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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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    1. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      I know, but they're Garou. Not fera. Okay, I know that technically Garou are Fera too. All of them are. Though they aren't the Fera this book is about!

    2. Missing avatar

      Imran Inayat on

      @Michael and Greg: They're doing the Tribe medallions along with the Breeds. The previous update has the Apis and Black Fury medallions.

    3. Greg Pettigrew on

      Are you implying that Bone Gnawers aren't really Werewolves at all?

    4. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      Oh, so Bone Gnawers are Fera as well?

    5. Missing avatar

      Lachlan Smith

      I have to say the Corax Breed book was one of my all time favorites, glad to see it being written in a similar style :)

    6. Jonathan on

      As usual, it seems to work quite well Jess ;) I look forward to seeing the entire thing with layout.

      Re: the Medallions, those edges might need some softening up. With the emboss being so strict some of those edges get unnaturally pixelated, especially on the Bastet token. Kind of an immersion breaker from the woodcarve look.

    7. James McKendrew

      Yeah, anyone talking 'bout Gaia's Own Gossips third person is gonna have a hard time bringin' across the flavor, I'd think...

    8. Jess Hartley on

      I was so thrilled when Stew gave me the go-ahead to run with the "in character" treatment for the Corax in CB20 - I really wanted to pay homage to the original Breedbook's take on the 'ravens, and thought this was just the right way to do so!