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June Wraith20 Update!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Wraith20 Backers!

RichT here:

The Wraith 20 book is near the end of being indexed, and after that we'll update the Backer PDF to make it the final PDF and those files are what we'll use to create the PoD and Deluxe book files.

I ordered the proofs for the physical book PoD version of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and am now waiting for the shipping notice. Once I confirm they look OK, we'll put the PDF and PoD up for sale to the public. We are also bringing physical copies of the Handbook to Gen Con if you're attending.

The Book of Oblivion is in Redlines, the stage where the dev or devs reviews all the first drafts, and sends copious notes back to the writers. The Wraith20 Fiction Anthology still needs a couple of writers to sign on.

Thanks again for your support!

A Brief Note About Our Current Kickstarter:

On Monday, July 2nd, 12 noon Eastern US time, we start the Kickstarter for Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition! If the very brief bit of info below sounds interesting, we'll have a lot more when the KS goes live - love to see you there!

In Geist: The Sin-Eaters, you play a person who died with a powerful burden on their soul — something they didn't accomplish in life, or something they never found. On the other side of the veil, they made a bargain with a powerful being called a geist, which returned them to the world of the living and to their own body, at the cost of a permanent bond between them and the geist. Now your character stands as a medium, with one foot in the world of the living and one in the world of the dead.


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    1. gabriel correia on

      @Christopher Allen I hope next one tell us "it's printing".
      I don't know how much I can take. :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Allen on

      @gabriel correia Don't expect it for at *least* another week. It's usually on the last day of the month + or - 2-to-3 days.

    3. gabriel correia on

      Hey, guys!
      Where is July update?
      I'm getting too ansious!

    4. Missing avatar

      Amanda Plageman on

      Is anyone else finding it harder and harder to wait patiently, the closer we get to the final, physical book? Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!
      I don't suppose there's anything like an updated ETA on that, is there?
      Wait- don't answer that. I wouldn't want to draw bad luck.....

    5. Richard Thomas 34-time creator

      @Michael Holt For this Kickstarter, no, you're good after changing your address on Kickstarter. Thanks!

    6. Michael Holt on

      I need to update my shipping address due to job relocation. I've updated it here on kickstarter, do I need to do anything else?

    7. Richard Thomas 34-time creator

      @Jonathan Green I forwarded your comment to our fiction team. Good luck!
      @Olen Gravel The printing and book manufacturing process for the Deluxes is a fair bit longer than a month, and even PoD requires a proofing stage and a couple of weeks to ship first the proofs and then the finished Pod books. So, not this Gen Con, no.

    8. Olen Gravel on

      Does that mean we can pick up our Hard copies at GenCon? Will you be at the White Wolf booth? Hope to see folks at GenCon.

    9. Jonathan Green on

      Are you looking for more writers for the Wraith20 Fiction Anthology? I am an author with many published short story credits.

    10. Missing avatar

      Joey Polanco on

      So excited to see that finished book! This is going to be my default Wraith rulebook.

    11. Daniel Robichaud

      Getting this update on the day Harlan Ellison died is ... oddly appropriate.