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Contribute to help give the Deluxe Wraith20th a leather bound, embossed+, bookmarked, silver-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dale Millward on

      Any news on where we are for delivering this? No update since November

    2. Missing avatar

      Grant Scott on

      Very well written an easy to understand! Great Job! I can't wait for more!

    3. Andy Dodd on

      Brilliant stuff.
      I enjoyed reading every word of it.
      I wonder if Rich will treat us to a bit of the setting chapter once it's complete?
      I can't wait to read that.

    4. Missing avatar

      B. Smith on

      Glad to hear that Richard Dansky is still okay, and that the delays are relatively benign. And I agree with the others - quality is worth waiting for. Best wishes, guys

    5. Imthestein on

      Wow guys, just the bit I've read is amazing. The new Haunt rules alone make me excited to see what's coming! �

    6. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      Take all the time to make this the best possible Wraith that you can make. I shall await this glorious tome and make a special place for it in my library.

    7. Olen Gravel on

      Thanks for the Update - glad the project is moving forward even with all the hurdles.

    8. Nazfool on

      Another amazing update!
      Thanks, Rich.
      Every update looks great and I doubt I speak for myself when I say I’d rather have a late-but-polished document than a quick-hobble jumble of gobbledygook.

    9. felipe moulim on

      Shit! Have to say this, after reading this chapter i can say is the best thing i ever read from white Wolf books! I gonna eat this book in a few days. Do as you must, take the time, and give me this quality material!

    10. Richard Thomas 36-time creator

      Because the delays aren't within RichD's control, I really can't say. Once the text is in editing, we should be able to ballpark it as that part of the process is something we have more control over. The art buy and layout, in particular, are within known parameters, unlike at least one other project we've worked on. Thanks for your patience!

    11. Stiff Whiskers Press

      Any idea when, Rich? This year, next year? It'd be nice to have a general date so that we're not all expecting something soon. I'm not bitching, just sad to see our favorite get delayed.

    12. Richard Thomas 36-time creator

      It has been trying, but RichD keeps on keeping on. Like I mentioned in a couple of previous Updates, his day job greatly increased his responsibilities and the demands on his time a few months after we finished the KS. So he's developing, but a lot slower than we expected or either of us likes.

    13. Dayne Shemick on

      Woo! Was afraid that the dead man's curse had struck again.