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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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    1. Ashley Jade "Blaze" Wiles on

      In perfect world I would like to see some physical items, such as Iron-On Patches for the Changing Breeds and Garou tribes, physical Medallions, Dice, Posters, clothing, book bags, and the like. But I would guess they would have to be Addons rather than stretch goals if they became available at all.

      As for actually useful suggestions, I would personally go for more fiction involving the changing breeds, there is very little involving them and in some respects I do find the fiction very useful in putting my mind in the right frame of mind for a game. More setting and mechanical information on any of the breeds is always welcome, Info on how the different power structures of the Fera and Garou interact - what happens in the no mans land between an area controlled by the beast courts and an area controlled by the garou nation, formation of mixed breed 'packs' and example story hooks in general. More of a general W20 suggestion here - but info on Historical, contemporary, and maybe even future settings? Rome, Dark Ages, Victorian, and even an official nod towards something like that fan made "World of Future Darkness" supplemental.

      Being British and a kitsune fanatic I've always been interested in if the Hengeyokai and nine-tails in particularly have any Courts or influence canonically on my little island, especially given as places like London are very much international cities (long ago I had game where I stuck a small Hengeyokai Court in London & it was good). If they have well hidden European cousins? and general info on different geniuses of foxes around the globe, Grey Foxes, Arctic, etc.

      I'd counsel against another cookbook - While I'm defiantly looking forward to this novelty from W20, it is just that a novelty. Unless your sure you can make significantly different from the Garou version, I think your going to end up repeating the same culinary and cultural themes especially where you have a Garou Tribe and a Fera Breed coming from the same background.

      If you really want to push, you could put up a larger stretch goal of a short audio book if it was economically feasible. It would be awesome to hear the WoD fiction come to life like that.

    2. Jason Dickerson

      Definitely option A for me. I like the idea of adding information about the lost changing breeds and kinfolk.

    3. Missing avatar

      Brent Russell on

      Definitely option A.

      My preference would be for a section or sections detailing Fera in different time periods. Wild West, Dark Ages, Victorian (what would a steampunk Rokea be like?), or nearly any other time period.

      I'm all about more content. I don't think I've seen a suggestion in here that I wouldn't be excited to read.

    4. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Bwah-hah-hah. Poor, but funny spelling mistake on my part.
      Oops. My bad. Sorry, folks.

    5. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      How about information on the Shiters who are kin to other shifters, or Kinfolk who are kin to two?
      Within the Beast Courts, wily Nuwisha, or areas of cultural overlap, there must be quite a few, or at least enough for some discussion, or a Merit.

    6. Ernie Sawyer

      A. Definitely. More on:
      (1) the Lost Breeds and
      (2) Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. I say this because in all of the World of Darkness the Pacific Islands have been covered by Changeling only (I think).

    7. André Roy

      I would love to see more detail of the lost would be useful for gaming in earlier time.

    8. Nix on

      Outside an Ajaba book, I'd love a more in depth look into the Shifters of various parts of the world. Australia and the Amazon were last visited in the 1st edition of Werewolf, and that wasn't really all that stellar.

    9. Nix on

      We got a White Howlers tribebook for W20. How about an Ajaba changing breed book? They were the breed that got the least information through the ages and who never got the attention they deserved. Maybe we could add that as a goal?

    10. Chris Gauges-Balfour on

      @Stew: ok we could always just make a new Litany of the tribes. It would be a Kickstarter book that made a "breed book" for all the lost breeds. It would also include more info for changers that fans want to hear about. Like the coyote, fox and hyena changers. I think we could get that funded and not have everyone begging for many more pages added to the current book. Just a thought. Anyone else think this is a good idea?

    11. Chris Gauges-Balfour on

      Like many other. I want more on the Lost Breeds.

    12. Andrew on

      A, more material on all the breeds, personally I'd love anything more on Bastet, but a larger book in general makes me happy

    13. Liz Hollendonner on

      We vote for cookbook and lost breeds!

    14. Shan Morris on

      A Changing Breed Cookbook would be nice. That could easily become a standard when dealing with W20 Kickstarters.
      Though more content is always welcome. A greater selection of fetishes for each breed, breed gifts, Information on Breed Kinfolk including various groups or the way they may interact with Garou Kinfolk.

    15. Michael J. Smith on

      Or crazy thought if you do Option A, how about a writeup on the Okuma, the Asian werebears. If you guys are gonna do all the other lost breeds you might as well hit the last corner unexplored.

    16. Michael J. Smith on

      Option A , more on the Lost Breeds. or maybe a few new gifts for the already existing breeds that make sense for them.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ben Lawson on

      Fiction anthology

    18. Missing avatar

      Phil Hattie on

      I'm with Matthew Smith, an expanded section on Fera Renown would be great, failing that I'd be keen to see the Lost Breeds expanded. Surely now we can have Western Kitsuni (Reynardi, anyone?) given an intro and a brief write up? As much as I prefer game material to fiction I also think this product as presented is already pretty in depth so I wouldn't cry over a fiction anthology. I have to admit, I really don't get the cookbook thing. I thought it was a weird idea for W20 and I'm not really all that keen on it for CB20 - truth be told its unlikely I'd even use a drivethru link for a product like that - free or not.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew Middleton on

      Options B and A. Save option c for the next step.The Bastet are my favorite, I would love details of the cultures and politics of the various breeds of bastet and their geographical locations. Will the Kindred of the East be in this book as well or is that for another kick starter?

      I would also be interested in the anthology.

    20. Missing avatar

      nimdil on

      a) > c) > b)

      I'm definitely not interested in anthology.
      In a) I'd love to see more about lost changing breeds and maybe something more about cultures of Various breeds before War of Rage.

    21. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      I meant to say "What they said!"

    22. Stew Wilson

      Right, been busy since this update was posted, but I'm going through the list now. You guys have some fantastic ideas, and I'm really impressed by all your suggestions.

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew Smith on

      A useful renown list for the other fera types?

    24. Preston L. Bobo on

      I agree with @François

      A) More on the lost breeds
      B) Changing breeds cookbook

      I am especially interested in the Lost Breeds.

    25. Beckett on

      A) More on the lost breeds
      B) Changing breeds cookbook
      C) A simple chart/text/chapter on location of the feras in the world

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Finco on

      Definitely b) A Changing Breeds Fiction Anthology!
      My second option would be more about Fera in different regions around the world.
      Thanks for asking!

    27. Magentawolf on

      b) A Changing Breeds Fiction Anthology!

    28. Harald Hellerud on

      Australia should be a great place for both Ananasi and Nagah, and there ought to be Ratkin there as well. And Rokea, of course. How about Corax? Are there any corvids Down Under?

    29. Ryan-O, Lord of the Thunderbats on

      In order of appeal to me:
      1) More on the Lost Breeds (specifically the Camazotz)
      2) Fiction Anthology
      3) More/expanded on current sections of the book.
      4) Very distant last place would be a cookbook (just doesn't appeal to me personally).

    30. Missing avatar

      Lachlan Smith

      Some more information about Fera around the world. One of the things I liked about WW books was they usual at least mentioned Australia. Very little about anything bar the stream of Mokele here. More info would be wonderful.

    31. Treamayne on

      Aside from what little we know of the Bunyip, we have almost no data on Oceania and the Dreamtime "down under." Some information on the Fera of Australia/New Zealand would be my first pick for expanded content in the book. A Changeing breeds short Fiction anthology would also be nice, but not as good as more game data for a region that hasn't been explored much.

    32. Missing avatar

      Danny Rushton on

      I'm loving this 'what would it be like if the war of rage went differently' that other people have suggested. You could do a few thousand words on that surely?

    33. Missing avatar

      Danny Rushton on

      I'd love expanded Gurahl stuff too

    34. Missing avatar

      Iain MacPhee on

      I think Fiction Anthology would be pretty cool.

    35. Akin on

      *A color comic (if it isn't TOO expensive)
      *More mokole stuff: full archid trait list and info on when they regain rage. the previous CB book lacked this. Reminder: the mokole breed book mentions that Unktehi can also be Mexican Beaded Lizards, not just Gila Monsters
      *info on kinfolk of each of the fera
      * Kitsune and Ajaba stuff. A breedbook would be awesome
      *MORE gifts, especially with all the gifts W20 has, some of these previously obscure ones should be appropriate for some of the Fera

    36. Missing avatar

      Danny Rushton on

      Roll on $85K I want that colour comic. And a fiction anthology, that would be cool.

    37. Harald Hellerud on

      I always, always prefer more proper game material to pure fiction and other stuff. More stuff about Lost Breeds would be perfect, but fiction or a cookbook would not get me to throw more money in the pot, I'm afraid.

    38. Thomas Maund on

      I'd like to see:
      1) Fully fleshed out cultural/background material for the Kitsune and the Ajaba. The Ajaba have been around long enough to have a full history, and I just happen to be a Kitsune fanboy.
      2) More on the lost breeds would be great. Since the Bunyip failed to make an appearance in stat terms in W20, how about sneaking them in here? I've always wanted to know more about how they and Rainbow Serpent operated, and about WoD's version of the Dreamtime.
      3) Everyone loves more crunch bits. Gifts, Rites and Fetishes!
      4) These alternate setting ideas folks are positing do sound like a cool idea.

    39. Jesper Julskov Schlie on

      I'd like to see more text in the book:
      The Fera during the Apocalypse
      More on the lost Breeds

    40. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand von Schenk

      Hi !
      The best thing for me would be more content to the book:
      - More on the lost breeds
      - Ideas for campaigns with different Fera
      - more pages for every type of Fera for their history, cultural background, "high hollidays" and rituals, Kinfolk etc.

    41. White Howler on

      I like the idea of a write up "What if the War of Rage had gone differently" as an alternative setting with the Fera Ascendant. As pointed out you wouldn't need an entire book but a 50 page chapter (PDF) on that possibility would be awesome. You could work the lost breeds info into that.

      You could do alot of things with a total reversal like this. The fera holding different countries/landmasses and the GAROU being the ones hiding and on the run, struggling to make a comeback.

      That'd be an awesome "Possible Alt Setting" and one I'd love to see fleshed out.

    42. Behalior on

      Moar text in da book!

    43. Missing avatar

      Talon Waite on

      Here is what the book needs;

      > More information on the Lost Breeds
      > Expanded look at fetishes and fera rites and gifts
      > Take into account missing information from the manuscript release that has been listed on the forums

    44. Streamjumper on

      1> Give us a little more cultural material on the Kitsune and Ajaba. Both have stats, but are a little lacking in background, history, and general info aside from rules, especially the Ajaba. At the same time, give the Nuwisha their own actual versions of the Homid/Latrans/Ragabash lists instead of requiring wholesale used of the Garou lists as written. More attention to their sole camp (or camps, if you opt to add one or two more), a few more faces to Coyote, and some more of their own rites might be nice, as would some kind of den/gnosis resource background (breeds with little to no ability have these, why not the inveterate traveling loners known for disrespecting the rules and doing goofy things?)

      2> With the less fleshed out EXTANT breeds now a little more loved, give us some more on the extinct/missing breeds. I don't expect as much as the living Fera, but enough to play a historical campaign would be nifty.

      3> Mixed campaign resources. Have some of the breeds come up with gifts/rites/fetishes inclined towards dealing more effectively with one another?

      4> We've got the Courts and Ahadi... is there any kind of informal network amongst some of the secretive North American native fera? Even if currently defunct, the history of such a tradition (and possible hints of its survival/resurrection) binding Pure One fera could be pretty nifty. On a similar note, some info about Australia's Fera history could be nifty.

    45. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Some ideas over on the Forums too:…

      • Investigate PoD Poster Printing:
      Throw a few $G into doing some physical research into PoD companies that can produce the quality of posters that make you smile. Send the same files to several, get them back, see what you like. Then look into offering the V20, W20, M20, and maybe even old White Wolf book artworks, or cool interior pieces available on some online PoD store that folks can order directly from so that you don't have to handle anything but uploading the artwork to!
      This would also set you up for NWoD and EXALTED posters too (and those people apparently LOVE that game. ;) )

      • Alternative Setting guide for Fera in the W:tA game system:
      - "What if the War of Rage had gone differently for the Fera?" A developer's concept with ideas of their own. 40-60 pages with brief world over-view, mechanics, sample characters.
      - "Update the Fera after the Red Star, etc." We don't know what's in "W20 Rage Across the World", but we know that some stuff in W20 hasn't happened, and others have with some signs of the Apocalypse not showing up yet, and Black Tooth still alive, but Sam Haight was killed. Propel the story like the Mage: the Ascension Revised "Conventions" books have with a history that takes us officially past the not-quite-Apocalypse of 2004.
      - How to run games with Fera with the other splats of CWoD. Story ideas, characters, suggestions and more of how to play Bubasti with Vampires, Qualmi with Mages, Ceilican with Fae, Balam with Wraiths... okay, maybe other Fera too, but some fun ideas that may not exactly be "canon" but suggestions for STs and players might be fun to see.
      - More vague information on changing breeds that may have been... wereapes, wereinsects, weremamoths, whatever. Give some tantilizing fun tales that lead STs and players to go "uh, what? Did those REALLY exist?"

      • Expanded Rites, Gifts, and Fetishes for the Fera.
      What a Corax and a Rokea use are going to be VASTLY different, and the Mokole have MILLIONS of years of knowledge about them all. Give each Fera a page or three of new things to use.

      • A prop book for Fera!
      Like "The Book of Nod", "Revelations of the Dark Mother", "The Silver Record", perhaps a journal of a Corax (maybe tied into Stew's comic book character's idea?) who has been gathering information about the other Fera in some way? Sketches, scratches, clues, secrets...

      It's likely too late to ask for other things like pins, coins, buttons, necklaces and the likes.
      I'd love to see something that would drag in people who aren't yet convinced to pledge... people who may not have otherwise pledged. Something to draw straight Garou players/STs in so that they have something juicy to get out of it as well?

      • "Bug/Error reporting" on website.
      A place where players can properly report and post errors in the books with page #, area to correct, suggested correction and a check-mark system from you/editor when it has been corrected.
      This may also allow for a "Things we've changed" area so that when someone finds out that there has been an update to the PDF online, they can know WHAT was changed in case it was just punctuation, the name of something, or a whole rule change.

      ... though, I admit, some of these may be better suited for another KS, but I'm offering them now, in case there's some advanced interest. :)

    46. John Cooey on

      I have to agree, more information and/or myth regarding lost breeds would be wonderful.

    47. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I am only interested in expanding on what gets added to the actual book, preferably more stuff on the lost breeds or adding other breeds if possible; but anything that adds to the book would be great especially player options.

    48. Nick Esposito

      A) More Lost Breeds.

    49. Wolfhearted Storyteller on

      I'll sing with the chorus, more on the lost breeds and physical medallions.