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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Book of the Wyrm a unique, full-color, deluxe treatment.
Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Book of the Wyrm a unique, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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The Votes Are In!


RichT here:

I've tabulated the votes for the Nominees for the Pentex Board of Directors seats, and we had an excellent turn out with some 1394 votes cast in all.

Before revealing the winners, I'd just like to heartily thank everyone who voted, engaged with the nomination process and made that fun, and of course, the Nominees themselves, who really got into the evil spirit of it all.

We had not tried something like this (kind of a mini-game within the KS campaign, with a bit of creative acting and writing for the Nominees, all towards the creation of new content for W20 Book of the Wyrm) using Kickstarter before, and we really didn't know how it would turn out and whether folks would have fun with it, but all of you made it as cool an experience as we had hoped. Thanks!

Without further ado, your new Pentex Board of Directors members are:

Mike Dragon's-Wrath (Nominee #1)

Ian Robertson (Nominee #2)

The Unrevealed (Nominee #8)

Congratulations to these three winners! Mike and Ian certainly campaigned hard and had compelling statements, and the Unrevealed, either intentionally or accidentally, really nailed voter psychology by proving that "less is more".

The rest of the Nominees put up a good (un)clean fight, and we're sure they'll continue their scheming and maneuvers- well, those that survive, at least.

You'll be seeing all of them in the books, and the three new Board Members with pictures and write-ups, and thanks again for your support!


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    1. Matthew Dawkins on July 26, 2014


      This company is corrupt, fetid, full of liars and I don't doubt that this vote was entirely rigged.

      I wouldn't have it any other way.

      The candidates I voted for are on the top of the pile. Of course they are. For whom do you think I voted?

      I will give you one piece of advice pre-Board meeting. Not many Directors last as long as I have. You, for instance, will not. Make the short time in which you remain more than just an Enzo Giovanni-shaped footnote. Do things that will make the Maeljin shout out your names in glory and the lupines cry them in despair. Cause major acts of hurt, grief, tragedy and chaos.

      You've been given the salaries of men tasked with changing the world. From your new positions, you had better instigate that change and show us you're worth the trouble.

      Good luck to you, and should you ever feel your age catching up with you, seek me out.

      Dr. Harold Zettler

    2. Keith Reynolds on July 26, 2014

      Also I would like to add that the 2 t-shirts I got from Redbubble recently arrived. I really do like the Pentex logo on them. It makes for an interesting conversation piece at the gaming table since some people are unaware of the Classic WoD games.

    3. Richard Thomas 26-time creator on July 25, 2014

      @Keith Boy, am I glad I asked! You were doing a really real job at indignation. Thanks and I'll get out of your RPing way... carry on.

    4. Keith Reynolds on July 25, 2014

      Mr. Thomas,

      I am playing along with the whole idea of a corrupt Pentex election, in that somehow the 8th unknown nominee was able to somehow stuff the voting box in their favor without anyone noticing. I guess I should have made that clear from the outset, and I apologize if I somehow impugned your character as it was not my intent to do so. I am honestly trying to play along with the idea of a corrupt company from the ground up to the extent that even the voting process has been influenced.

      Also, I recently recieved my hardback copy of Changing Breeds and the St screen and I can honestly say that, finances allowing, I will be supporting OPP for the forseeable future. You guys do amazing work, and again I apologize if I somehow crossed a line with you guys as it was not my intent to do so.

    5. Richard Thomas 26-time creator on July 25, 2014

      @ Keith Before this goes any further, I'd like to know if you are playing along with the whole corrupt Pentex election thing, "in character" as it were, or if you honestly believe that I am lying to all the backers about the results of the election. For real, in real life. Which is it?

    6. Keith Reynolds on July 25, 2014

      @ Warren

      I understand that people have their own reasons for voting the way they did. However, I am not requesting reasons, just a simple break down of how many votes for each candidate.

      Yes, I do have issues with wrapping my brain and thought process around how a candidate, whom we still know nothing about, was able to garner enough random support from people to secure a board seat. This "unknown" candidate has nothing of which people can make any type of decision from. No name, no bio, no background, and only 1 appeal to the people, with approximately 48 hours left to vote, which expressly involves real world events that have resulted in several hundred dead and at least some people find has crossed a moral and/or ethical line from OPP in approving it. At least one person, other than you, has already stated that they regretted voting for the candidate.

      So yeah, a breakdown of the votes might go a long way to helping to understand the outcome.

    7. Missing avatar

      Warren Nelson
      on July 25, 2014

      Hell, I voted for 8 for various reasons. My reason is that it really fit in cWoD style that the person entered but showed no interest in campaigning for the position, like they knew people were going to vote for them. Also the Unknown is strong is the cWoD and it can be anything. I liked the position of the Unknown better before she came and gave her stump for the position, but still voted for her.

      If this was RL I would not of voted for the person and would of voted for someone else. And you are right though that this is how many leaders are selected. Just check out the US. Pres Obama was elected pretty much as an unknown.

    8. Keith Reynolds on July 25, 2014

      @ Warren

      It's just too strange, and too coincidental. There are way too many red flags for me to not question it.

    9. Microberust on July 25, 2014

      @Lunus - I can assure you that I don't plan to just disappear; while my online presence might not update quite as often as during the campaign, I do plan to keep it active

      For my two cents, I think it should be left up to the individual candidates to decide if they want their tally posted. I'm fine with mine being posted, but that's also easy for me to say.

      And honestly, I'm not super surprised by the results. This is a KS for the Book of the Wyrm, which means Mike's background as a Black Spiral Dancer probably had the most broad appeal for backers, combined with a strong presence in the comments and on the Onyx Path forum. Plus, he (like Terrel) noted that his election would include Ash.

      The Unknown Candidate had the advantage of being presented as a mystery; that probably worked very well as a way to differentiate them from the rest of the nominees in the minds of the backers. Even the name itself was evocative. Plus, they likely accrued several votes that selected them as the "None of the above" option. My own votes went to the more active candidates, but I can understand the appeal.

      At a guess, I'd say I probably came in third. I have site stats from the blog I created, which kind of gave me an idea of how many people I could at least get to click a link associated with my candidate. While I was very happy with the traffic I managed to generate, I don't believe I was getting the majority of the backers. Put it another way, I had enough doubt that I was actively working on several ideas for what my failed fate would be.

    10. Keith Reynolds on July 25, 2014

      @ Warren

      I just find it strangely odd that a nominee that we know absolutely nothing about, including their name, who makes only 1 appeal to the people is somehow able to garner enough random support to actually win a seat. If this is true it would explain why a lot of incompetent world leaders currently exist. Also, it would show that Einstein's idea about human stupidity being more vast than the expanse of the entire universe being true.

    11. Missing avatar

      Warren Nelson
      on July 25, 2014

      @Keith I take it you have a problem with The Unrevealed winning the third spot.

    12. Vermiis on July 25, 2014

      @Mr. Gecko and Mr. Vidinski - Once again, thank you for your continued support. If there is anything I can do for either of you, please do not hesitate to ask.

      It is an honor to see that you all hold me in such high regard and have voted me to the board of directors. I promise you, once the formalities are completed, I will get right to work on fulfilling my promises.

      Again, thank you all for supporting me throughout this process. This is just the beginning, the first step towards the future of our company. Congratulations are in order for Mr. Roberson and the, as of yet still "Unnamed Candidate". I will be watching you both, quite closely...especially our "mysterious colleague".

      The coming days are sure to be hectic as we transition to our new roles, and I'm sure the paperwork is going to be mind-numbing, though I will continue to do my best to address any additional questions posed towards me, as well as listen to any requests that you may have.

      My first order of business is to visit several key operations and assess the security levels. I made a promise earlier in this campaign to Caio Geroto that I would stop by our South American operations, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, among other locations in that area, and that is at the top of my list.

      Rest assured, many of you will see me out and around. I will not be spending my days in an office behind closed doors.

    13. Lunus Flambeau on July 25, 2014

      Congratulations to all the winners, i enjoyed so much this board campaign. It made the KS truly dynamic and fun. It's been really different and refreshing.

      And as for the voting results, you better work your *ss off Ian, i voted for you XD make it count ! hahaha ;)

      ps: true, when this masked, misterious and unrevealed nominee will be revealed?

    14. James A. Gecko on July 25, 2014

      I would like to extend my congratulations to the new members of the board. I could not be happier with these results. Mike in particular, I extend my continued cooperation through your time on the board. My mnesis is yours to access, along with my future medical plans in Megadon.

    15. Keith Reynolds on July 25, 2014

      To Whom it May Concern,

      I am writing this as a formal request for the breakdown of the voting results. I would like for the results of the voting to be published so that all those who voted can see the results. I would like to see how many votes were cast for each candidate, as well as how many were placed for abstainment.

      Before anyone asks, I will admit to having some misgivings about the results of the voting. However, by publishing the results it should alleviate at least some of those misgivings that other people may have, in addition to my own.

      Thank you.

    16. Microberust on July 25, 2014

      Distinguished members of the Executive Board
      Regional and Sub-regional Directors
      Ladies and gentlemen,

      Allow me to thank you for your vote of confidence. You had a difficult choice to make in a time of trial. We are here now because of a great many unfortunate and untimely deaths. I was but one person on a list which included many powerful and influential figures drawn from the halls of power. Let me assure you that I view this decision not simply as an expression of personal accomplishment for myself, but as a charge of great personal responsibility and debt to all those whose efforts led to this appointment. I shall work tirelessly to bring about a stronger, superior corporate vision, the foundation of which has been established here today. Together, we have the opportunity to achieve much greater triumphs. Together, we can ensure that the sacrifice of those who came before us were not in vain. Together, nothing is beyond our grasp.

      This is our world. By our will, it shall be reforged anew.

      Thank you.

      Ian Roberson

    17. Fabio Machado on July 25, 2014

      And when will "The Unrevealed" be revealed??? :)

    18. Keith Reynolds on July 25, 2014

      Well I guess that proves Einstein's remark about human stupidity....

    19. André Roy
      on July 25, 2014

      On behalf of Yasen Petrov Vidinski

      I am quite proud that Mike was selected. He will be a breath of fresh air in Pentex.