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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment. RAGE!
Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment. RAGE!
2,108 backers pledged $380,015 to help bring this project to life.

The W20 PDF Links Have Been Sent!

Another milestone has been reached- and thank you all for hanging in there as we poured our hearts and souls and pixels into making this the best and most beautiful tribute to Werewolf the Apocalypse we could!

So enjoy, get back to us here if there's anything you notice that we can tweak in the PDF (Thanks to all of you who have done so already!), and we'll keep getting the layout files for the PoD and the Deluxe printed versions ready.

Of special note on the Backer names: if we correctly inserted your name or names as you wrote in the Survey but now you'd like to change something about them, please be aware that we will try and get to your change but it's no guarantee. We want you all to see the name there as you'll be most happy with it, but we also have to prioritize our limited time to make changes to actual errors or things that affect the quality of the game.

Once we have the tweaks in a final version that we upload to DriveThruRPG, I'll send out an Update. And you should get an email to let you know the PDF file was updated, but if you don't (it should happen automatically so long as you don't block DTRPG) you'll be able to see the Updated W20 PDF file in your DTRPG library. And I'll keep Updating you weekly as these versions go to press, the wallpaper is ready, and the extra projects that your pledges enabled are created.

A reminder that I am not a DriveThruRPG tech guy (I'm no tech guy at all and barely can keep my computer running) so please direct any download troubles to DTRPG's great Customer Service team as noted on their site. If you get odd download messages that most of our backers don't, I can't do anything to help you- but DTRPG's CS gang can. Also, with everybody all trying to download this, the servers might get jammed up- so once again, have patience-


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Baldoza on

      If possible, could I have my name changed on the Backers section. On page 534, our name is listed as "Michael Baldoza, Tiphanie Ortman." Could we change it so it will be "Tiphanie Ortman, Michael Baldoza" instead? We thought that the names will all be listed as individual names and didn't know that it will be grouped for some of us. Thank you very much.

    2. Vonigner on

      So many typos... it makes me facepalm. Are these 500 pages pure copy paste from different books ? Come on, there are so many "authors" listed, and no one even bothered to read it ? You guys obviously needed to send us the PDF without the index, so you could correct it while you were doing the index. And gain time. 20 days to go. Are you ready or are we going to wait 6 more months of nonsense, with the excuse of "we're not experienced, we don't know..." ?

    3. Ville Rantavalli on

      Something which I'd really like to have added are vehicle charts and a few modifiers when driving them the way most players do I.E like formula drivers on acid at DT-traffic.

      Nothing fancy just a few simple examples like family saloon, truck, scooter etc.

    4. Petros Katsikadakos on

      Changing Breeds, p. 420 (PDF), The Breeds section begins as "reeds: ...". I believe the letter B is missing.

    5. Vincent Lefavrais on

      Kinfolk, p. 43 (PDF), paragraph 2: "they can join Garou Society" should be "Garou society" (yes, this is nitpicky, but why not?)

    6. Missing avatar

      Bryan Rendell on

      - PP 136, Ancestors Background, second paragraph, "Each success allows the character to increase any Ability by one for the purposes of a single die roll" seems to contradict "All effects last for the rest of the scene." Either it's a single roll, or it lasts for the scene.
      - PP139, Spirit Heritage Background, second paragraph, "When you select this background, choose one type of spirits." Should be "one type of spirit", singular. Or "one group of spirits".
      I think this one has already been mentioned, but I couldn't find it, so... - pp 156, Metis Gift Form Mastery, second paragraph "the player no longer needs to roll a single success just to initiate the transformation". The shapechanging rules (pp 285) do not require an initiating success.
      - PP 164, Ragabash Gift Firebringer, first paragraph "which may in turn be bestowed upon to others as though the New Moon were a spirit teacher." Should be "bestowed upon others", or possibly "gifted to others".
      - PP 170, Galliard Gift Fabric of the Mind. Would this use the normal extended action rules? So a failed roll wastes a turn and a botch destroys the creation?
      - PP 173 Black Fury Gift Curse of Aeolus. Perhaps give some indication as to the area covered by fog.
      - PP 184, Glass Walker Gift Elemental Favour, first paragraph "Thus, a glass sheet might explode at the Garou’s foes an unlocked door might refuse to open, or a car’s brakes might fail." Should be a comma after "foes"
      - PP 185, Red Talons, first paragraph, "The feral Red Talons hate what humanity for what it has done to Gaia and their Kinfolk." Should be either "hate humanity for what it has done", or "hate what humanity has done". Both are true, and the context doesn't strongly favour one or the other.
      - PP 193, Silent Strider Gift Dam the Heartflood, "It also prohibits the spending blood points for any purpose". Insert "of" between "spending" and "blood".

    7. Missing avatar

      Luke Parsons on

      p. 111, first bullet point: "You can create a character of an age, from any nation..." I suspect that should be "any age", with the 'y' in there, too.

    8. Missing avatar

      Luke Parsons on

      Not a typo, but a possible inconsistency: the description of the Totem background (p. 140) states that pack totem spirits begin with Airt Sense and Re-form Charms. Then, on page 366 it is stated that all Spirits possess the common Charms (Airt Sense, Re-form, Materialize, and Realm Sense) unless they are somehow weakened or being punished. Is it intentional that pack totem spirits are unusually weak compared to all other spirits, based on this description?

    9. Vincent Lefavrais on

      P. 43 (PDF), The Wild West section:
      - No mention of Fianna among the Wyrmcomer tribes?
      - First sentence of paragraph 3: "civilization, or least industry" should read " civilization, or at least industry"

    10. NicosHH on

      Hi Rich,

      First: THANKS! Everything i have seen so far is amazing :)
      Second: If possible, change our "Backernames" a little. They are too long and are cut in a bad way, so our Pack doesn't get the renown it should get :p

      I hope you can get the change done, if not we will still be madly happy but a tiny bit happier if we can fix that design issue.

      So if possible change
      “Silverstream — SL — Ben Schläth”;
      “Silverstream — Alina Wolkowa —
      Truthseeker of the Restless Spirits”;
      “Silverstream — Markus Lichtenauer
      — Spiritspeaker of the Restless Spirits”;
      “Silverstream — Liam — Howls
      with the Morningbirds of the Restless
      Spirits”; “Silverstream — Arne —
      Hammerfaust of the Restless Spirits”


      Silverstream Sept:
      Pack: Restless Spirits
      GM: Ben Schläth
      Alina Wolkowa — Truthseeker
      Markus Lichtenauer — Spiritspeaker
      Liam — Howls with the Morningbirds
      Arne — Hammerfaust

      Thanks an keep up simply everything.

    11. Petros Katsikadakos on

      Is there a rule in the book that allows 10s to be re-rolled? I am asking because I noticed that in the Example of Play (page 359-363 of the book), the PCs and NPC fomori seem to re-roll 10s that appear in their rolls. This happens into two attack rolls and in a Gift activation roll.

    12. Cifer on

      page 331, Erebus, Rite of the Silver Forge: Garou succeeding in it have their Frenzy difficulties *reduced* by 2? One would assume being immersed in silver for punishment would teach one about self-control...

    13. Missing avatar

      misterpookie on

      page 233 of W20 is saying multiple actions work the same as V20, where page 266 is saying it works the other way.

      (V20 used the old "take the lowest dice pool and divide that however you want", where 266 is using the "take the number of actions out of the dice pool, then subtract one as you go along" method)

      also, the description of the method on 266 is awful at math. it says you take one die away for every action in the turn, and then reduce it by one for each action after the first. thus, if you were taking two actions, you would be down two dice from the first action, and three from the second. the example as written does not match this. (please rule in favor of the V20 multiple action system, it'd be great to have some consistency)

      also, the PDF page order is effed. if you look at it in two-page view, there is no way to see the layout as intended. two-page art spreads are interrupted, and the page borders are on the wrong side.

      please fix that. :[ it really made me regret spending money on "return of the scarlet empress" when they did that same thing, and i am already beginning to regret this already.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander Henry on

      Page 250, there are some minus signs missing in the last line of the Frenzy category

      p.254, when a garou is dropped to incapacitated by lethal damage: "regains a health level every eight levels". Hours?

      p. 271, the feats of strength progression is kind of wonky- going from six to seven or seven to eight each yields less of an increase to lift capacity than the curve suggests(100 per step, rather than the 150 per step at 2-6). Also, I suspect strength 11 is meant to be able to lift 2,000 lb, not 20,000

      Furthermore, the section on how Gurahl use rage (p. 409)currently suggests that a single rage point grants them their entire homid form strength on top of their current rating.

      Finally, some of the armor rules(p. 292) are a bit draconian- well-fitted coats, dusters, etc. don't impair the wearer as much as the table suggests. Also, an increase in dex difficulties is essentially an increase in all combat difficulties (yep, dex is still the godstat)- by these rules, a guy in a trenchcoat or breastplate can never succeed at a leg sweep (difficulty 8, armor penalty of 2)

    15. Cifer on

      Page 309, Walking between Worlds: The Theurge Gift Pulse of the Invisible dispenses with the need for a mirror. In its description on page 165, no such ability is mentioned.

    16. Missing avatar

      Anna Ruotsalainen on

      Bugs found on the iPhone (app: iBook):

      Missing pictures:
      Page 37
      Page 70
      Character Sheet's 2nd page has no background elements (five forms,etc.)

    17. Drako "Fire Storm" Ralen on

      @Andreas: I've also seen that Katanas are mentioned at least twice in example but there's no mention of them in the Weapons Table (They were DC 6 STR+5 in Revised) And also, Grand Klaives were always really... odd in Revised. Increaced DC but with slightly better stats on Damage. I think the reason for this might be power level because they usually have two spirits bound into them (War for Agg Damage, and another for an additional effect)

      Also, Just a clarification on Gnosis: In Revised you could step sideways without a mirror, and a mirror or reflective surface would reduce the DC of crossing the Gauntlet. Was this an intended change for the W20 or an oversight? Also, couldn't you spend a Gnosis and cross over? Or was that just a house rule?

    18. Marcin S. on

      @Andreas Gruner:
      -The Knife and Sap had the same attack difficulty in Revised
      -The same goes for Grand Klaives, they were STR+3 Diff 7 in Revised too

    19. Greg Meyer on

      I found several grammatical errors. Like page 47 in the Wendigo description...The Wendigo seethe with rage over what has been doing- I will post a list of the other typos I found after I look through the pdf again. That being said, I can't wait to run a game using these updated rules! @ Andreas Gruner's post, that entry on page 255 should say aggravated damage not lethal.

    20. Cifer on

      Inconsistency regarding soaking lethal damage in Breed Form:
      Page 255 states that werewolfs in breed form cannot soak lethal damage. Almost any other reference to lethal damage implies the opposite: Soaking Damage, page 290, as well as every mention of silver weapon damage being soakable in Breed Form (which they still wouldn't be while inflicting lethal damage).

    21. Cifer on

      Page 302: The melee weapon table looks rather odd in places. There are a few things that just bother me as a matter of opinion:
      -the Whip can be used as easily in combat as a regular weapon? Odd decision, but ok.
      -the Staff on the other hand seems like a weapon that should be easier to use. Again, no problem.
      -the Knife and Sap now *really* shine in the hands of experts. Difficulty 4? That's... hefty.
      -the Grand Klaive, on the other hand side, looks a bit underwhelming compared to the regular one. 1 point more difficulty, what feels like +infinity in difficulty to obtain and it gets only +1 damage? In former times, the +3 damage of the BSD Bane Klaives were due to their poor craftmanship. I'd be in favour of bringing back the +4 for the Grand Klaives and their equivalents like the Jarl Hammer.
      The *** weapons could IMO be bumped up to four dots of strength minimum. After all, three is only a little over the human average and I don't see "a little over the average" people wielding tables as melee weapons.

      And then there are some real mistakes:
      The Great Axe has no difficulty given for its use.
      The Polearm is not marked as a two-handed weapon.
      The Great Sword has a difficulty of 5. At least, with its +6 damage, I hope that's a mistake...
      The head-sized Stone has no difficulty given.

      And while we're on the subject of weapons:
      The Fang Dagger (page 224) lacks stats completely.
      The Jarl Hammer (page 226) lacks an attack difficulty.

    22. Missing avatar

      Luke Parsons on

      Oh, another couple, just found... Expression (p.127) states: "Using nonverbal forms to hook the public’s imagination is the domain of Persuasion." as the last sentence. However, the Persuasion Ability doesn't seem to exist in the book. Perhaps it is supposed to be Performance?

      I think that Performance is suffering from cut-and-paste, as on p. 131 it states under Performance: "A player must always choose a specialty in Crafts, even when her character has less than four dots in the Skill." Which, naturally should be 'Performance', not 'Crafts'.

    23. Missing avatar

      Luke Parsons on

      On p.153 the Gift Smell of Man has some formatting issues. The 'System' part should be starting on the next line to stay consistent with the rest of the formatting. Instead it starts on the same line as the description.

    24. Drako "Fire Storm" Ralen on

      @tacimur: Numbers where possibly the main reason why the Simba had the Ajaba in the dog-house.

    25. Cifer on

      page 418: Either Ratkin now have a special relationship to water plants or the bolded "reed" is lacking a B.

      The two competing sections on splitting actions (and the conflicting example) have already been mentioned. Using the new split actions would certainly screw over +4 Dex shifters like Bastet and Ratkin who can often get away with 2 or 3 actions with good chances of success right now.

      Armour Gifts: Compared to Luna's Armour, Get of Fenris' Troll Skin is strictly worse. The rank and Gnosis cost are the same, but the roll difficulty is 7 versus 6, the soak dice are not applicable to silver and there is the additional drawback of the more difficult social rolls.
      The Homid gift Cowing the Bullet is a borderline case: It's level 3 and only adds two dice against certain attacks (no silver, no claws), but it involves no roll to go wrong, only the Gnosis expenditure. Still a bit meh, considering what other rank 3 gifts are capable of.

      And finally, the anti-armour gift: Ahroun, Rank 3, Wind Claws: The name and description have it applying to claws and fangs, the System talks about "attacks" without further clarification. Do weapons profit from the gift? And does it work only against strictly *worn* armour or is it effective against the aforementioned gifts as well?

      In other regards, I have to chime in with the chorus: A wonderful book, thank you for creating it!

    26. Missing avatar

      Luke Parsons on

      Not necessarily an error per se but a spot where the text was a bit unclear... On p. in the Siberakh side-bar, it is stated that a Siberakh may learn any Silver Fang or Wendigo Gift except those taught by "Falcon, his servants, and falcon-spirits, or by Great Wendigo and his servants." This difference (specifying falcon spirits separately from the mention of falcon's servants) seems to imply that there may be a notable difference between falcon's servants and falcon spirits - does this mean Falcons Brood? If so, why are falcon spirits singled out when they are part of Falcon's Brood? As it stands, I'm not sure if Burning Blade, for example, is meant to be excluded or not; I know that Firebird is of Falcon's Brood, but is the restriction supposed to extend so far?
      I'm probably overthinking this but, well, that's what we gamers tend to do!

    27. tacimur on

      After a test session, it's just beautiful! We're loving it.

      Ajaba step sideway as Garou now. I know the Ajaba were given a lot of thought and discussion, but is this makes them really superior to the Bastet. How did the lions kill them off, how did they ever earn the underdog role in this scenario?

    28. Timothy Cook on

      Page 331, Flux, paragraph 2: "Characters can change form without spending a Rage point unless they botch their initial shapeshifting roll. Changing forms takes the normal amount of time." However, by the shapeshifting rules on page 285, "You can spend a point of Rage to change immediately, and any Garou can shift back to her breed form instantly too. In neither case do you need to make a roll." So, shifting that takes time is normally free from Rage points, and if you spend a Rage point you don't have to roll. I would expect Flux's rules to be, like... "If you do succeed on a roll, it's always instant, even without spending a rage point", or maybe "Shapeshifting to one of the standard five forms never requires a roll but still takes time if no rage point is spent".

      Page 332, Malfeas: "probably be caught be swarming Banes" -> second "be" should be "by".
      Page 333, top paragraph from continued Summer Country, feels quite awkward: "Pain exists, but it is fleeting, but never agonizing."
      Page 333, second paragraph: "Upon leaving, it is said, travelers return to either the place the left" -> final "the" should be "they"

      ...And while verifying the rules for shapeshifting vs. Flux, I discovered that "shapeshifting" isn't in the index.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bryan Rendell on

      PP 180, Get of Fenris level one Lightning Reflexes Gift. "For the next day, the character need neither make
      a Willpower roll nor spend a Willpower point to abort to a defensive action." This is at odds with PDF pp 295 (document pp unlisted) "Changing an Action", which makes no mention of any roll or expenditure required.

      Rolling willpower to change actions is also mentioned on pp 148, second full paragraph. "They do not apply to reflexive dice pools, such as Willpower rolls to abort to another action, or soak rolls."

    30. Missing avatar

      Bryan Rendell on

      Top of pp 286. "Unless they’ve been protected with the Rite of Talisman Dedication (see Rites), clothes tend to be shredded, and possessions, discarded in the course of transformation." Remove comma between "possessions" and "discarded". Could probably remove comma after "shredded".

    31. Timothy Cook on

      Health levels are duplicated on 148 and 254, and only the first has Andrew's noted typo (not sure if there are other differences).

    32. Timothy Cook on

      Multiple actions have been by far the most confusing part of the rules for my group in the past... Making sure they get hammered out is really important, I'm hoping these fixes more than anything else make it in even if it does mean a couple of pages need to get re-laid-out.

    33. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Sorry if any of this is repeated...
      Thoughts for correction (for Rich):
      • When I'm viewing this PDF as a "spread", the back cover being next to the front is making all of the pages face the wrong page (the spines are on the outside, page numbers on the inside gutter.) Could an extra page be inserted, or move the back cover to the end of the document?
      • Ananasi border looks like it is different from the other pages (a bit more contrast than others in color and shadow.) This is probably more noticeable on PDF than in print.
      • Should the Stereotype for the Bastet from the Corax be "Hey, little kitty..." instead of "birdie"?
      • The artist sig for the Nagah is bleeding off the page. Maybe cut/paste it to the inside of the image?
      • Perhaps not here, but is there some way of making a list/index of which artists did what pieces on each page? Or maybe that will be a part of the "Making of the art of W20"?
      • Text some pages (475 vs. 476) seem lighter in color than others. Is this an actual change in CMYK color, or is this just Acrobat making it appear bolder/darker due to some variation in the text and it'll be printed the same? (because it's happening mostly to spreads, as far as I see, it seems like it might be something in the file itself. Just in case it's not 100/0/0/0 and RGB instead, or something, it might be worth checking out to make sure it's going to print correctly.)
      • Was there really someone named "H", or was that just a placeholder that got stuck accidentally?

    34. Drako "Fire Storm" Ralen on

      I'd also like to point out, as an ST, I'd would have liked to see some rules for generating characters at differing levles. If it's in there, I haven't seen it. D:

    35. Missing avatar

      Bryan Rendell on

      In the Example of Play, pp 361, first paragraph, the fomor is using the multiple action rules from pp 266. This may need to be changed if you bring the multiple action rules into line with the rules on pp 233.

      Also, the text says "These limbs allow him to make multiple attacks, although he still has to split his dice pool to do so." This seems odd, as it suggests that someone without equivalent appendages or powers cannot make multiple attacks even by splitting their dice pool.

    36. White Howler on

      I like how the names are in the back. My character's name appears at the top of a middle column. So it's great for me. :) I'm not sure why people are complaining. The names are alphabetized by units. If you don't find your "H" Name in the first part, look in the second part. It's not brain surgery.

      As for mistakes or typos, the great sword on page 302 is listed at a diff 5, which is less than even a normal sword. I have a feeling that might supposed to be 7 as it takes a strength of 3 to even use. Great Axe, same page has no difficulty at all, again I'm guessing 7.

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrew Watkins on

      p. 239 First Column, Example, Last sentence: ". Stalks-the-Truth loses the guard, but not after driving through more of the city than he’s entirely happy with." should say " ....but not until after driving through..."

    38. Wreck on

      So many "Storm Lord" typos... silly writers, this is Werewolf: The APOCALYPSE, not FORSAKEN. That's okay though, I remember in the Forsaken core book there was a typo where a few Uratha were called "Ahrouns" and "Ragabashes".

    39. Missing avatar

      Stuart Hume on

      Any word on when the "beautiful electronic wallpaper file of the Werewolf the Apocalypse tribes gathered together as depicted by Steve Prescott's Tribe illustrations" will be released :)

    40. Vincent Lefavrais on

      A few minor catches in the Introduction... PDF numbering in all cases:
      - Safeguards, No Touching, p. 32: "The Storytellershould call (...)" There's a missing space between "Storyteller" and "should"
      - What Are Werewolves?, Werewolves become savage, mindless beasts during the full moon, p. 33: "(...) to a bestial fury as this time" should be "at this time"
      - How to Use This Book, Chapter Eight: Storytelling, p. 35: "(...) in the world of Werewolf." "Werewolf" should be in bold text.
      - Source Material, 1st paragraph, p. 35: "It's almost easier answer the question (...)" should be "easier to answer"
      - Source Material, last paragraph, p. 35: Any reason why Nature and Planet Earth are not italicized like all the other titles?
      Hope this helps. Now, on with Chapter One! : )

    41. Missing avatar

      Mariano on

      Awesome book and awesome artwork. :)

      What I found: Page 277 Reads 'a Rank 4 Storm Lord...' and should be 'Shadow Lord'

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew Watkins on

      p. 148 Health Levels: The last sentence for the "Wounded" level reads: "He always lose dice for multiple actions when moving and attacking in the same turn." Pretty sure "He always lose dice" needs to be edited to make sense.

      p. 499 Society of Nidhogg: "All Storm Lords understand the power, of darkness, but none so deeply as the members of this secretive, mystic camp." Cute, but should probably read "All Shadow Lords..."

    43. Sibylle Langrock on

      I like the way the backer names are organized - that way, our whole Pack is put together, and not scattered among all the others. Searching for the names was part of the fun!

      I haven't gotten round to reading it thoroughly, but I enjoyed the artworks sooo much, and tonight (when we're supposed to be playing Dark Heresy), I guess my packmates and I will read the full thing (split up, 100 pages each) to see if there's anything that needs fixing... and then, we'll get into the painful joy of building new characters for an all new Apocalypse epic. Glasswalker Galliard, or Bone Gnawer Theurg, or Child of Gaia Philodox... I'm gonna love it!

    44. Missing avatar

      Luke Parsons on

      Looking at the write-up of the Supporter Merit on p.480, I'm forced to wonder if there is a typo there on the cost. It looks exceptionally better than the Natural Leader Merit (same page), which has a similar purpose and the same cost. I don't know if that's a mistake, but... pointing it out in case.

    45. Joseph Coyle on

      Needs more art by Ron Spencer.

    46. Vonigner on

      "A character with high Occult likely knows more about vampires than a teenager who has read a Twilight novel"
      BURRRRRRN !!!

    47. Drako "Fire Storm" Ralen on

      I have to agree with previous comments on the organization of the backer names. I spent ten minutes trying to find mine and had to resort to a CTRL+F to find it, because the sections were not designated very consistantly, or coherently for me. :/

      Otherwise, with a few edits here and there (has others have directly stated) the book looks great.

      Question: For our Pledge level, with the stretch goals, we'll be getting links to the upcoming stretch goals (White Howlers in partcular is what I'm waiting for) once they're completed, correct? Because in an overview of my pledge there's no mention of any of the stretch goals being added on.

    48. Vincent Lefavrais on

      @Aaron McDaniel

      The Backers section goes from p. 526 to 539 (PDF numbering).

    49. Vonigner on

      Or if you're going to list them by pledge, mark down the pledges as titles for the credits (GAROU big section, then subsections : Garou US, Garou non us, screened Garou US; screened Garou non us, Lovers, Coteries and whatnot). Either full alphabetical or with subtitles to find ourselves in our respective pledge. That part looks half done :/ .
      I'll look for typos and errors when I finish my memoire though (was only checking for the ï)

    50. Taylor Wright on

      The book looks great, the opening comic and was fantastic and really got me excited for the rest of the book. I do agree with comments here, I think it's odd that the backers aren't listed from greatest to smallest contribution group, and I still don't understand the different sub groups. Hopefully this is something that could be fixed.