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$277,132 pledged of $60,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$277,132 pledged of $60,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. James Bell Collaborator 1 minute ago

      My FOLOMO says - there are 9 copies left of the deluxe hardcover Exalted 3rd Edition reward tier left. They may be gone by morning, in case anyone was still undecided.

    2. James Bell Collaborator 3 minutes ago

      @Peter Lee - sometimes it may seem that I'm just laying track ahead of a speeding train. And, sometimes, that is the case. :)

      (sometimes not, too!)

    3. Missing avatar

      Tony Ferrannini 25 minutes ago

      @Peter Lee: I think it's because the novellas are used to try and reach a wider audience that might not necessarily spring for the books, while the chapter fiction only comes out one it's both worth the effort and not a waste of word count.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson about 2 hours ago

      Cadet Houses #2 goal reached!

    5. Benjamin Mire about 2 hours ago

      We are now closer to Warstriders (@335k) than we were from start to fully funded (0 to 60k).

      Can we make it in the last three days?

    6. Peter Lee about 3 hours ago

      I'm sure we'll make the next stretch goal, but am I the only one who found it weird that the novella stretch goal was listed before chapter fiction was? I feel like chapter fiction, while shorter, is more important since more people will read it for theme/tone.

    7. Missing avatar

      Glen Llorca about 3 hours ago

      Whoo Stretch goal met!

    8. Moral Wiz about 4 hours ago

      So close to the next goal....

    9. James Bell Collaborator about 5 hours ago

      2001 backers! Cue theme music...

    10. Missing avatar

      Tony Ferrannini about 5 hours ago

      The realm will help flesh not only the isle, but also their satrapies, giving you more info and hooks for stories in a threshold. That makes it a must for all exalted games in my opinion.

    11. James Bell Collaborator about 6 hours ago

      @Grant Anderson: I’ll also add that The Realm is already written, so hoping to move it along the production track with some reasonable speed after this campaign.

    12. Moral Wiz about 6 hours ago

      I'll go!

      The Realm is set to be pretty comprehensive, covering a whole bunch of information and ideas that are brand new and exciting. Plus it's probably going to cost more than $15 on DrivethruRPG, so if you're interested in it at all, nows the chance to grab it cheap and help make heirs better!

    13. Missing avatar

      Grant Anderson about 6 hours ago

      Currently I'm 'Graduate of the House of Bells' - still weighing up whether to go for 'Student of the Immaculate Texts' (adding The Realm pdf). Anyone want to sell me on it? :)

    14. Moral Wiz about 7 hours ago

      I forget the price but Tomb of Dreams on Drivethru RPG might be worth a look if you've got a couple of bucks. It's a quick start for the system, designed to outline the basic concepts and be easy to pick up and play.

      Not familiar with fan resources, they exist but tend to go into elements of the system. Basic rolling of dice hasn't changed, but combat got a ground up rework and there's lots of individual bits that re different

    15. Ross B - Grim Trophy of the Robber Crab about 7 hours ago

      Does anyone know a good place to get a rundown of the new system? I have all books from 1st edition, but skipped second edition completely...

    16. Rosi about 7 hours ago

      @Robert Vance. Super :-)

    17. Robert Vance about 8 hours ago

      @Rosi: The Palace Sublime is written up in the Realm's chapter on the Immaculate Order.

    18. James Bell Collaborator about 9 hours ago

      @Benjamin Mire: in theory, EX3 deluxe will ship with your DB:WFHW deluxe. If there’s a way to have the EX3 deluxe shipped out earlier, I’ll figure it out (like, maybe an option in BackerKit to pay for advance shipping?). I don’t know that we’ll find a way to keep it organized or even make it possible, so expect them to be shipped together (but I’ll see what I can do).

    19. Benjamin Mire about 9 hours ago

      So people have asked several times about when we would be receiving our pledge rewards and I have a question in a similar vein.

      For those of us who pledge Archimandrite of the Immaculate Order for the Deluxe Core book, when will that be shipped?

    20. Laniston
      about 9 hours ago

      I just decided I couldn't miss out on a deluxe 3rd edition exalted hardcover again. (Missed the last campaign). Now I can put the 2 deluxe hardcover side by side

    21. James Bell Collaborator about 9 hours ago

      I just posted one of my "final days" updates about Reward Tiers, and making sure you've selected the tier that works best for you and has the correct configuration for secondary rewards.

      As we hit these final days, also keep an eye on the limited Premium reward tiers - if you've been interested in one of those options but they were all full, my guess is we'll see a few people that jumped on early to hold a spot slide out or shift around. So, if there's something you really want, be vigilant! :)

    22. Rosi about 9 hours ago

      @Devs: are we gonna see some info about Palace Sublime?

    23. Rosi about 15 hours ago

      That is wonderfull!! I really want warstribers as MA in warstriders is well, Exalted!

    24. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson about 17 hours ago

      Based on past popular rpg kickstarters, I'd be shocked if we didn't make it over 300k - there is always a huge surge right at the end.

    25. Jetstream
      about 18 hours ago

      And at the last 48 hours, Kickstarter sends out a message to everyone that clicked "Remind Me." That'll get a hefty surge. I wouldn't be surprised if we went past $300k.

    26. Jetstream
      about 18 hours ago


      We've had four backers since MIDNIGHT. The last three days have gotten over 60 backers.

    27. Rosi about 18 hours ago

      9 new backers in 3 days. I think we will be lucky to make it to the next streach goal. But that is the limit, i believe..... my warstriders....goodbye...

    28. James Bell Collaborator about 18 hours ago

      We can party like it’s 1999.

    29. Moral Wiz about 20 hours ago

      1990. One off for me, but close, especially since I'm Jan. ;)

    30. James Bell Collaborator 1 day ago

      Lol, I meant 5+3= 8. So, I’m saying I nailed it!

    31. James Bell Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Corey Reynolds: I’m guessing seven? Maybe eight? Won’t know for sure until Tuesday... but I’m gonna bet on 8.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson 1 day ago

      @Corey, 3. Mantis, Golden Jannissary, and White Veil.

    33. Corey Reynolds 1 day ago

      So how many martial arts are we getting in this book besides the five Immaculate Dragon Styles?

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric M. Deans 1 day ago

      I’d happily buy a book that covered the civil war. Even if my group didn’t run it (it’s a run of Solars), it’d be a great read.

    35. Jim Groves 1 day ago

      Thanks James! I'm only pitching a book that I would actually buy, so I'm pleased you like it.

    36. James Bell Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Jim Groves: I like it! Even if I didn’t play that out with my group, that sounds like something I’d enjoy reading. (I’m a structure nut and a plot hook junkie, and this description checks a lot of boxes).

    37. Jim Groves 1 day ago

      @James Bell - Sorry I have been away, I remain a faithful backer. I have a dream for a product / stretch goal that I think will be impossible for this campaign. I am not an Onyx Path forum regular, so I was wondering if you would pass it along to them for future consideration in some other product?
      Ever since I saw the Realm Expansion#3 (Realm Civil War), a stretch goal I very much like otherwise, it has struck me how daunting it would be to actually try to homebrew an ACTUAL civil war of this scale and magnitude. "The events leading up to a civil war" actually seem tame in comparison to actually pulling the trigger. I can picture myself putting it off for fear that trying to represent it in an actual campaign would be too overwhelming. Well, maybe I don't give myself enough credit, but you what I mean? Politics and intrigue are something I can imagine, actually making simulated military decisions with imaginary units in such a way that looks cool is something else.
      So, I would like to see a book / PDF product that takes the next step beyond HtDS Realm Expansion #3 and addresses the actual full blown civil war. What I imagine as content examples would include: What Houses might ally with each other under what conditions? Which might flip sides if a certain pressure is exerted? How each House might approach winning the Throne. What are some 'victory conditions?' What are their military capabilities expressed in mechanical Battlegroups? What operations might they conduct to advance their goal? This could be a place for expansion of the Battlegroup mechanics.
      For those who dislike mass combat, or just want some diverse content, there could be a chapter of plot hooks and story seeds of small group operations (missions), either offensive or defensive, which the GM can run in the backdrop of the War. Spy missions, sabotage, rescue missions, diplomatic missions. Various events that could be internal or external of each House that the PCs could engage in. Just to be very clear I'll be redundant, these would be plot hooks for traditional PC groups and not mass combat (that's covered in the paragraph above). I think you'd want a mix of content to better serve the needs of a broad spectrum of GMs.
      Another section that would serve this imaginary product well would be on tying it all together. Each plot hook , whether its mass combat or traditional encounters, could have some example of broad and general outcomes and further ramifications. This chapter could use some flowchart type logic to use that information to help the GM shape an outcome for the war. I think each GM and PC group should be empowered to make that decision together for their group (vs a canonical outcome). But this could be an invaluable resource for shaping what that looks like, and how no two civil wars in different campaigns need be alike- based on the PCs actions. I'm really seeing a series of IF/THEN questions that could lead to some example outcomes.. which the GM can use or ignore. The point is, the GM doesn't have to imagine all of this on their own. There's some kind of presentation campaign guide. A Do-It-Yourself Civil War Kit. Not just the events leading up to Civil War (which is our tidy Realm Expansion stretch goal, already achieved).
      I would love to get warstriders in this Kickstarter campaign, but if it doesn't come to pass, they could be an excellent chapter in this hypothetical dream product. What a great place for them! In a campaign civil war guide.
      This is just a day dream. No one has to like it. I just thought it might be worth pitching to the Developers for future book consideration.

    38. James Bell Collaborator 1 day ago

      Kicktraq, which isn’t perfect by any stretch, has us tending toward $322,000... I think we could push it! We’ve had a lot of days that have over-performed, and I’m hopeful that posting the final manuscript preview will draw some more backers.

      But, certainly not an easy achievement to hit.

      I’m running up and down the streets in my neighborhood, spreading the word. :)

    39. Rosi 1 day ago

      @Glen Lloorca. If this was yje EX3 KS i would not say it was impossible. It was a crazy ride.

    40. Missing avatar

      Glen Llorca 1 day ago

      @Nathan Henderson: Devs already confirmed that Artifact slots cannot be used for warstriders I am afraid.

      @James Bell: If we pull 65k in four days, that will be some sort of record burst in growth.

    41. Rosi 1 day ago

      @James Bell 335K in this campaign is like saying. Not happening. 65K in 4 days with current tempo... :-( in my dreams

    42. Missing avatar

      Tony Ferrannini 1 day ago

      Course that'd probably be a ridiculous amount of signing. Guess it really is a silly idea.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tony Ferrannini 1 day ago

      This may seem silly, but as an add on I'd pay to have the copies signed by Rich and the design team. Maybe with their favorite exalted quote or their characters name, If they have one, in quotes next to their signature.

    44. James Bell Collaborator 1 day ago

      STRETCH GOAL: $335,000 - Warstriders.

      It's a stretch, but it's not impossible.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson 1 day ago

      @Rosi, I believe Vance said that there aren’t plans for Warstriders in Heirs, unless that’s what a Backer uses their custom Artifact for (I considered that, but I think I want something more immediately viable for starting pc concepts).

    46. Rosi 1 day ago

      But no Warstribers.....

    47. Moral Wiz 1 day ago

      ;) And now we have the long awaited Prasad 2 in sight. We've still got mountains to climb

      But... yeah. :) Heirs is gonna blow Miracles outta the water with pure awesomeness.

    48. James Bell Collaborator 1 day ago

      If you want a snapshot of how far we've come in the campaign -- we've just added our 17th section to the Dragon-Blooded companion book, which started out with 0 when we began. Awesome!

    49. James Bell Collaborator 1 day ago

      1975! Stretch Goal achieved!

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