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Contribute to help give the Deluxe Wraith20th a leather bound, embossed+, bookmarked, silver-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Víctor Jiménez Merino on

      I'm glad Guilds have now some tangible benefits beyond be a reason to be soulforged.

      Looking to read if the Legions gain a greater prominence in character creation (I hope so).

    2. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      Are Legions, Renegades, and Heretics equally viable, or are Guilds more of a centrally "assumed" PC option than them?

    3. Joseph Coyle on

      I'm extremely excited to see what Rich has in store for the Guilds. I've always liked them, but just felt that a few changes could make them even better.

    4. Skjalg Kreutzer on

      I have to say I'm not thrilled that Guilds will be getting a more prominent place. I never liked the idea of Guilds as splats, and I feel Wraith is stronger without it. A wraith is not defined by what supernatural secret society he belongs to, and that puts focus on the personal side of Wraith. I fear some of that intimacy will be lost if all characters are assumed to belong to a clandestine organization with it's own goals and agendas. Don't make Wraith into Vampire, please.

    5. Firanai

      I like it, but like people say the relationship between legions, guilds and arcanoi needs to be clarified and better explained.

    6. Kyle Ricks on

      Very very good. I love Wraith and I thoroughly love the Guild-Wraith game, but it did inadvertently create some wonkiness with the setting.

      Everything I read makes me happier about wraith

    7. Kjetil Kverndokken on

      I like this new idea - would not fit if one created newly made Wraiths as i usually would ST it. But it makes sense having it more established like that.

    8. Charlie Cantrell on

      I have to admit, as someone who was never really into Wraith, the Guilds always made the least sense to me. The way the books were laid out, the Guilds and Arcanoi seemed tied together. It wasn't immediately clear if you could get the Arcanoi you wanted without being a member of the Guild, and Guild membership seemed like a quick way to get yourself soul forged.

      Legions always seemed like a more reasonable main splat to me since it was based on cause of death.