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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
1,405 backers pledged $114,155 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Stew Wilson

      We've no plans to release an official conversion of the World of Darkness games to another system (unless you count the Storyteller/Storytelling conversion presented by the Translation Guide).

      I'd encourage people looking for conversions to work with like-minded fans either on the White Wolf forums or larger sites like RPGnet.

    2. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      There's the G.U.R.P.S. Werewolf: the Apocalypse book (taken from 1st Edition, I think), and the Deadlands/Werewolf dime novel series was... interesting.
      GURPS Werewolf is about the most comprehensive translation of a system you're going to find for Werewolf.

      But if you want some better ideas on other systems using the W:tA setting, feel free to ask over on the CWoD forums and see what sorts of answers you get. :)

    3. Ville Rantavalli on

      Second edition werewolf had a conversion guide as a piggy bag in the Deadlands dime novel-series.

      I believe you could modify it to W20 with little to no trouble except when it comes to gifts.
      Gifts would definitely take more work to convert.

    4. Jason Best on

      Any chance we could do a stretch goal for Fatecore conversions for the Changing breeds or the other books? I LOVE WOD content and have been joining the kickstarters, but I have a group that is burnt out on the storyteller dice system. I was planning on trying to convert stuff on my own to fate, but would DEFINITELY up my reward if a conversion book was offered.

    5. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      Yay, Hengeyoki & Ahadi!
      Yay, a Full Colour Comic!
      Yay, Camazotz, Roll on $87, 000
      Yay a Changing Breeds Fiction Anthology
      Roll on $90,000

    6. Harald Hellerud on

      Aaah! I NEED that Camazotz addition for my new campaign! Now I have to bully my poor players into pledging their life savings...

    7. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Alexander: "V20 Companion" earned $31,172 of its 96,326 total (32%) in the last 10 days.
      "V20 Children of the Rvolution" earned $18,463 of its $55,394 total (33%) in the last 10 days.
      "W20" earned $149,623 of its $380,015 total (39%) in the last 10 days.
      "Hunters Hunted II" earned $20,445 of its $69,856 of its total (29%) in the last 10 days.

      In almost every single campaign, each KickStarter earned nearly 2/3 of its final total in the first 20 days, meaning it earned 1/3 of its remainder in the last stretch (with the last 6 days being the biggest boosts.)
      The majority of the earnings happen on the first day(s) of the KickStarter from the "first-in-liners", with "trickle-ins" taking most of the rest. HOWEVER, what is MOST curious to me are the last 6-days of contributions... are these people upping their pledges with new add-ons, pledge-goals, or are these new pledges (something I may investigate another night.)

      *NOTE: Most KickStarters have ended at Noon EST (-4GMT), so the final days are shortened. There are also some curious blips that I'd like to find out what they coorilate to: Are they just random, or did they coorespond to changes in the Pledge Levels, or add-ons that were offered? Or were they days of the week that were poor, or better for pledges?

      However, IF the trend remains the same, then I would have to agree with KickTraq's "Trending Toward" estimate of $125K for the final result of the KickStarter. So my guess is that we could see $120-$130 if the pattern persists (of course, W20 and HH2 prove that the trends can vary +/- 6%)

    8. Ian A. A. Watson on

      Glad people are enjoying the medallions!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brown on

      I so want to see this section, too...kinda sad this one is pledging so slowly..I guess there are not as many fans of the Changing Breeds...That we are finally getting info on the Apis(which are the ones I am most curious about), Camazotz, and Grondr is nice...but, well, frankly..I would love to see them get their own Breed Books like we had in 2nd Edition. So any extra info we get is most welcome.

    10. Eiji Tsukino on

      Can we please get a guide on camazitz revival in this or a new rage across series? I loved using the books plot to revive my bunyips!

    11. White Howler on

      I'd have liked more on all three lost breeds, considering it's almost 10% more of the entire total we have now, to reach that Stretch goal, the Jump from 80 to 85 thousand was painful, getting to 87 might be tough.

      That being said, if we're going to get them one at a time, I'm glad the Camazotz are first. They're the ones I want to know most about.

      10 days left.. we're at almost $81,000... I'm hoping those, that are 'holding out' till the last week punch it up to at -least- $87. I'd love info on all three lost breeds, but the Camazotz most especially.

    12. Schaeffer Tolliver

      Yeah.. I'm intrigued by them too. I'd love to know more without asking a Mokole or waking a bear.

    13. WuseMajor

      Woo! Camazotz! I'd like to know more about this "Nice Blood Sorcery" they have that was part of what got them killed.