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Contribute to help give the Deluxe Wraith20th a leather bound, embossed+, bookmarked, silver-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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July Wraith20 Update and PoD Links!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Wraith 20 Backers!

RichT here:

I’ve just sent out the links for the optional discounted PoD versions of Wraith 20 on

These discounts are only for backers who backed a Reward Tier that includes a discounted PoD version of Wraith 20. These versions are NOT the Deluxe Versions that were the point of our Kickstarter, but Print on Demand versions that do not have the Deluxe covers or other special features, and which you can choose to order or not from DTRPG. We just provide you with a discount in case you want a physical version of Wraith 20 to use now, and without worrying about ruining your Deluxe.

Because we were able to discover any problems with the printer files while making the PoD files, we are now able to send our book files to our traditional printer who is making the Deluxe versions of Wraith 20. They will process those files, send us proofs, and we will approve or request changes. Then they will print the interior pages, the endpapers, and do what they need to do to create the cover.

Then they will gild the outside of the pages, and then combine the three parts and the bookmarks and we'll have some deluxes.

Then will come shipping.

So in terms of the Deluxes, we have awhile to go, so keep an eye on our Updates for the stages as the pieces come together.


Other Wraith 20 Progress:

The Book of Oblivion is in Redlines, the stage where the dev or devs reviews all the first drafts, and sends copious notes back to the writers. The Wraith20 Fiction Anthology still needs a couple of writers to sign on.

We're a week away from the Gen Con gaming convention in Indianapolis, and if you'll be attending the massive convention running August 2-5, come visit Onyx Path at Booth 501 and maybe check out the What's Up with Onyx Path? panel to see what's planned for the next year(s).

Thanks again for your support!

A Brief Note About Our Current Kickstarter:

There's FOUR DAYS LEFT for the Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition Kickstarter and we’ve funded the project and achieved twelve Stretch Goals so far! Thanks to all of our backers out there spreading the word! We are in good shape to be able to make a great looking hardcover edition, and get that into stores, even while we’re giving backers first look at the complete text and other fun benefits:

Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition includes all the rules you need to play as one of the Bound: Five Burdens reflecting the cause that pulled you back from the grave, five krewe Archetypes for building your own mystery religion, and the Haunts, Keys, and Ceremonies that provide the Bound with their macabre powers.

It also includes the Chronicle of the Dead, featuring the Sin-Eaters’ struggle against the all-consuming Underworld and a variety of terrifying threats. In addition, for the first time in the Chronicles of Darkness lines, ghosts are presented as playable characters.

Like I said, the game is already funded, and now we're working at unlocking Stretch Goals - including additional rules and setting material in a Companion book, Memento Mori. If you haven't already, come by and check us out and hopefully join in on the fun!

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    1. James Burdo on

      Never mind; I got it.

    2. James Burdo on

      Mine isn't in my library.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander M. Overton on

      Generally speaking I'm really happy with the book, and glad to see us one step closer to having it in hand. It's not a perfect product, but there's so much in there that oozes love for the game that I'm really glad the team strove through the curse and got it done.
      I can't wait to find out how the chains on the cover feel in leatherette.
      I'll be quietly cheering for the cover prototyping to go well, and seeing if I can scrounge together funds for a PoD to make the wait easier in the meantime.

    4. Rory on

      Well, I'm please to recieve my final PDF now. Of the errors I pointed out during the errata phase, they seem to have corrected all of them - but I don't know what other errors there could be in the book, if people have found others. I am going to get a POD when it's available, as Wraith may turn into my favourite of all the 20 Anniversary books as I am reading it. It would have been nice to buy it this week, although I do accept it wasn't in my particular reward level.

    5. Jason Brandon on

      Please tell me this mistake-filled version isn't the final one, that an error was made and Druve-Thru RPG was sent the wrong file.

    6. Richard Thomas 34-time creator

      Please check your DTRPG Libraries for updated final Wraith 20 PDFs.

    7. Sylvain Pronovost on

      I agree with Rory, at this point, this is probably the most appalling Kickstarter I have ever backed (December 2014 campaign?), would it pain Onyx Path Publishing and higher-tiered backers so much to have the PoD option available as early as possible for everyone? Just being honest here, this Kickstarter was handled in a very awkward way.

    8. Missing avatar

      Victoria on

      A Brief Note About Our Current Kickstarter:
      There's FOUR DAYS LEFT for the Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition

      That says all I need to know about your commitment to the more than 3 years late KS for Wraith

      That is a pretty underhanded way of making money and not being accountable to it.

    9. Rory on

      Well, there is our answer I guess.

      The point that we are still backers of this Kickstarter though, and our final PDF isn't actually going to be made available till next week, along with everybody else who didn't back it at all, more than three years after it was estimated to be delivered, is disappointing.

      At least the rough cut we recieved earlier this year looked awesome in its potential though - I guess we just have to be patient. Again.

    10. Richard Thomas 34-time creator

      The general PDF and PoD release will come after GenCon, thanks!

    11. Rory on

      I do understand that the backers at POD level would need to be released first, but please can the rest of us make our POD orders now!

    12. Paul Baxter on

      As well as the question about the updated PDF, any word on when we unfortunate souls who did not pledge for the Deluxe Edition may be able to order the PoD version?

    13. gabriel correia on

      What about the complete corrected pdf?