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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Edition a leather bound, embossed, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
1,405 backers pledged $114,155 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      As I got two separate accounts for Kick-Starter now that I pledged on two tiers. I had to log into the second one. Just for today though. I hope my contribution helped. I don't think I could possibly pledge even more.

    2. Missing avatar

      Charles Lines on

      I was really energized about the Beast Courts back in summer 1998, and held onto them since. I've looked into a lot of terms used in them, mostly falling under Chinese and Japanese, and compiled some information that I later posted onto the WW boards, here:…

      Some of them are just footnotes, but a couple are in the vein of the "Boli Zousizhe" spelling error that was thankfully corrected in W20, like the Same-Bito name for the Brightwater Auspice being a usage of light that was not in the sense of illumination.

    3. Missing avatar

      Albert on

      I second Mr. Brown's suggestion on a world map with amounts on various cities!! sounds cool seing the amounts but with the goals hidden on a map, almost like a treasure hunt.

      Also agree with Mr. Rabe about wanting to see more from lost changing breeds, or even some guidelines on how to build our own, something akin to bloodlines, as found in VtM would work

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brown on

      I really liked what I saw the Reaper Bones Kickstarter do. It had this graveyard initially with each tombstone labeled for the amount of the kickstarter, but didn't say what they were until a little ahead of the unlock. (As you know, that Kickstarter was ridiculously successful, and they had to
      keep expanding the list..) I could see something like that, maybe just using a world map, with amounts on various cities? Then we will know when things are coming, but not know what.

    5. Geoffrey Rabe on

      Hi, Rich - So happy to see this KS starting so strong! Just thought I'd add my thoughts for future stretch goals. Yes, would love an intro comic, but esp. in colour. Also, any further info on the Hengeyokai and any other of the missing or 'lost' changing breeds. Fiction would also be a great SG. And one last thing, thank you for fixing the link to the unformatted text, so we can at least start to dig in to it! Keep up the great work!

    6. Ville Rantavalli on

      Judging by the previous HH II and Anarchs unbound I'm expecting something between 150-250k in total pledges with somewhere around 800-900 backers.

      Time will tell if I got anywhere close.

    7. Ryan-O, Lord of the Thunderbats on

      Very disappointed about not getting the full list of stretch goals. From my perspective, if I saw on the list a stretch goal that greatly interested me, then I would be far more likely to kick more $$$ into the funding to try to reach that goal (even if it were far, far down the line). As it stands now, neither the Ahadi nor the comic really interest me all that much, so I'm sort of in a "sit & wait" mode, if that makes sense.

    8. Alyssia on

      Yes! What Dan said!

    9. Joseph Coyle on

      I don't get it, Rich.. You're experience? You haven't had a KS that had many stretch goals laid out in advance. Mind's Eye Vampire did it, and its working out wonderfully for them.

    10. Rain and Aidenn

      I can't speak for everyone, but the slow reveal of stretch goals is one of my least liked parts of Kickstarters that do that. I much prefer those that give us at least five out.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dominic Parent on

      If there's anyway at all to get Grondr, Camazot, Apis Breedbooks. Or may be one with all of them in it, depending on what's simpler. I would definitely work very hard to get people to pledge to this and I would definitely be more than willing to put more money. I've been waiting for those breed books for 15 years. I'd also LOVE Breed Novels. I know those tend to be for Core books, but please consider it.

    12. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      I get the "surprise" element. It's just nice to have a few ahead so that we always have at least "the next one" and don't run out of stretch goals (and depending on if there's a flurry of pledges, that might mean making sure there are always two un-locked before going to bed. ;) )

    13. Davin Pawlowski on

      There should be a Stretch Goal to fully flesh out the defunct Breeds a la White Howlers, please?