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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
1,405 backers pledged $114,155 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Ville Rantavalli on

      *unusual deviation*

    2. Ville Rantavalli on

      The "potato sack" Kitsune was quite unusual from the previous art as well.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sam Benke

      Yesss ratkin stuff. This made my day! I am glad to see other things getting some stuff now. Though I do have one tiny issue... Why is their artwork for the ratkin horrid? They made it look like some Nosferatu looking thing. I hope thats not their decision for how their crinos form looks now. If anything I would -maybe- see that as a glabro like form, that gift that homid ratkin can get.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dominic Parent on

      Hi! I just had a thought regarding the medallions. I'm pretty sure there's a glyph for "Fera", no? Wouldn't it be great to have the general fera medallion? Would it be possible?

    5. Chris Gauges-Balfour on

      @Low Key. I to would love to see some insect changers, I doubt that is a option this late in the game. I'm very happy to hear that the bards and turtles will be joining there family's.

    6. Missing avatar

      Low Key on

      Oooo, that's new! :)

      Ok, I am very happy!

    7. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      @Low Key:
      "At $104,000 of contributions, we will expand the Lost Breeds chapter to include information on both the extinct turtle varna of the Mokolé and the Ratkin Bards, lost forerunners of the Munchmausen Freak Aspect, allowing for historical chronicles or for them to be revived in the modern day."

    8. Missing avatar

      Low Key on

      I'm moving this from the comments to here because with all the... interesting and passionate posting I can easily imagine the odd post getting lost.

      In terms of what I'd like to see for our next stretch goals?
      Insects! (Yes, Yes, YES!)
      Then Ratkin Bards. Then I guess the turtles since there's such a lot of love. (Actually, heard so much nagging for both of these from one or two posters I'm now rapidly going off the idea. I'm totally fatigued on both of them)
      New (or old ones we've not been told about) breeds or variants, basically!

      I'm still not enamoured by the idea of fiction, but I'm not the only backer, so never mind :)

      I'd still like to see historical settings over more on geographical ones (wild west, Victorian, dark ages, colonial India, revolutionary China, there's plenty to pick from!)

      Not interested in a North America Beast Court.
      But more info on the situation in Russia or the Fera side of Australia would be cool if we're doing geography.

      I'd prefer rites/gifts/fetishes/totems to more fiction, but they're not high on my list.
      Extra Merits and Flaws probably rank higher, but they seem like a total waste of a stretch goal at this point!

      Ok, I know it's probably way too late for any of this, I'm sure you've already got plans for what's coming next, but it doesn't hurt to offer.

      As an aside, with all this fiction you're promising, I'd be happy to write some of it for you.
      Love the setting, love the Fera, would love the opportunity!
      I imagine you're already set for writers and have a million more banging down the doors, but it doesn't hurt to ask :)

    9. André Roy

      Okuma, 2 (maybe 3) short stories and the Apis.

      A goodday of pledging.

    10. André Roy

      Oh forgot Ratkin bard from my list. They're not a breed as such, but a Lost Ratkin Aspect that got exterminated during the War of Rage too.

    11. Chad Lynema on

      I would love to see a "Lost Breed" book, have it include everything that's been hinted at over the years, call it the Changing Breeds Companion book or something.

    12. André Roy

      A "Lost Breed" Breedbook could be fun to have. With the Okuma, Apis, Camazotz, Grondr and Khara.

      Bunyip is a differnet story.

    13. Eiji Tsukino on

      My idea? W20:CB-The lost and forgotten. A book detailing all those lost shifters their lore tribal grounds etc and a tidbit on how to play them in a past based game. Sorta like the hengeyokai book gave us our emerald court brethren.

    14. André Roy

      Yes it would be ironic for the Matchmaker to get no love.

    15. Caithris Ceo` on

      Sweet deal we got the bears now and all that really left is those Apis who are so lacking in the love. We need our love makers in the book now hehehe :)

    16. André Roy

      WE just passed the $95 000 bar. We have Okuma!!

      $2500 to go for the Apis!

    17. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      Finally at 97,500 APIS get some love:)

    18. André Roy

      Now down to $2 646.

      We need the Apis!

    19. Missing avatar

      nimdil on

      We need this 2900$!