of quality.

    42. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Mark Hill: working on that now. Hope to have it be the next reward delivered. A few moving pieces to be lined up, but hopefully not too much longer.

    43. Mark Hill on

      @James Bell - When will backers be getting the Records of the Before PDF bundle?

    44. chris on

      I have to echo what Jim Groves said below.
      I was going to back for PDFs only because I missed the Core kickstarter, and ended up backing Archmandrite with a cloth Creation map tagged onto it, because once you have physical books, you kind of want other tangible stuff, too.

      This was a well-done kickstarter, and What Fire Has Wrought is probably the best-written Exalted offering I've witnessed since Games of Divinity and Scavenger Sons times. Funnily, I am also tempted to count Arms of the Chosen among the best Exalted books ever, even if I didn't like the artwork in that one.
      The current staff of writers and devs is outstanding work. I already loved the Core, but Arms and WFHW really kicked it up three notches.

    45. Charles Ulveling

      Join the cast of #thedeliberativepodcast as we discuss stunts, custom martial arts, and our first Dragon-Blood character! All this and more in episode 6!

    46. Missing avatar

      Chazz Kellner on

      I’ve finished my cover to cover read of WFHW and I think it’s the best Exalted book yet! (I have all of first and second edition on my shelves.) I can’t wait to get the DB chapter of my ongoing campaign underway

    47. Missing avatar

      Annei Lyranae on

      Oh this Kickstarter was very well done. They managed to wring far more out of my purse then I thought I’d spend and happily so.

    48. Charles Ulveling

      I also backed at the Archamandrite level when I didn’t even plan on backing at all. I got just the pdf last time around, but then regretted not getting the physical book. This was a super smart KS project. Kudos!

    49. Laniston

      I too was happy for the Archimandrite level. I completely missed the first kickstarter but I did buy a print on demand copy of Exalted 3rd later. Now I will have 2 copies and that makes playing the game easier, plus a nice collector's item to go with my deluxe dragon-blooded. Honestly I was so disappointed to find out too late about the first campaign. (I don't follow kickstarters too often or anticipate them.) This timing too was great as I had the disposable income to participate here.

    50. James Bell Collaborator on

      Yeah, shout out to the developers for doing an amazing job rebuilding the the Exalted brand with a lot of strong outreach and transparency over the past year. And thanks to the Onyx Path crew for - same as Jim - “allowing” me to spend more money. Lol, my Exalted shelf is going from zero to hero with this one Kickstarter.

      And super-thanks to the community that came out for this project. YOU make my job easy and rewarding, so I’ll happily take credit for stuff, but mostly I’m just along having fun with everyone!

      Also - thanks to the crew that keeps coming out for these. It’s great to see familiar names and make friends!

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