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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
1,405 backers pledged $114,155 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Fernando on

      I got mine!!! In Argentina!!!!

    2. Fabio Machado on

      @Tacito: No worries, man! Added you, we brazilian wolves gotta stick together!
      @Marcos: Yeah, those oh-so-dedicated customs officers... lol... but I'm not worried (yet) because my HME came in smoothly, so I'm pretty sure it's just a minor delay...

    3. Marcos Bomfim on

      @Tacito and @Fabio
      Waiting here still, gotta love our customs :)

    4. Tacito Reis on

      @Fabio, obrigado pela resposta! Se quiser, me adiciona no FB (, para mantermos contato! O meu foi enviado no dia 17 e está no mesmo status! Estou no aguardo e qualquer atualização, eu te informo!

    5. Fabio Machado on

      @Tacito: Still waiting here. My book was "Processed Through Sort Facility" on July 14th, but that's the last info I have. I already contacted Swish, they replied very quickly, and I was told that "It can take 4-6 weeks for packages to be delivered to Brazil".

    6. Tacito Reis on

      Has anyone from Brazil already received the book?

    7. Chris Hall on

      My copy's arrived and looks lovely, but to repeat a question, is the embossing supposed to be plain and without colour?

    8. Missing avatar

      onesteek4you on

      So I've checked all three email addresses I might've accidentally had on file, all the spam folders...I never received an address confirmation from the company and have not received my book yet. What can I do?

    9. David Sonderling on

      Is the cover supposed to be embossed but with no foil or color or anything? The side logo and text are basically unreadable, and the sigil on the cover is not very visible. This is a definite step down from the other deluxe editions I received, so I'm wondering if this is some kind of printer's error?

    10. Ryan-O, Lord of the Thunderbats on

      Just got my copy a few moments ago. Artwork is fantastic, gilting is great. Love the book. It did arrive with the top corners mashed/bent pretty badly. Not sure if this is the fault of the shipping, or if it was done during packing (bubble wrap was intact and box appeared undamaged). But other than the damage to the cover, no complaints.

    11. Jayson Turner on

      I received my copy of CB20 (and screen) today and I am very impressed with how everything turned out. A++

      Swish also did a fantastic job!

      Now I must plunge back down to the deepest waters of the umbra.



    12. Missing avatar

      onesteek4you on

      I haven't received a confirmation email yet...but it seems like everyone else has...

    13. John "King" Roberts on

      Got my tracking number... but like the email says: Please note that the tracking website can take up to one week to display your status correctly

    14. Fabio Machado on

      Got my tracking numer too! \o/

    15. John "King" Roberts on

      Hope to get a tracking number soon. Got the email to confirm on the 10th.

    16. Majicou83 on

      Just got the tracking number now.

    17. Den aka MDS (Morathi's Darkest Sin) on

      Yep, confirmed mine.. and it was my work address as requested a while back.. so perfect. :)

    18. Coyotekin

      Received the email and confirmed it. :crosses fingers:

    19. André Roy

      If they are fast and accurate, they are a keeper

    20. Kate Gryn on

      Oh, I like this system... Nice and easy!

    21. Scott Mullock on

      Received and confirmed

    22. Fabio Machado on

      Address confirmed!

    23. Majicou83 on

      My confirmation email came as well.

    24. André Roy

      My address confirmation email has arrived and was replied

    25. Magentawolf on

      My address hasn't changed in 32 years. :P

    26. Richard Thomas 36-time creator

      Swish Fulfillment.

    27. Colin Jones

      What's the name of the company and/or the address the notification will be coming from?