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Contribute to help give the Deluxe Wraith20th a leather bound, embossed+, bookmarked, silver-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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Last Wraith20 Backer Update for 2018!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

 Hello Wraith20 Backers!

RichT here:

Here are some pics of the samples we were sent of the Wr20 book as it is being manufactured:

Wr20 Endpapers
Wr20 Endpapers
Wr20 spread from the mock-up provided by the printer.
Wr20 spread from the mock-up provided by the printer.
Wr20 spine embossing and disk.
Wr20 spine embossing and disk.

Deluxe Wraith 20's interior and endpapers are printed. The cover gets stamped next week, and then they will gild the edges and finally combine everything in the bindery.

The Book of Oblivion  remains with WW for approvals and if everything is OK with it we'll move the text to Editing and Art Direction, or more development if it isn't.

The Wraith20 Fiction Anthology writers are writing, and the devs are bringing a couple of replacement writers up to speed. 


The Kickstarter for They Came From Beneath The Sea! is now live!

They Came From Beneath The Sea! is a new tabletop RPG from Onyx Path, encompassing the wonder, horror, thrills, and hilarity of 1950s science fiction. This game evokes all that is great in the B-movies of decades ago, and provides a dynamic, fun experience at the table.

The players, as humans, live in a world under increasing attack. The attackers? Aliens from beneath the sea, obviously!

Adventures can range from the one-shot defense of small coastal town, to the lengthier liberation of a cruise ship invested with gill-kin, all the way to a campaign in which characters seize an alien submarine and ride it all the way down to the sea bed to take the fight to the invaders.

Put down your malt shakes, turn on the jukebox, and prepare your harpoons! You don’t want to be caught unawares when it’s revealed that They Came From Beneath The Sea!

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    1. Danni Feveile Börm on

      I really hate those round thingies on top of the spine. It already fell off my Vampire book. It's a bad idea that they think they have to keep up for all 5 books.

    2. shawn hanson on

      Spine looks awful.