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Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Book of the Wyrm a unique, full-color, deluxe treatment.
Contribute to help give the Deluxe W20 Book of the Wyrm a unique, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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The Unknown Nominee Sends A Message


RichT here:

Thanks for all the filled-in Surveys, folks! Keep them comin'!

Now, for those of you who are following the Pentex Board Director race, we just got a message from mysterious nominee #8. For what it's worth at this point in the voting, here it is:

Some people out there make promises. Others make things happen for Pentex on a daily basis. And it's not who you are that is important but what you do... for Pentex.

Vote for the Unrevealed Nominee if you think that having a leader who has in the last few weeks: - insured Pentex control over the french energy and transport company Alstom (through General Electric)
- manipulated both the ukrainian and russian governments into the brink of war
- secured, with direct actions when necessary, all the next-generation EPR nuclear plants against attacks both mundane and "paranormal" is more important than knowing this leader by name.

Some of my achievements are in the papers (with a nice cover story of course), some others are not. But as shareholders I trust you will be able to see the truth and act accordingly.

Regards, The Now Revealed (but Still Nameless) Nominee

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    1. Keith Reynolds on

      Yeah and this is why I never vote for any unknown nominee

    2. Bryan Hickok on

      Its Samuel Haight or Obama

    3. Amenephis

      Thanks Obama!

    4. Jaap Lommerse on

      I must say I regret my vote for the unknown nominee after reading these claims.

    5. Erol Mazhar Aksoy on

      Dont worry for real events in WoD. We all agree that Pentex in Turkey is real and if you see the current events&aftermath of Soma Mining murde..I mean "incident", our TOMA Holding are responsible for this new created Wyrmhole. (in WoD its TOMA in real world its SOMA Holding, but also TOMA is the name of water cannon equipped Riot Control Vehicle, that been used hardly on our people, also I get some peppered by gas thrown by cops too.)

      For more local information, we couldnt complete in time to get its place in BotW but I hope when we're done, OPP would allow our local information and setting to be placed in WoD we all share&play.

      Erol Mazhar Aksoy
      from Anadolu Hikaye Anlatıcıları
      (Anatolian Storytellers)

    6. Fabio Machado on

      Vladimir (Ras)Putin?

    7. Ammariel on

      Vladimir Putin?

    8. Matthew Dawkins on

      They probably are. The Wyrm isn't known for its honesty. Kathryn Mollett is compelled to speak the truth, but she's something of an oddity.

    9. Richard Thomas 30-time creator on

      Just because a nominee, and a nameless one at that, claims to have been behind events, doesn't mean they were. They could be a liar.

    10. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      In the past, White Wolf has shied away from saying that specific recent events were caused by individuals in tje CWoD (9/11 could have been an Anarch/Nephandi/Hunter/Wyrm attack, but it wasn't--it was human actions done for human reasons.)
      An official, and approved, message from a nominee character claiming to have been at least partly responsible for what is happening in tje Ukraine (whether he's being truthful/factual, or not), and semi-responsible through the connection for the deaths of the airliner that killed hundreds in an event only getting worse seems to cross an ethical line for OPP in my opinion.