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Contribute to help give the Deluxe Werewolf 20th Shattered Dreams an embossed+, bookmarked, full-color, unique deluxe treatment.
Contribute to help give the Deluxe Werewolf 20th Shattered Dreams an embossed+, bookmarked, full-color, unique deluxe treatment.
831 backers pledged $62,806 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Bell
      on April 7, 2017

      Received mine a few days ago! Still gutted I missed W20 but still a gorgeous looking book. Unfortunately the screen has a crease on the inside, but still looks good on the other side.

    2. Chad & Christine Geraghty on March 18, 2017

      Got ours, but got hit with a custom duty and taxes on it we had to pay out extra for :( Never had to pay for such with our other Kickstarter books

    3. Alvaro Madrigal on March 9, 2017

      I think I received mine today, as I was notified that I received something from OnyxPath, and considering that this is the only KS that has reached this point, I imagine it's this book. I just wished they would send tracking numbers to know when the books are arriving.

    4. Kerr D'Ercole on December 19, 2016

      Any updates on an ETA for the books themselves?

    5. Missing avatar

      davidkaran on December 10, 2016

      So if I understood rightly, the backers still have to wait for the definitive version of the pdf ?

    6. Kerr D'Ercole on October 13, 2016

      I'm glad you said something. Reading over the PDF I felt like there was some concrete stuff missing? I guess I expected a little more of things like gifts and such, it felt, well short.

    7. Eddie Sanchez on October 2, 2016

      Hrm. I don't see any of the bunyip gifts included in there either. Were they supposed to get new stuff?

    8. James A. Gecko on September 27, 2016

      I know this project hit snags with Paradox buying out the IP, is it possible to at least get an updated time table?

    9. Joseph Coyle on September 26, 2016

      Almost 4 months late now. Come on...

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike on September 22, 2016

      It says June 2016 for the tier reward I paid for. Any insight on when I'm actually going to receive that?

    11. Kerr D'Ercole on September 5, 2016

      As others have said below, next time can we have clearer rules on what will and won't be counted for Fanart and other achievements? Myself and others sent in a lot of love and art and not all of it seems to have gone into the tally.
      Also, please no on the T-shirts :( So many other better things we could have gotten!
      Still regardless really looking forward to this!

    12. Missing avatar

      Mike on August 10, 2016

      So....any news?

    13. William Matross on June 4, 2016

      I would also agree with Ferdinand von Schenk. RedBubble does not offer shirts that fit some of your more robust fans, so these perks are meaningless. Given that many of the crowdfund tshirt places have up to 5XL it would be awesome if you would look to partner with a group that understands that bodies come in bigger sizes.

    14. Santiago Garcia Belmar on May 26, 2016

      I don't think that I hace recieved the croatan song and garou saga pdfs. I ddin't noticed earlier.
      Should I wait for the release of the book?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand von Schenk
      on November 27, 2015

      Hi !
      One little wish for the future:
      As I cannot use the t-shirt designs from RedBubble (they are just to small) I'd really like if the art from the shirts would be enabled for other RedBubble products like prints. So there would be a chance for me (and probably also other backers) to be a bit more excited of the t-shirt stretch goals ...

    16. André Roy
      on November 23, 2015

      And after White Howler and Bunyip, maybe a Croatan tribebook (although I do love "Croatan Song").

    17. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on November 22, 2015


      And if the cards do well on, maybe we might see the other Gift card sets much later on. Sort of like how the White Howlers Tribebook kinda paved the way for the Bunyip Tribebook that's in the works.

      Hope to see you guys at the Changeling 20th KS and/or By Night's W:tA 20th MET book KS!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nik May on November 22, 2015

      Great news to be Carbon negative overall! Maybe every future KS needs an achievement for Tree planting! :D

    19. Renato Nunes Cosentino on November 22, 2015

      Congratulations in another sucessfull Kickstarter.

      Shame that it didn't reach that US$ 70.000 milepost, I was hoping to see all those gift cards decks, the idea sounds wonderful.

      It seems that a lot of photos weren't counted for in the achievements, could you guys (specially Rose, who was doing the tally) clarify what criteria was used? Looking at the final count of art, I known that the photos of recipes from the werewolf cookbook weren't accepted, but the number still seems too low, so there was something else wrong with the submissions?

      I known that the total tally of 15 achievements wouldn't be reached anyhow, but part of the fun in this is the scavenger hunt of trying to make photos that match the achievements criteria.

      My count was higher for Records of Victory and Loss (original fanart), Howling at Luna's Glory (howling at the moon or with a wolf) (even if only photos with wolves are counted and only counted if those are different wolves, there should been at least 2 ) and Where the Wild Things Are (photos with a CB animal).

      And in a bit of trivia... by my calculations, 147 trees (counting all trees planted, not the number of photos) were planted in homage to this Kickstarter. Considering that in average (ok, there was a bonsai, but...) each 7 trees will compensate a ton of CO2eq, and that one book, shipped internationally (not all will be, of course, but taking the higher numbers) is about 1,7kg CO2eq (numbers from Treehugger, some years ago, calculating whether it was environmentally better to have an e-reader or buy paper books)...

      Transportation is the main source of the carbon, so, considering that both the screen and the book are 1,7 CO2eq each, and in average each backer bought a book and a screen (I may be wrong, a lot of people may have opted for just e-books or no screen, but some people bought more than one book also), 813 backers means something in the order of 2825 kg CO2eq.

      147 trees means about 21.000kg CO2eq compensated.

      Congrats, your project was carbon neutral (carbon-negative, even)!

    20. Missing avatar

      Nik May on November 21, 2015

      Yay! This has been lots of fun! :)
      Shame about those Achievements, though. D'oh! So close!

      I'll be listening to the playlist all day.
      Thanks to all of you for making this fun. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Nathan Dorey on November 21, 2015

      Wow, amazing job everyone!

      And @Amanda - such cool! Very music! There were a TONNE of great songs in there. Especially good work on War of Dragons; I'm sure that would've been tricky. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Anthony Jennings on November 21, 2015

      Thank you all for your contributions to this very successful Kickstarter. I can't wait to hear about the chronicles that you will run using this book!

    23. Liz Windham on November 21, 2015

      Aaaaand here we go! :D Right on!

    24. Caithris Ceo` on November 21, 2015

      Glad the goals were met and the project can be on its way now. I can not wait.

    25. psychicblue on November 21, 2015

      Congratulations to everyone! Cannot wait to see this book in my hands! Definitely one of the most interesting and exciting Werewolf books ever proposed! Well done team - see you at C20!!!

    26. Rose Bailey on November 21, 2015

      And we are funded!

    27. Stew Wilson
      on November 21, 2015


    28. Stew Wilson
      on November 21, 2015

      2 minutes!

    29. Marc Collins on November 21, 2015

      Into the past we go! It's been a great trip and it's going to be a beautiful project!

    30. Stew Wilson
      on November 21, 2015

      A little over an hour to go!

      Eläkeläiset - Jääkärihumppa…

    31. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on November 21, 2015

      "It's the final countdown! Just like they always sung about!" - Soos, Gravity Falls

      Can we reach $65,000, $70,000, or even higher before the KS ends? Or unlock any of the achievement rewards? Now's the chance to get everything in before the hour is up.

    32. Rose Bailey on November 21, 2015

      I'm throwing that on in the background right now!

    33. Missing avatar

      Nik May on November 21, 2015

      (That's 243 songs! Magnificent effort. Missing a few where video was deleted and such.)

    34. Missing avatar

      Nik May on November 21, 2015

      Voila! A Youtube playlist in honor of @Amanda "Hyena" Johnson's efforts. Music to Rage by...…

    35. Rose Bailey on November 21, 2015

      @Łukasz Korzeń: Amanda's correct.

      Thanks Amanda. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Łukasz Korzeń on November 21, 2015

      @Amanda - Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it.

    37. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on November 21, 2015

      I asked a similar like question the first day the KS started. Since it might take a long time to wade through all the comments: The answer was yes, they will be sold on And will have a print on demand option (Yay!).

    38. Missing avatar

      Łukasz Korzeń on November 21, 2015

      A question to Rich and Rose: any chance that Breed and Tribe Gift decks will be sold via in the near future?

    39. Missing avatar

      Nik May on November 21, 2015

      Naw, I meant a single Playlist in YouTube (Or a separate playlist per theme if you preferred). Since you're finding them in YouTube anyway. :)
      I'm impressed by your variety and dedication! I could imagine one unified youtube playlist being useful for every group playing through a Werewolf campaign, or Shattered Dreams in particular.

    40. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on November 21, 2015

      @Nik May: You mean something like 8tracks? Cause I haven't. Most of it is compiled notes on paper and a Microsoft Word File.
      I have posted a list of songs over on the Rage CCG forums, you have to be a member to see it, though.
      It's an entire thread of the previous W:tA Kickstarter playlists I did and quoted songs from the books (1st ed. to Revised).

    41. Missing avatar

      Nik May on November 21, 2015

      @Amanda - Have you compiled all these songs into a playlist? Cuz that would be epic! :)

    42. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on November 21, 2015

      War of Rage: (Missing one song for the playlist)
      * Red in Tooth and Claw by The Ettes:…

      * We’re Right, You’re Wrong by Sator:…

      * Invisible Wolves by Former Tides:…

      * Us and Them by Pink Floyd:…

      * Age of Rage by Corrode:…

      * Wolves by Nathan Gray:…

      * Very Good Bad Thing by Mother Mother:…

      * Lost by Avenged Sevenfold:…

    43. Sarah Jm Ths on November 21, 2015

      Will the achievments be updated after the end of the kickstarter ?

    44. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on November 21, 2015

      * Apocalypse, Please by Muse:…

      * Black Moon by Emerson, Lake and Palmer:…

      * When the Shit Goes Down by Cypress Hill:…

      * Apocalypse Today by The Casualties:…

      * The Future’s What It Used to Be by Apollo 440:…

      * Prehistoric Dog by Red Fang: (For "Rorg, the Many Taloned Hunter" fans)…

      * The End is Here by Alter Bridge:…

      * Waiting for the World to End by Mother Mother:…

      * And Further On by Jethro Tull:…

    45. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on November 21, 2015

      * Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) by Neil Young and Crazy Horse:…

      * Mother Earth and Father Time from Charlotte’s Web:…

      * The Mother by Xavier Rudd:…

      * Mother Earth by Freedom Call:…

      * Nature’s Way by Spirit:…

      * Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth by Neko Case:…

      * Ol’ Mother Earth by Tony Joe White:…

      * Feather, Fur, and Fin by Danny Michel:…

      * The Last Day on Earth by Kate Miller-Heidke:…

    46. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on November 21, 2015

      The Nightmaster:
      * Snuff Out the Light (Yzma‘s Song) by Eartha Kitt:…

      * I Hate the Sun by She Said Destroy!:…

      * In the Void by Bigelf:…

      * Gmork by Rosy Finch:…

      * Seasons in the Abyss by Hellsongs (Slayer cover):…

      * Bottomless Pit by Blakk Totem:…

      * Within the Abyss by Calabrese:…

      * Nothing Hits as Hard as the Abyss by Hour of the Wolf:…

      * The Night Will Always Win by Elbow:…

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