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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
1,405 backers pledged $114,155 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Luchetto on

      holy batman , we did it !

    2. Akin on

      All right, Mokole medallion! >^___^>

    3. Streamjumper on

      I'm pretty sure they've said in the past that the Okuma were the Sun Bears.

    4. André Roy

      Maybe. But all of my WTA stuff: including my players guide ot the changing breed and my Hengeyokai book are in storage

    5. Michael J. Smith on

      I haven't read the relevant passages in a while wasn't there some sort of implication that some of the Okuma were pandas? Or am I just misremembering?

    6. André Roy

      I agree the writeup would be different as we would probably be using Sloth bear, spectacled bear or Sun bear as breed and they would have the Beast Court mentality.

    7. Michael J. Smith on

      It's not just about stats, though, a writeup will give a slightly more miniscule bit of background knowledge that we didn't have before. It's part of why I am so excited about the Camazotz info, and the other Lost Breeds stuff in this book. They have hinted at all of this stuff for years and its cool to finally see official takes on it.

    8. André Roy

      @Micheal. The Okuma would also be nice, then again they could be easily converted from the Black WereBear.

    9. Michael J. Smith on

      Well if you are doing the Khara, please also consider adding the Okuma (The extinct Asian werebears.) as a stretch goal before the kickstarter is over.

    10. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      @Alan: Already done:
      "At $80,000 of contributions, we will include both the expanded sections, Hengeyokai and Ahadi, in the W20 Changing Breeds book itself."

    11. Alan Orr on

      What about, instead of more fiction, a stretch goal to include the Hengeyokai Beast Courts PDF and Ahadi PDF in the book?

    12. Christopher Lenaris on

      oh and before people start....I actually LOVED that they gave the artists and such a bonus...

    13. Christopher Lenaris on

      So are we going to get what is invested this time or shafted again by "streatch goals" that are really just more ways of getting money out of us?

    14. Industrial Scribe on

      Both Ratkin and a European version of Werefoxes always came up in my CWoD games.

      It's hard to have an Urban environment without these two breeds so maybe at least the RatKin will get some more love and give the concrete jungle a little more depth and choice.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sam Benke

      I know that its not going to happen, but is there any possibility of getting more stuff for the Ratkin? I've been dying for them to get something worth while since the Time of Judgement line (given how much their book goes into what a great time it will be for them and how they outnumber the garou) Yet all they really got was a tiny mention in the countdown clock, and a ratkin NPC who joins the Glasswalkers. I gave a read through the rough draft of the W20 changing breed book and was sort of disappointing at what I read. It really plays up the "They are crazy nutters that love destruction" but missed a lot of the nuances like the fact that they often mercenary hire themselves out, or cunning aspects of it. It seems written as if the Twitcher is the norm. They don't really seem to get much in the way of new gifts given their stance on technology and the progression of tech (Glasswalkers got a bunch of new stuff in W20). In the info for fetishes there wasn't much beyond the Pain Dagger.

      I know part of this just happens to be my love for the ratkin, I've always seen the most love for Bastet. Though to tie into this announcement, Will we at least be getting info on the Ratkin Bards. People point to the Munchmausen, but it would be nice to see what the Bards were like back in the days before the war of rage, back when the ratkin were the best of buddies with the garou.

    16. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      Great, W20: Changing Breeds now has room for the wiped-out Camazotz (Were-Bats) and then at $89,000, a Short-Story is added and then at $90,000 room will be made for the Extinct Khara (Were-Sabretooth and I thought that's what's happens when a Khan Bastet (Were-Tiger) takes it's Near-Tiger form!) and at $91,500 another short story! Then what about Apis (Were-Auroch (Pre-Historic Cattle!)) and Grondr? (Were-Boars!)

      Having spent a all-together $665 backing both "Compelling Fera" and "Calculating Fera" reward tiers! I have spent all the money I'm going to spend on this Kick-Starter. I can safely say I have done my bit!

    17. Wolfhearted Storyteller on

      YES! The Khara! If I had the 2.2K to get us there I would turn it over immediately.

    18. Eiji Tsukino on

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!! I love camazots!! and now we have a chance to get Khara too? Should I just write over my life savings now or what? Lol keep up the good work everyone! We need the Khara!