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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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    1. Jessica Schultz on

      So I was personally curious about other Khara gifts since the starting got me thinking.

    2. Jessica Schultz on

      @Sakuryru: The Khara got startig gifts, starting Rage and Will as well.

    3. Eiji Tsukino on

      Did the Khara or Camazotz get any extra text? I know khara are super extinct so I don't expect much but there are zero details on how the camazotz use blood or any of their rituals.

    4. Terry Colligan on

      The transition second to last, and last sentence below don't make sense. You are saying that they can use rage to enhance their strength and stamina, and then the next sentence you say they can also increase their strength and stamina. The way this is phrased makes it redundant.

      Rage and Frenzy
      Although Gurahl are generally slow to anger, when they do so, they exhibit a nearly-unequalled intensity. Gurahl can use Rage to enhance their Strength, Stamina, or to gain additional health levels.

      A Gurahl may also increase her Strength or Stamina by spending Rage on a one-for-one basis.

    5. Terry Colligan on

      and Gurahl still have the bad eyesight. Bears having bad eyesight is a myth, they in fact have better eyesight than humans. I suppose you could argue that Gurahl aren't actually bears, just bear shifters.

    6. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      @Jessica: It sounds like there may have been some issues with the downloads.
      I re-downloaded the file and the new one has the back.

      What you seem to have experienced is that the actual text is missing, but the drop-shadow from the art layer is there. Try re-downloading the file and see if it shows up with the new file.

    7. Jessica Schultz on

      So now the Khara are listed as able to get Skin of Jade and Diamond Claws as starter gifts...are there any other bastet gifts recommended?

    8. Jessica Schultz on

      @Arthur: Not quite, I have the back cover just have of what is written on it is not readable, its faded to almost the same color as the back cover...

    9. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      @Jessica: I noticed that the back cover is no longer in the PDF. Is that what you meant?

    10. Jessica Schultz on

      Anyone else notice the print at the back of the PDF is no longer readable?

    11. Ville Rantavalli on

      I noticed that both Ananasi and Ajaba still lack rank names which is pretty glaring especially at the appendix section where every other breed has its 5 ranks named.

    12. Missing avatar

      Charles Lines on

      I appreciate that the transliteration guidelines were heeded, but Chi'ih Ming still has one i too many, and the state of the Zhong Lung and Mokole Gifts is that it's still marred by repeated Gifts (Harmony of the Soul), partially repeated Gifts (Anger of the Wani, The Dragon's Tongue/Dragon's Tongue), and the Galliard Gift kludge. Also, the Okuma are still from the reverse-time universe.

    13. Stew Wilson

      Alexander: The venom strength depends on the type of spider that the Ananasi changes into in Crawlerling form; as such I'd have had to include a range of examples. The text was already dense enough that we didn't have space in the book to do that.

      @Guillermo: The line at the bottom of each form entry is a "write in" Ability; perfect for those shapeshifters whose Dexterity changes in their second form.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brown on

      I am disappointed that they still do not list the strength of the Anansi venom, or at least not in any of the three intuitive places(Venom rules, form summary, or form descriptions).

    15. White Howler on

      I hadn't noticed it but yeah they changed the art for the Apis.

      The poor bats are still ass ugly but cool change on the cows.

      Anyone else note big changes? The above notification seemed to indicate some hard calls were made.

      What was changed?

    16. Manuel Gebhard on

      I'm impressed - despite the short timeframe, the Aurochs form of the Apis now looks a lot more like an Aurochs!

    17. White Howler on

      The names that I'd paid for, and were missing have appeared. Good deal! :)

    18. Guillermo Cáceres Reverte

      They don't change the character sheet, in the second form there are not dexterity.

    19. Diogo Salazar on

      Nevermind, I drivethru just updated it

    20. Diogo Salazar on

      So, when is the PDF with the corrections being released?
      Also, did we raised the extra money for the intro story?

    21. Paul Baxter on

      Ugh... You're killing me, Rich! By which I mean: I didn't pony-up the money for even the PDF of this book, and I slavering to see in on DriveThruRPG (yes, yes, yes, I'm one of the 7 who only pledged $5), so I'm still waiting. Don't worry too much, though. I've learned my lesson, and from here on out, I'm spending enough to get the books.

      Okay, now back to my sadness.

    22. Majdi Badri on

      Awesome! Can't wait. I had to just read bits and pieces of the PDF because I don't want to spoil reading the physical thing.