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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
1,405 backers pledged $114,155 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Richard Thomas 36-time creator

      @Danielle: No, please do. Only way we can get you your rewards! :)

    2. Danielle Johnston on

      I must have lost this e-mail...we're getting ready to move continents. Am I too late to do this survey?

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Bobosky on

      Rage Across the Breeds

      The Many Flavors of Rage

      Changing Breeds: Gaia's Many Children

    4. Richard Thomas 36-time creator

      @Georg: You haven't missed anything. I will send a specific Update to all backers who get the PDF with the link to download it. Backers will get a chance to review the PDF before it goes on sale at DTRPG. No idea who the TOP folks are, but they are wrong about this.

    5. Georg Mir on

      Hey there!

      I was wondering about the status of the W20 CB PDF, because the TOP-catalogue mentioned it as being "available now." Have I missed something? In case the PDF goes online on DTRPG, will we receive it soonish?

      I don't mind a little wait though. :) Just happy to have a look.


    6. Geoffrey Rabe on

      Hi. Jess - I think your idea to call the book 'Feral Tales' for the Changing Breeds is perfect, as an alternative to 'Faerie Tales' for mortals.

    7. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      "10 Erotic Tales that Don't Break the Litany"

    8. Majicou83 on

      "I just met you, and this is crazy. But you're a lizard. Mokole maybe?" Though that may be too long for a title.. and copyright concerns. O.o

    9. Majicou83 on

      Tales of Nine Tails and Other Assorted Menagerie.

    10. André Roy

      I agree, let'shope all the backer has filled up their Survey by now.

    11. Ville Rantavalli on

      Okay it's October 10th. let's hope those 30 or so lazy backers have sent their surveys and the process can continue without further delays from the backer side.

    12. André Roy

      Here's a couple more:
      - Fera Unleashed
      - Rise of the Fera

    13. Ian Sargeant on

      Or "Tales once thought lost through mists of time, now return to the Wyld Sublime"

    14. Ian Sargeant on

      CB Anthology title "Tales of the Wyld"

    15. Missing avatar

      SoulEmber on

      "The Fera Chronicles"
      "The World Through Our Eyes"

    16. Fabio Machado on

      @Jess: I justa wanna say I find it most awesome you folks are letting us choose (or at least have a voice on the choosing of) the name of the anthology. To be this involved on the creation of a book for the game line I love so much really means a lot. Thank you!

    17. Buck Grasser on

      Flux Babies
      Children of the Flux

    18. Missing avatar

      Dominic Parent on

      Isn't it about time there was a book called "Stories and songs"?

      And it could also include, songs!

    19. Michael S. on

      Last one I promise...

      War of Rage: A Treatise on 'Whoops My Bad'

    20. Michael S. on

      Gaia's Forgotten Children
      Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...
      Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
      The Monster Book of Monsters

    21. Paul Baxter on

      @ Diogo: +1 on that idea!

    22. Jess Hartley on

      You guys are awesome (and sometimes slightly disturbing...)

    23. Diogo Salazar on

      Talking with a friend of mine another idea popped up: "No dogs allowed"

    24. Ville Rantavalli on

      Changing breeds: The near ancients and warriors of final regret.

    25. GetofUktenaGazer on

      Therianthropes gone Wyld!

      Animal farm--part 2: Son of Animal Farm's REVENGE

      Confessions of a Tellurian cryptozoologist

      Mammals, Reptiles, Arachnids, oh my!

    26. Matthew McFarland

      _Rokea, And Other Stories_

    27. André Roy


      Yes it's a general reminder...while insisting on the missing 30 or so backers who had not filled it yet.

    28. Missing avatar

      blackday on

      I take it this is a general reminder?, coz i swore i filled up that survey last time.

    29. Ellen Schousboe on

      Songs of the Sun and Moon: Tales of the Mother's Children is my new favorite suggestion.
      Or Many Skins: Songs of Moon and Sun.
      Or Many Skins: Under Moon and Sun.

      I don't like suggestions that refer to Fera as "the other children" or something, because the idea of the anthology IMO is that they're just as important as the Garou. Calling them those other guys would imply they're second-rate shapeshifters.

    30. Fabio Machado on

      "Songs of the Sun and Moon: Tales of the Mother's Children" sounds very Werewolf-y... I like it!

    31. William J. Schebler Jr on

      Without having a theme or knowing if the stories connect in any way I like Feral Tales. Many Skins is a nice one as well. I might go with Songs of the Sun and Moon: Tales of the Mother's Children.

    32. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      I guess part of it may depend on the set-up for the Anthology.
      Is it a collection of stories gathered ICly? Is there a uniting theme, or a string that ties the stories together? Or is it literally just different authors writing completely different stories with no attempt to unite them within the pages in any way?

    33. Kristen Volpi on

      "Survivors of the Rage"
      "war of rage: the true story"
      "tales of the the other tails"
      "The "lost" Brethren"
      "the "forgotten Brethren"
      "Gaia's Other children"

    34. Ellen Schousboe on

      Many Skins is a good suggestion.
      Or how about Do Not Go Gently or Go Not Gently.
      Or Savage Beasts.

    35. Michael J. Smith on

      How about "Many Skinned Menagerie"

    36. Paul Baxter on

      I suggest calling it "The Hunters Hunted 2 Fiction Anthology"! Wait, that title's already taken... XP

    37. Missing avatar

      Jason Corley

      Johnny L. Nuwisha's All-True No-Bullshit Stories That Really Happened

    38. Jess Hartley on

      I'm loving your guys' suggestions! I was thinking "Feral Tales", but some of these are way better. Going to start this question on the comment thread too, to make sure folks see it and chime in! Keep those ideas coming!

    39. John Horler on

      Fury of the Forgotten.
      Legends of the Lost.
      or Many Skins are all pretty good

    40. James McKendrew

      "Hookers and Blow" Bonus points if you can tie it in in the prologue.

    41. Diogo Salazar on

      "Here There Be Monsters"
      "Where the Wild Things Are"
      although I believe the last one might give problems of copyright? I don't know but I like to make titles that reference or make a pun on something else. Just my two gnosis of chiminage.

    42. Missing avatar

      Darryl Green on

      "Aesop's Untold Stories"
      "An Ark's Worth of Stories"
      "What the Corax Said"
      "Fera Itself"

    43. Missing avatar

      Matthew Finco on

      "Calls of the Wyld" & "Gaia's Forgotten Warriors" are both good titles.

    44. Chad Horsley on

      Title should be: "Savage Others" although I could also go for "Different Skins" I like that rather than many I think.

    45. Trish Pettinati on

      "Calls of the Wyld"

      There's also: Corvids, Felines, and Ursines, Oh My! (Yes, that's a joke. ;P )

    46. Garron Lewis on

      Industrial Zoo: The Fera Chronicles

    47. White Howler on

      "Many Skins"

      For the many types of fera, and doubles for the Fera that appeared through most of the books in the past touching many of their stories.