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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
1,405 backers pledged $114,155 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on

      @Rich: Sent money through my paypal account.
      Should this be also posted on the main comment section as well?

    2. Richard Thomas 36-time creator

      @ All of You: Wow, just, wow. Thanks so much for your desire to help compensate for the $2500 loss we suffered/are suffering/might suffer. We don't know for sure that there's no way that that money (or some portion) won't come back to us, but we have to operate on the idea that it won't. If you truly want to contribute more so that Jess has something closer to the original amount to work with in hiring writers, and editing, and design, then even though I'm prepared to scale back the Anthology, I think opening up a PayPal channel for you to do so is part of the community spirit of this Kickstarter. So, you can send extra pledge money to on PayPal. Please label it with Extra CB Pledge in the notes. If we hit $2500 I'll update here and let you know you need to stop. If we don't get that much then anything you send will go towards the Anthology in whatever way gets us a bit closer to the original thinking. Thank you all again.

    3. André Roy

      I read about him on Kicktraq, he hit over 100 kickstarters with this scam. Thankfully he's barred, but the damage is done.

      That being said, I'm ok with a shorter anthology.

    4. Ville Rantavalli on

      @Ian Watson: I was aiming at making the book cheaper to print by having less pages but since its a PDF... I guess something has to be left out.

    5. Timothy Cook on

      Seconding (tenthing?) a desire to pitch in extra through side channels, regardless of direct backer rewards or lack thereof. Point us at a Paypal.

    6. Granite26 on

      Reading the comments section in that article, it sounds like some of the scammed are out not only the pledge, but also the KS fee for the pledge (10%?) on top of that.

      Which seems kinda scammy on KS' part

    7. John Bellando

      How much would you have to make up? Is it the full $2500? Or could everyone kick in a few $ for the full thing?

    8. Ian A. A. Watson on

      Ville, when we talk about pagecount, we're talking about the words. Because we pay by the word. It's just easier for people to grasp when we say "this book will be 100 pages" rather than "this book will be 38,000 words" or whatever. So making the font smaller would have no effect on the matter.

    9. Ville Rantavalli on

      I bet it sucks for Stew Wilson as well. Poor chap was probably all set to create a great session for the pledger...

    10. Ville Rantavalli on

      Well maybe you could try some 'editing magic' with the anthology to reduce page count?
      Such as using smaller font, less images etc. So the actual text wouldn't have to be cut out.

      After all its the text which is important in an anthology.

    11. Nikolai Steen on

      Why would a person do something like this ?! *feels the anger of the beast stir towards that person who did this just to spite a great kickstarter-thing*

    12. Missing avatar

      Danny Rushton on

      I'm dangerously close to going into Crinos form now! Don't KS have something set up to stop this happening or to refund the difference, like PayPal do?

    13. Petri Wessman

      Sucks. I'm also up for helping recoup some of that loss, I'd love to see the anthology get the treatment it deserves.

    14. James Burdo on

      This is why the Syndicate would be against crowdfunding. Kickstarter response here:

    15. Alfredo Pedroza on

      If it would help I would like to pitch in for the loss. I mean it's such a shame to see this happen, especially to you guys who are amazing game creators. Please let us know if we, the backers/fans, can do anything to resolve this problem.

    16. Eiji Tsukino on

      I'll definitely chip in more if those channels are opened for us to recoup the loss!

    17. Ian Sargeant on

      Here here, I second the motions brought forth by Jonathan and Arthur about recouping the $2,500. I mean we all want to see O.P.P. Succeed and flourish so we can keep getting shiny, shiny books. If there is anyway we can help to pay back that which was lost, please Rich let us know.

    18. Jonathan on

      I am also going to +1 the possibility of giving us a tool or a locale to make direct contribs on this one. I love Jess and the other authors and want to make sure they get to produce the product they want and know that we as fans support them. I don't know if everyone would be able to chip in a few dollars, but I know I would...

    19. Joe Bianco

      you know what..?
      ypu gotta do what you gotta do right?
      the main books stuff was bought and paid for so the rest of the $$ is spread thinner.

      it sucks that a scammer got in here to soil our waters.... but it is no reflection on this great team. I expect that the decisions you guys will make to best utilize our pledge money will be done with the good judgemnet you have shown in all the past endevores i've seen from you guys.

    20. Roxane Tourigny on

      The good news is that among the numerous KS campaign you guys pulled, this is the only one the scammer aimed. However, as fraud seems to increase, I believe that KS should toss out its usual "laissez-faire" attitude and give more tools for both backers and creators to protect themselves.

    21. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Alright, Rich.
      But, still... if there's a way we can figure out a way to contribute directly so that the projects don't have to be altered, let us know?

    22. Amanda "Hyena" Johnson on

      @Arthur Dreese:
      Read this on the scammer:

      The scammer did it by doing "charge backs". The scammer did it after they had received the project had gotten the money, probably around or a bit before the pdf. was released. Or Kickstarter had caught the account a few weeks ago, and still had to refund the money to Amazon or whatever card was used.

    23. Richard Thomas 36-time creator

      Folks- in general I really don't want to mention his name or give this creep any more publicity than he already has. You can google the Kickstarter scam and get the info and see how he worked it, but please let's keep our nice Comments section clear of that kind of nastiness. Thanks.

    24. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      So... wait... *scratches head* It ended in June, and... didn't you guys already get the money from KS for this, or does it take 5 months to get the check from KS? Or have you guys known about this for a while and have been hoping it would come through eventually anyways? I'm more curious as to the process.
      Also, if they submitted a name for the KS, I'm sure we'd all love to have that identity published...
      Hmmm... So... what if the fans came up with the $2,500 extra? *taps chin* What would the realistic price be to make it "all good" be?

      I hope that the lists of corrections is helpful to you guys. :)

    25. Paul Baxter on

      Oh... Grrr! So much anger, but it's all directed toward that jerk, not toward Rich or anyone at Onyx Path. You are doing great work.

    26. Gavin Downing on

      Vile. Sorry you guys got treated that way.

    27. SacredRoach

      I am ok with this. I knew going in that stuff can happen. Plans can change. That you are being upfront with us is the important thing as far as I am concerned.

    28. Missing avatar

      Anna Ruotsalainen on

      Well..that sucks.

      At least we got the extra content to the book.