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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment. RAGE!
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And Here We Rage Into the 2nd Half!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

We've blown through two more stretch goals since my last Update (and we're only just entering the second have of this Kickstarter) and have plenty of changes to the project because of that. Congrats!

  • First of all, I've added a Visual Target of the Heavy Metal Edition to the site after lots of folks requested one. This is just our goal for what the HME could look like, and isn't a photo of a dummy or prototype from the printer or anything like that. It is what I sent to them to be sure that we're all aiming towards the same result.
  • Next, the Reward Tiers and Add-Ons are up for the W20 Storyteller's Screen as I finally got confirmation on cost from the printer yesterday.
  • A new stretch goal for $220,000 worth of contributions has been added, and its a cool thing that I've had a lot of fun testing:

At $220,000 of contributions, every backer who pledged at Lore Lover or above will gain a W20 Onyx Path Dice Rolling App compatible with Apple products. This is very simple App that anyone can use at their gaming table to roll their W20 dice pools and is in the testing stage right now.

  • So, as you might recall, the $200K stretch goal was a new W20 Fiction Anthology that includes a couple of new reward tiers for getting your characters into the fiction. What I'm going to do is hold off until 12 Noon (Eastern US time) tomorrow, Thursday the 18th to add these reward tiers in order to give everyone a chance to select them: At $250 there will be 9 Rewards that allow you to have your character's name in one of the stories, and at $420 there will be a single Reward Tier for having your character actually be featured in a story in the book. That would be a "speaking part" in Hollywood terms- a character rather than a walk-on part. Also, this just in, Bill Bridges will be the Developing Editor on this book, so we know its in good hands.
  • Finally, here's a message from Mike Lee, renowned dark fantasy author and author of the second new W20 novel your contributions unlocked:

"Twenty years after its release, Werewolf: The Apocalypse remains one of my favorite role-playing games. In 1994, I first approached White Wolf with a proposal to write a trilogy of novels based on the game, and though the books never saw the light of day, that proposal launched my career in the RPG industry. Now, eighteen years later, I feel as though I’ve come full circle. I’m absolutely amazed at the tremendous support the fans have shown for this new edition of the game, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be writing this novel."

Truly, one of the coolest aspects of these 20th Anniversary Editions has been being able to work with folks who love Werewolf the Apocalypse deep in their bones- from Mike Lee who started his career pitching WtA, to Bill and Ethan who shepherded the line for so long, to the classic artists and writers, and to those who were inspired by and played the games and now are professionals themselves.

Next, some sample pages from W20 itself later in the week. And more stretch goals, I'm sure!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Luis E Anguila Gomez on

      We can wait for the android port... but please do it :)

    2. Irrefutably Thor on

      I also would like to see a V20 Screen also in a future KS as well.

    3. Candy Canto Mac on

      I'm agree with James DeBroeck, St screen for V20 is an excellent idea. But I think that maybe novels, and pledges with our pj like a character are a good idea too for next projects for V20.

    4. James DeBroeck on

      I know this doesn't directly pertain to W20, but is there a chance of getting a V20 Storyteller's screen in an upcoming V20 Kickstarter?

    5. Industrial Scribe on

      I'm an android user so add me to the list for that app when it gets made/released :)

    6. Seth Ruskin on

      On the main page, it's now above the costs to add on the PDFs.

    7. Candy Canto Mac on

      Where do you see about the $10 for the screen?

    8. Jordan Millward on

      Only $10 (£7) for the screen? Hell yea I'm changing to the $155 pledge to grab that!

      As for the dice roller app, as an Android user, I'd also love for that to be available to me, rather than just to Apple users (sorry, but I don't use Apple products or iTunes on principle). I know it'd persuade me to keep getting on at my friends to get them to pledge!

    9. Joseph Coyle on

      Agree with Arthur about the Android app. Perhaps if you guys get to 220k goal, you can include the Android dice roller app to those backers once it's ready? I'm positive that would help quite a bit.

    10. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Hooray! $10 for the W20 Storyteller Screen add-on? Frack yes! (If each pledge adds on at least one $10 screen, we'll hit the $220k goal right off the bat!)

      I agree with the other sentiments for the dice roller app... I have an Android (Jelly Bean 4.1.1) as well, so the current offering of the iPhone app isn't much of a sell for me... but maybe also including "Pledges will also have access to the Android version when it becomes available" IF that's an option. ^.^

      The mock-up for the W20 Heavy Metal is a nice touch and I think it'll help folks better decide if they want to pay the extra $$ for the upgrade. Well done. We can see the color, the button, the embossing, and die-cut that the Deluxe Edition will see too.
      Also, is that the 1st Edition forest picture I see behind that die-cut?

    11. Richard Thomas 35-time creator

      Re: Dice Roller- I certainly would love to port it to Android, but one step at a time. I HAVE an App for Apple being worked on, so I can provide as a stretch reward. No slight to Droid folks. :)

      RE: Heavy Metal's VizTarg (I learned that terminology working on computer games)- I'm very glad you folks like the look of it, just remember that things could change as we push through the process of creating it- and that it's not really showing the true effect of the metal slab on there- it'll be a bit shinier.

    12. Matthew Lutz on

      Ok alienated probably wasn't the best choice of words. I guess I should have just said that I am unmotivated to spend more money for a stretch goal that I can't use. Alienated sort of implies that I am somehow unhappy by the entire project, which is far from the case. Just that they might get more pledges at that tier level if the reward includes something that is useful to everyone.

    13. inversethunder on

      After seeing how amazing the 'demo' looks, I'm going to have to spend rage for extra turns to take up a second job so I can afford the HME as well as the tier I already have!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      For reference, I wouldn't characterize myself as "alienated". I'm still pledged and I'm getting a hell of a pile of swag out of this kickstarter already. Just unenthused about this goal, since I can't actually have/use it.

    15. Matthew Lutz on

      Ditto on the android app. I understand that the apple app will be out first, but i imagine that plans are to porti t over to android at *some point*. Backers should have the option to get the android version when its available, otherwise you are alienating half of your backers.

    16. Paul Baxter on

      I'd second a request for an Android app, but no biggie if that doesn't happen...
      But more importantly: Rich, you make me want to rob a bank! That "mock up" fake/phoney, "visual target" image of the Heavy Metal Edition of W20 is so stinking gorgeous that I feel like I NEED more money!
      How could you do that to me? I thought we were friends... acquaintances... well-wishers... guys? Now you'll make me a bank robber! Of course, it'll be worth it. Thanks a bunch for the image.

    17. Kjetil Kverndokken on

      The app will only be for apple products? Why not android too? considering how many uses android?
      Though in the end, it really dosen't matter - but as far as stretch goals go, it should be for both...

    18. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      Pity the dice roller is only for apple. I'll have to wait for the next stretch, it seems.